If you are searching for some of the best similar games like freedom fighters than you are at the right place. Because we have picked up some of the best freedom fighters like game which you will just love to play. So without wasting your time let’s start the list of games similar to freedom fighters.

PC Games Like Freedom Fighters

best pc games like freedom fighters

1. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

top pc games like freedom fighters
Which can be a better match to games like freedom fighters than Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, right? It is one of the famous freedom fighters like game and it surely deserves the number one spot on our list. It’s a third-person shooter game where you can play the multiplayer mode and single-player mode.
There are two modes available first one is campaign mode where the player will control the character of Kane and in the other one that is co-op mode where the player will control the character of Lynch. The goal is to survive with the most money you can have and clear the levels as you progress in the game. Overall it’s own of the coolest game out there and you will love playing it with your friends or by yourself!

2. Project I.G.I

games like freedom fighters
We need not tell you how popular the game Project I.G.I is and it is definitely the best freedom fighters like game for PC you will ever see. It is a tactical first-person shooter game. The game was praised for its stunning sound design and graphics. It also features a great game engine that is appropriated by its audience.
Although the game only features a single-player mode and that’s where it lacks but other than that it has got a great storyline and some of the best design gameplay. It’s also a strategic game where you will have to think to get out of every situation and how you handle upcoming things.

3. Total overdose

The next game similar to freedom fighters for PC is Total Overdose! It is one of those game which has got some positive review for its unmatched gameplay and unique storyline. It is an open-world third-person shooter game. Here you can either do missions of just roam across the country.
The game has 3 characters that is Romero, Tommy, and Ernesto. The former is the main character which can be played through the game but the latter two can only be played in the beginning. The controls are really smooth with intuitive gameplay that features weapons like, guns, rocket launchers etc. The game is progressive so you will have to complete missions to get in the next stage of the game.

4. I.G.I 2: Covert Strike

similar games freedom fighters
I.G.I 2 is undoubtedly one of the best freedom fighters like game for PC. It has got everything from a great storyline to intuitive gameplay. The game features stealth-based first-person shooter gameplay but unlike its prequel, the game can be played in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode and the makers have added the save game option.
The game features a Chinese rogue as antagonist while Chris Ryan plays a special air service operative. As the Chinese rogue officer has managed to steal arms that can lead to the destruction of his country, Chris has to do everything he can in his power to handle the situation. The game can be played in different difficulty levels so you can choose the level of difficulty according to your preferences.

5. Homefront: The Revolution

pc game like freedom fighters
Homefront: The revolution is also a great freedom fighters like game for PC. It is a first-person shooter video game. It takes place in the year 2029 where the lead character takes part in a resistance movement against the North Korean army!
You can play this game in both single-player and multiplayer mode. The game receives a positive response for its open-world environment and the weapon customization system. While using weapons you will feel like you actually have one, and you can add some of the customization features to your weapon according to your need. The game also features a number of difficulty levels!

6. Delta Force

freedom fighters alternative games
Delta force is another great game like freedom fighters for PC. And it’s is also a popular game too which features some of the coolest elements! You can play this game as a single-player game or you can play with your friends in its multiplayer game mode.
The game actually features some military operations, where missions involve the elimination of hostile people, assassination of high profile target and so much more. The players can choose equipment before a mission starts, and they will be able to change it too!

7. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days

pc game like freedom fighters
Kane and Lynch 2 is also a popular game like freedom fighters. It’s a sequel to Kane and Lynch: Dead Man, in this one the leading characters rein it in Shanghai. The reason for this reunion is an arms deal. The thing didn’t go as planned and the whole Shanghai force us behind them and they will have to survive it!

8. The Saboteur

games similar to freedom fighters
The saboteur is an action-adventure game that is set in world war 2 and it’s a great freedom fighters like game for PC. Fight against nazi and try to win this thing before they kill the whole humankind and that will be your only goal throughout the game!

9. Hitman

pc games like freedom fighters
The next game like freedom fighters in our list is hitman, it is undoubtedly one of the best stealth genre game. You will play the character of assassin who travels across the world and kill high profile targets! It’s a fun game to play!

10. Hitman 2: the silent assassin

best pc game like freedom fighters
The last freedom fighters like game for PC will be too from hitman series. As its previous storyline, this game too features a great assassin who kills his targets with the best weapon and strategy.


So these are the 10 best games like freedom fighters and they are definitely worth playing so don’t miss the chance to play them!