Top 11 Best Games Like Among Us 2023

For gamers, it’s really important to find a perfect game, and when they do they will play that game for hours and finish it. But sometimes the game is too good and as soon as you finish it you start looking for similar games like your favorite game. One such game that has been a popular choice for many of us is Among Us. Among Us is a game that replaced Fall Guys to become one of the most streamed games online. The game offers really good gameplay where the players will play with multiple online players. There is a very interesting plot of the game where the players will play either of the two roles, most of them will play crewmates and a few of them will play as imposters.
All the members would play together and the crewmembers will have to find an imposter. If the crewmembers agree that one person is an imposter then they might eliminate them. Overall, it is a fun game and can be played on many platforms and even on cross-platform which significantly increase its popularity. It’s pretty fun to play this game and all of us have enjoyed it as well. But after a time players might feel like they have explored this game enough and they might need to find a new game just like this.
Well, if you are looking for a few games like Among Us then you are not alone. There are plenty of people who are also looking for similar games like Among Us For various reasons. Even though there are numerous Among Us-like games available for us to play but only a few of them are ideal for us and it is pretty important to get the right one to have fun playing the game. Well, it can take some time and patience to find the right game like Among Us but since you are here, you will just get the top 11 games like Among Us.
Here, we have listed down the 11 best games like Among Us, so go ahead and take a look at the following list and see which one would be the best choice for you.

Best Games Like Among Us

1. Deceit

There is no better game than Deceit to start our list of best games like Among Us and this is why this one has topped this list. Deceit is one of the best games that are somewhat similar to Among Us, of course, some things are a little different than Among Us, but just like the Among Us here to trust and deception is involved which makes this game a little intense and exciting. Of course, there are plenty of amazing things present in this game that will make you a fan of it and you won’t stop playing it for hours once you have started.
In this game, you will have to find the innocent players and build trust among them and survive as long as you can. This multiplayer shooting game is played from the first-person perspective, but unlike Among Us, there is no local gameplay option. The game is fast and action-packed which is our favorite genre and is always fun to play with. There will be a total of 6 players and you will have to be careful because they can easily turn into infected players and you might get killed.
Overall, there is a lot of fun and there is a lot of action. The setup of the game is also quite amusing. Here you will wake up in an asylum with 5 others and at least one of them is infected so you have to find who it is or you might get killed as well. It is a pretty good game to play on PC, so make sure you explore it.

2. Project Winter

Project Winter is another one of the best games like Among Us that you need to know about. This game, just like Among Us, is all about betrayal and deception so it would be a great alternative for this game. This is also an online multiplayer game where a total of 8 players will be playing the game at once. The concept of the game revolves around survival and traitors, and a particular role is assigned to each player that he has to follow. The job of the survivors will be to keep themselves and others alive and this involves various tasks like breaking rocks, harvesting berries and herbs, repairing objectives to restore the cabin radio, cutting down trees to earn crafting materials, etc.
Opposite of this, the traitors are here to sabotage all the hard work and efforts of survivors as they want everyone dead. They might lay out traps, poison everyone, prevent them from escaping, and basically everything they can to make them dead or hard to survive.
There are plenty of things that make this game pretty amazing and there are so many stuff that players can do just like private voice, chat radio channel, and proximity-based voice chat. Overall, this would be a perfect alternative for Among Us as there is so much stuff to do and the graphics and gameplay are quite amazing too, so check it out.

3. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is also a leading game like Among Us that you should know about. This game is a leading option for all the players that have liked playing games like Among Us where there is a lot of thrill and suspense is involved. This game is also about lying, deception, mob hysteria, and murder. This is also one of the oldest social deduction strategy games and over 8 million players are playing this game, so it is quite popular and a lot of fun to play.
One of the things that makes this game a little more intense is that it can be played with a maximum of 15 players. There are a total of 33 characters to choose from and each of the characters will have a special role assigned to them. There will be a town member guy, Mafia, serial killer, and neutral. So if you are a town member your role will be to protect the other innocent members of the town, but you won’t know which can be a Mafia or a serial killer who can kill you or others.
Overall, it is a fun game and you would certainly like to invest your time in it. Once you start playing it, you are going to spend hours on it, so if you think you are good at social deduction then this would be the right game for you.

4. Werewolf Online

Best Games Like Among Us
Werewolf Online is another one of the top games that you would be happy to play if you liked played Among Us. This game is set up in the village theme and it turns savage after a while. This game can be played with up to 16 players. This game also involves a lot of social deductions skills and there is a pretty of suspense and thrill involved in this game as well. Just like Among Us, there will be certain roles assigned to each player and you will have to choose the right one as well. So you will either defend your village and its people or you will turn to a werewolf and hunt other fellow villagers.
The foundation of the game also lies on the lines of lies and deception and you have to make sure that you are using your social deduction skills to identify the werewolf or your brain to hide your identity as a werewolf and kill as many people as you can. Either way, this is a very fun game and you would certainly manage to get the best experience by playing the game. This game is available on Android and iOS.

