Top 10 Best Games Like Subnautica 2023

If we ask every gamer which one is their favorite game genre, most of them might say survival! In the survival genre, you are always on edge and wondering what might happen next. There are plenty of things that can go wrong and at any moment the game can end with your character dropping dead out of nowhere. The good thing about the survival genre is that we find plenty of games and most of them are quite good as well. Some might be very unique and take you to a different world with different rules to survive. One such thing that you might have played is Subnautica.
Subnautica is a survival game that takes place underwater. The whole game is set up underwater. This game pushes your crafting abilities and forces you to take risks. With each risk, you have taken or each one of the things that you have crafted, you will be rewarded. To survive the game you will have to collect resources and make sure you don’t mess up anything throughout the game. So in short the game has got everything that can keep a gamer happy, from a different setting to a full-on survival and crafting mode, you won’t regret anything here.
However, some people are already done with Subnautica as they have explored it all. So now they are looking for the best games like Subnautica so that they can fill the void or get a better alternative for a survival game. Even though there are plenty of games like Subnautica available to play, you may not find every game worthy of your time. Here we have listed the top 10 games like Subnautica that will be quite interesting to play. So go ahead and take a look at the following games and choose your favorite one.

Best Games Like Subnautica

1. Raft

If you loved playing Subnautica, then you might also like playing other survival games that are set around water. Well, Raft is one such game like Subnautica to try out. The game is quite popular these days and gamers across the world are loving it as well. This game is set in a never-ending ocean where players will have to do everything to survive. This is a first-person game that also features an open world.
You start this game with nothing but a small raft which is made up of a few planks and a metal hook. The game allows you to set your own goals and do everything in your power to achieve them as well. You will have to gather all the resources possible so that you can survive. The game also requires you to craft new objects which means you will have to be creative throughout the game. You will have to craft tools, weapons, furniture, and even the power source.
The challenging part of the game is the hungry sharks, you don’t want to come across them but when you do make sure you have your weapons to defend yourself. Overall, there are quite some amazing graphic and the game tactics are fun as well. This is undoubtedly the best game like Subnautica and it is available on Windows, so do try this one as well.

2. The Long Dark

Best Games Like Subnautica
If you want to take a break from the water world yet want to experience the same level of survival mode as you do in Subnautica then The Long Dark might be the best option for you. This game starts with a plane crash that crashed on a Canadian cold desert. In the game, you will be playing the role of Will MacKenzie, who is a bush pilot assigned to escort a medical doctor to the islands when suddenly the plane crashes. Both of them get separated in the plane crashes. This is where your journey in the game will start.
Your goal would be to locate the doctor. But it isn’t going to be easy. You will have to fight against the freezing temperature and frozen wilderness surrounding you. You will have to overcome fatigue and keep moving even if you are tired. Hunger and thirst are other things that you have to manage while being in the game. Another thing that might be proven to be deadly while you are in the game will be the predators. There can be anything lurking, from the big bears to wolves.
Overall, the story of the game is compelling, and make sure that you get hooked on the game for multiple hours. You will also enjoy the exploration, gathering the resources, and fighting the odds. The game is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

3. Minecraft

Games Like Subnautica
When it comes to survival games, we can’t forget about Minecraft. The game features great survival tactics that you might enjoy playing. Minecraft isn’t a game that needs any introduction as it is one of the most popular games right now. Most of you might have already have played it or at least heard about it. While, Minecraft isn’t like Subnautica when it comes to the game setting and the environment, yet it will test your survival skills as well as the crafting skills throughout the game. This game has been ruling since 2010 and it has also influenced other games including Subnautica!
The game features two modes, survival and creating. In the former mode, you will find yourself struggling every moment to keep your character alive and get all the resources you can to protect yourself from the forthcoming dangers. The game has also impressed us with the setting and graphics. The game allows its player to explore the open world of the game. It has got so much to explore or build. The game can be played for several hours and you still won’t find yourself getting bored of it.
Overall, this is the best game like Subnautica that you can play. It is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

