We all love playing games on our smartphone. It is the best thing to do when we are getting bored, need to pass some time or just addicted to some of the games. Whatever the reason is you must some games on your smartphone but your smartphone doesn’t love the games like you do! You may have noticed some games are heavy and your phone ram often find it hard to run that is why we have picked some of the best game booster apps that you will just love. Check them out and make sure your favorite games run smoothly.

Best Game Booster Apps

best game booster apps

1. Game Booster | Play Games Faster & Smoother Android

best game booster app
This is one of the top game booster apps that you can find. Boost your phone performance with just one touch. Your phone’s RAM will be thankful to as it will optimize your phone like never before and give your top speed. We know the trouble of your phones performance while you play your games, you should definitely download this game booster app to enhance your gaming experience. It will also optimize the CPU of your phone and boost your phone’s memory with just one touch! Isn’t it amazing? It will unleash your android smartphone’s real performance and let it to its maximum potential. It works as a background service and will keep optimizing your phone. You can use it to optimize any app on your phone. Gain your phone’s maximum performance with this game booster app for android and forget about the lags!

2. Dr Booster – Boost Game Speed Android

top game booster apps
It is one of the best game booster apps that lets you optimize your phone to gain its performance. You will be able to maximize your phone’s performance by boosting its RAM and CPU. This game booster app for androids will fast your phone’s memory and increase its speedy by a large ratio. You will definitely find a difference in your phone performance after you will start using the app. You can play your favorite game without getting worried about phone lags and its memory. One of the best features about this app is you can have as many apps as you want and it will still run fast. You can find malware and secure your phone from many threats and keep it safe. It is also a highly rated app with a rating of 4.5.

3. Game Booster Android

top game booster app
We all know that having more games in our phone makes it slow that happens due to low RAM storage, it will slow your phone and interrupt your background running apps. To prevent this download this game booster app and speed your phone to its maximum strength. It will boost your RAM and leaves your phone with a lot more efficient and fast. It will manage all your favorite games so that goo enjoy your gaming experience in your phone without affecting its speed or memory.
You can use this game booster app android before playing your favorite game and it will close all your background apps to make more room and space for your game and enhance its speed. This app will run on both phones and tablets (on low RAM devices too!). With just one tap it will manage your all apps.

4. Game Booster | CPU, GPU, RAM Boost 4x Faster Android

game booster app for android
It has a 4.5 rating with over 10 million users worldwide. The best feature of this app is that it’s auto gaming mode that will configure all the game turbo and game tuner. It one of the best game booster apps that will boost your phone and makes it 4 times faster than before ( we bet you won’t find this kinda promise in other game booster apps for Android).
It will drastically boost your phone’s CPU and GPU that will significantly improve the game performance of your phone. It will make your gameplay smoother by boosting your RAM and sd card. This game booster app will make all your CPU cores run at their maximum speed. It has system performance tuner that will monitor the system performance and check for system stability and fix them along with various other issues. It has 1080 resolution that will change the resolution of your favorite games. It will unlock the HDR game graphics to make them more fun and easy to play (without the lagging). It’s HUD mode will monitor memory load, temperature, and network latency.
Some other features of this app are it will cool CPU and saves battery. It has a zero-lag mode that will make it’s performance a lot better.
To sum up all this, it is a great game booster app on which you can rely on.

5. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster Android

game booster app for iphone
If you are looking for an easy game booster app free then you should go for this app. It is easy and efficient that will boost your phone memory and engage its gaming experience. It has all in one game booster tools including app launcher, booster and speed optimizer.
It has a customized GFX tool that will optimize graphics performance, unlock FPS go its maximum strength and reduce phone lag.
You can boost your phone memory by 80% along with a powerful optimizing tool for graphics that will change game resolutions and increase FPS easily. Free up your phone memory before launching your game by using it and it will accelerate your game app.

6. Booster For PUBG – Game Booster 60FPS Android

best game booster app for pubg
Game booster app for pubg mobile, Nowadays everyone is a fan of PUBG and people spend hours playing this game. As much as you love this phone, your phone battery isn’t a fan of playersunknown battleground! It is one the heaviest game present and often leaves your phone lagging. To prevent this we have bought a game booster that is specially designed for PUBG lovers.
If you play PUBG a lot you must know it’s troubles with your phone memory but we are here to save your gaming experience, download this game booster app now and it will boost your phone’s memory and make it PUBG friendly.

7. UU Game Booster-network solution for high ping Android / Iphone

game booster apps for pubg
If you are having a problem with unstable connection and latency then switch to this game booster app for ios and android now. It will help you get rid of these issues. Say by to high ping issues and play your games with a stable connection to enhance your gaming experience. You will get ultra-high connection without VPN. It has special tools for battle royal which will optimize your phone and boost your gameplay.

8. Game Booster Android

android game booster apps
It is the best game booster app for android that will boost your CPU and cools it and make your phone run faster and smoother when you play games on your phone. It is a simple and free game booster app with basic features. Get extra memory boost whenever your phone is slow. It will auto-detect your phone’s temperature and cool it.

9. Game Booster & Launcher Android

free game booster apps
It will help to launch your game and makes it run faster and smoother. Just select the game you wanna play and tap it to boost launching and play it with its full potential. It will close all the background running apps and gives you interrupted experience.

10. Game booster – Boost gaming experience, no lag Android

game booster app free
This is a great game booster app for android. You will have a good experience with this app as it will free up your memory and speed up your phone to its maximum strength. It will unleash your phone’s original performance by boosting your memory to 2 times faster. It’s game mode feature is every gamer’s dream.

11. Booster For Free Fire – Game Booster 60FPS Android

download game booster apps
Play all your favorite games without lagging your phone by using the best game booster app for android. It will clear the background while you are playing. It has an FPS monitor that will ensure that you have fun and smooth gameplay experience. Play in advance graphics by using graphic optimizer tool.

12. Game booster 2019 : Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler) Android

game booster android
It is a highly rated top game booster app with a good rating of 4.5. It is free to download game booster app and is easy and elegant to use. It will cool your CPU temperature and boost your phone by freeing up the memory. It is a one-tap game booster app for android that will work on a simple touch.

13. Game Booster – 2x speed for games Android

pubg game booster app
This game booster app for android will unleash your phone to its maximum potential and free up its RAM and enhance your phone’s overall speed so that you can play your favorite or heavy games in your phone without compromising with its speed. It is one of the most powerful optimizer so it will be a good choice for you if you have a lot of apps and games on your phone.

14. Game Booster – Play Games Faster & Smoother Free Android

boost game pubg
You can download this top game booster app free in your android device to manage all the apps on your phone. Keeping a lot of apps is today’s necessity but it surely won’t help our phone performance to avoid that you can try out this app and keep your phone to its maximum speed by optimizing it.

15. Game Booster – Arcade Booster Pro Speed Booster Android

best game booster app
It is a top game booster app, as it will automatically detect the lags in your phone and fix them on its own. You have to add the games to the app and manage them inside the app when you will run the added app in your device it will automatically be boosted. It will optimize your phone by 60%.


So these were the top game booster apps that you can find. We hope the list of these game booster apps for android and ios will help you to boost your game.