5. is another one of the best games like Among Us that you need to know about. This game has been here for a long time and players have appreciated it for its amazing gameplay and suspense. The game is also appreciated because it can be played across all platforms including iOS and web browsers. There is also an android app for this game and you can also play it on desktop as well.
The concept of this game is just like Among Us, yet it is quite harder than that, and this might be the reason why people love it. You can play it as a part of the team and become an innocent player to go on a hunt for the betrayer of the team, or your cab also becomes a betrayer and ensure that you have your fun messing up with other players. There will be a lot of tasks to complete just like the Among Us and you will explore the cool new deduction tactics as well. Overall, it is a quite fun game to play.

6. Secret Neighbour

Another one of the leading games that have impressed us to make a spot for itself on our list of best games like Among Us is none other than Secret Neighbour. This game is available on Xbox One so people who own this console would be pretty happy to find an alternative for Among Us. This one is quite similar yet provides an amazing experience while playing this game.
The game follows the six main characters and one of the six players will be a secret neighbor. His task will be to blend in and earn everyone’s trust only to stab them in the back (not literally). He will have to move away from the other players and bring them to the basement door. The disappearance of the other members creates chaos and everything becomes exciting. Overall, it is quite fun to play just like Among Us, so it would be the best alternative to Among Us on Xbox One.

7. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is quite amusing and it is just like its name suggests. This game has become a popular party game nowadays and it is quite similar to Among Us but one thing that makes it different than other games is that it can only be played in a local gameplay mode. This game can also be played in a group of 2 or 4.
The gameplay is quite simple, you will have to complete your tasks without drawing too much attention to yourself. There will also be eliminated and you would certainly need to make sure that other players are not identifying your true identity in the game. It can be played in two modes, Death Race and Elimination and both are pretty fun to play. It is easy to play yet so much fun, so next time if you are having a get-together or party with people who like to play games then this one should be your best choice.

8. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is another one of the best games like Among Us that you need to know about. This game has also won a lot of attention and appreciation from players across the world. The murder and betrayal theme of this game is quite fun and you also end up getting so much fun and thrilling experience while playing this game. There will be many spacemen as the game is set up in the extraterrestrial dimension. Every spaceman knows that death is a part of this lifestyle and they have to do everything possible to survive themselves.
The game can be played with up to 16 players and there will be a lot of challenging tasks to be completed as well. Players can easily roam around, eavesdrop on the planes of other players and even hide to save themselves. There are plenty of different modes to play such as the story mode or survival mode and each one provides the best experience. Overall, it is quite fun to play.

9. Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board is another one of the best alternatives for Among Us that you can play. This game is played with a team of 8 where 6 of them will be the crewmembers and the 2 of them will be the alien imposters. Now, the job of the imposters is quite similar as it is in the Among Us, that is, to blend in and earn the trust of crewmembers only to kill them or harm them to win the round. Similarly, the job of the crewmembers will be to find the alien imposters and kill them to win the game.
The game has decent visuals that feel just right to play and it also features a great communication way so that people can communicate and find the imposter or create tension among the members. Overall, there are plenty of amazing things that you would certainly like about this game. So go ahead and check it out.

10. Triple Agent

Triple Agent is also something that you would certainly want to play at least once if you like games like Among Us. This one is also developed along the same lines and it is full of bluffing, hidden identities, betrayal, and social deduction.
The game features a fast pace and each session of the game last for about 10 minutes, so people who are looking to kill some time would love this game as they don’t have to spend hours. The game will involve 9 players. A player can be a service agent or a virus agent. It is fun to sow doubt among the other players and hide your identity till the end of the game. Overall, it is quite amazing and fun for a quick game session and the visuals are quite high quality as well.

11. Undercover

You can’t ignore a game named Undercover if you are looking for the best games like Among Us. The game can be played on one device with 3 or more people and it is quite fun to play as well. It is an amazing choice I’d you are looking for a game to play in local multiplayer mode only. Just like Among Us, this game is all about finding the identity of the other players and there are a few roles to choose from as well. If you are good at manipulative or deception, this is the game for you.


So these are some of the best Among Us like games that you need to know about. We have listed these games because of their similar gameplay like Among Us and the thrilling experience that the player will get. Even though there are plenty of games available just like among us but these aforementioned games are the best. Here, we have done our job as we have introduced the best games like Among Us and now it’s up to you to check these out and find the best one for yourself.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.

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