4. No Man’s Sky

Top Games Like Subnautica
No Man’s Sky is another one of the best games like Subnautica for you. This game is quite amazing for anyone who likes to explore a different world than the earth. This game takes you to an outer world or we can say that this game takes place in space. Its open world is certainly larger than Subnautica’s which means you will get to spend more hours here. The game features a unique ecosystem to explore.
This game will also require you to gather the resources which will aid you in the tour mission. The mission will be to get to the center of the galaxy. This game also requires you to master your crafting skill as you will have to make vehicles, weapons, equipment, or other stuff that you will need along with the storyline. There will be plenty of activities for you to take part in. You will find yourself base building or exploring the in-game world.
Overall, when it comes to the other world survival tactics or crafting, No Man’s Sky should be your best choice. This game is available on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

5. Ark: Survival Evolved

Top Best Games Like Subnautica
Ark: Survival Evolved is another one of the best games like Subnautica that you must play sometime. The game is quite different than others because not it requires you to survive but also live with the dinosaurs. Yes, you heard it right, this game features dinosaurs. You may not even think about dinosaurs anymore other than the Jurassic World franchise, but this game will allow you to experience what living with dinosaurs would feel like.
The game features a world dominated by futuristic technology along with dinosaurs. Your mission is to survive the game for as long as possible. This might seem like a far-fetched idea, but you will get the best experience. The twist is, you won’t be fighting against the dinosaurs but will have to tame them. So you will get to show off your taming skills like Chris Pratt from Jurassic World and have the best experience.
Other than this you will have to look after your survival in the game. So keep gathering the resources and building and crafting anything that you need. Overall it is a fun game to try out if you like the Subnautica. This game is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

6. Green Hell

You might have thought the biggest challenge is to survive underwater, but hold that thought because we have something bigger for you. There is nothing dangerous than the Amazonian Forest. And this game will take you there.
It is a first-person open-world survival crafting game that has got great gameplay and graphics. You will have to fight against basic challenges like food, shelter, animals, and water. But the biggest challenge would be the native tribes of the forest that are very aggressive and they don’t like outsiders at all. The game is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

7. The Forest

The Forest is yet another amusing game that you would like to play if you liked Subnautica. This game, as its name suggests, takes place in the forest. The open-world survival game is quite pleasant as it is quite thrilling and exciting. The story takes place after a plane has crashed in the woods. Now you are playing the role of a father whose son has been kidnapped by the natives. It is your mission to survive the game with no or limited resources. Make sure you make most of the resources as well. The game is available on Windows and PS4.

8. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is also one of the top games like Subnautica that you can try out. This game would be a great alternative for Subnautica as this one also revolves around the water.
This is yet another game that starts with a deadly plane crash, and this time it is in the middle of the pacific ocean. You will have to find a way to survive yourself or you will die within a few minutes. You will get plenty of things to explore. Just keep gathering the resources and use them in your survival. The game is available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, and Mac.

9. Fallout 4

Cool Games Like Subnautica
If you want something different than water or land to survive in, then you might want to try out the post-apocalyptic world. This game features you as the sole survivor of an apocalypse. You will find the best kind of weapons and lots of customization options as well.
The game has got a wide variety of dangers that will keep you alerted because you will never what might come next. Overall, when it comes to the survival genre, you won’t get a better game than Fallout 4. So if you haven’t played it then give it a try.

10. Predator: Hunting Grounds

Best Game Like Subnautica
Predator: Hunting Grounds is another best game like Subnautica that you should be aware of. You just have two choices, either get eaten or hunted by predators or survive with your friends. You will get a wide range of weapons throughout your game playing. So if you want to test your survival skills with a great storyline and characters, then this one should be your best choice. It is a little different than Subnautica, but you might find that refreshing.


So these are some of the best games like Subnautica that you would want to play. These aforementioned games have got everything that you would love about them. From the amazing survival tactics to the use of strategies, you will have to give it all. Some of the games are harder than the others so you can easily choose your favorite among them.
Overall, we have tried to select the best games from all the consoles. So you would certainly get the best game like Subnautica from our list. So go ahead and try them all out.

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