Top 11 Best Games Like Terraria 2023

When it comes to playing video games, most people would choose something that can be played for hours without losing interest halfway. This is where action-adventure games like Terraria make a place for themselves among the players.
Terraria is developed by Re-Logic, the game first launched in 2011 and only for Windows. Its latest version has been launched in 2020 for most of the gaming platforms. Ever since the game was launched everyone went gaga over this. Millions of people have played this game till now and they all have loved it as well. The fact that it is available on almost all gaming consoles might have helped with its popularity as well.
The game revolves around exploration, crafting, survival, combat, building, and mining. So you will have to show your best survival skills and creative side in this game. This might be the reason why the fans of this game have played its latest version in a short time. If you have played this game too, you will also be a fan of it. Well, the next installment of this game might take some time to come but that’s okay because you can try out other games like it.
What you might be looking for is the best game like Terraria. Well, there are plenty of games like Terraria available out there to choose from. But the thing is you might want to play the best ones because not all of them are right for you. Even though you will find plenty of games, you still get a little confused over which one to choose and play.
But don’t worry because we have got your back. Here, we are going to list down the 10 best games like Terraria that you need to watch out for. So take a look at the following list and choose the best game like Terraria to play next.

Best Games Like Terraria

1. Minecraft

Best Games Like Terraria
It would be a crime to start a list of survival crafting genre games without Minecraft. Minecraft is a classic game that we all are aware of or some of us have even played once. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular games and its popularity is only growing. If you are looking for the best games like Terraria then you have to try out playing Minecraft sometime.
This game has got it all, you will find everything that you have seen in Terraria if not more. First of all, the game features two modes, one emphasizes survival and the other one tests your crafting skills. In the creative mode, you would be able to create anything that you can think of. You will have to look forward to collecting the ingredients and other resources to create something. You can also build houses, towns, or even the whole city. There is a lot to explore as the game takes place in an open-world environment. You can even craft the weapons too.
Moreover, you will also like to try out the survival mode where you do not have to be creative and always crafting but also beware of the dangers and fight against the odd situations. Here, you will certainly enjoy playing the game with your friends in multiplayer mode as well.
Overall, when it comes to the best games like Terraria you would most certainly like Minecraft.

2. Starbound

If you want to take things to the next level after Terraria and Starbound might be the best thing that you can find. Starbound is undoubtedly one of the best games like Terraria to play. This game is often known as ‘Terraria in Space’. The game features somewhat similar gameplay tactics and it features some of the best elements that make a survival game exciting. In Terraria you will be bound to a map, even though it is quite big, this game takes you across the world.
There are different types of geography featured in the game and you will get a unique experience with each one of them. Since you won’t be bound by a single planet, you will have so much to explore and experience in this game. Each one of the places has its own environment and wildlife so you will get the best things.
The story of the game starts with the earth being destroyed and you will be sent to a different planet. So there will be several missions in the game. Moving on, you will have so many things to create and craft so you will get to show your creative side as well. Overall, it is quite an amazing game to play if you like similar games like Terraria.

3. Raft

Raft is another one of the games that will test your survival skills along with your creative skills. The game involves a large sea where you will have so much to explore. There will be islands and mysterious lands, you will also get to see different types of creatures and sea animals, some might be deadly, others may look adorable. The game starts with you bringing in a sea and all you have got is a raft. The raft is made up of some wooden planks and they are connected by a loose metal hook. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will have to be only with the raft throughout the game.
As soon as you start exploring the game, you will realize you have to survive with limited resources. These resources are all that you have got and you have to make the most use of them as well. Gather these resources and build a shelter for yourself. You will also have to collect food and craft weapons.
Raft is quite a unique game as you can get a relaxing experience with occasional threats of sharks and other stuff. It is slow but quite fun to play. So there is no doubt that you will find this game as the best game like Terraria, so go ahead and check it out.

4. Rust

Rust is another top-rated game like Terraria that you need to play. This game is quite interesting and you will definitely like it. This game will take you to the wilderness where you will find the best kind of experience. The game is a little more brutal, tough, and testing than other games like Terraria. The game is quite amazing and you will end up playing it for hours. This game is multiplayer only so you will play against each other.
The game starts with you in the wild with nothing by your side. There will be only limited resources but more players mean you will have to fight for the resources as well. You need to make sure that you are fed or you might die of starvation. Not just the food, you will also have to fight against other elements of nature as well. You will be humiliated, tortured, and bullied for no reason. Your sleep is off the table too, because you will find yourself being looted.
This game will keep you busy, and every moment can be your last, this means you will have to pay attention to everyone around you. You will have to craft your seller or some weapons as well. Overall, for a survival crafting genre, this one should be your best choice.

5. Grounded

If you liked the idea of Marvel’s Antman, then you will certainly appreciate playing Grounded. It is another top game like Terraria and this would also impress you as well when it comes to survival games. In this game, you will be shrieked to the size of a bug. This means even an ant can kill you if you are vulnerable in the game.
To survive in this game, you will have to make sure that you gather all the resources and meet all your needs. You can also play the story mode and know why you ended up in this situation. You will enjoy this game with your friends or other players too. Overall, for a sandbox survival game, this one is good and you should check it out.

6. Subnautica

Top Games Like Terraria
If you are bored of land, then you might want to experience the water. Well, in this case, Subnautica might be the best game like Terraria that you can find. This game takes place in a world full of water. It is going to be hard to survive here as you will have to take care of your oxygen levels as well.
The story starts with you being crashed on an alien planet that is full of water only. You will have to start collecting some resources to survive or you will be dead. It is a unique experience than Terraria but it will keep you interested. The survival adventurous mode is always turned on but you can easily explore this alien planet and see its flora and fauna.

7. Don’t Starve

Games Like Terraria
Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? The game starts with you in a dark fantasy world. There is nothing to find and you will be all alone, at first. This place is cold and it won’t be easy on anyone that is exploring it.
The game needs you to be creative because all you have is the game resources to survive this cruel world. Of course, there will be some exploration too. It might feel like a horror game at times too, but all you need to remember is that you can die any minute and only you can save yourself.

8. Craft The World

Craft The World is another one of the best games like Terraria that you can find. This game features a great opportunity for anyone looking for an adventure. The game will test your strategic skills as well as your crafting skills.
Each one of the players will have to look after their Fortress. Their job is to build and manage their fortress and make it better than anyone else’s. Of Course, there will be some attacks and hostile nights as well. You have to make sure that you don’t cave in and survive each of the attacks and keep building your empire no matter what.

9. Crea

Crea is another one of the best games like Terraria that you need to know about. This game also features role-playing elements. You will have so much to explore. The game allows you to craft anything that you can think of and be super creative. You will also like the 2D environment in this game. There are so many myths and stories associated with this game so each of the players has to figure out the history before they can start narrating the story. It is quite engaging, so you must try it.

10. King Arthur’s Gold

Another game that features empire building and making their own fortress. Here you will also find the role-playing elements as well. The game can be a little testing at times but you will get to create anything in this game as well. You might have to combat anyone who is a threat to your fortress. Overall, it is a fun game-like Terraria to play.


So these are some of the best games like Terraria that you can find. This game has received the best reviews from the games and they all have loved playing these games as well. Now, some games are too familiar to Terraria while others are a little different yet share the same gameplay tactics. So you can easily choose the one you like the most. Whether you want some change from Terraria or want to play the same game as Terraria, the choice will be yours as we have selected all kinds of games for you.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is the best game like Terraria. Now go ahead and try these games and have fun playing them.

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