10 Amazing Fake GPS Apps (Android & Iphone) 2023

The fake GPS apps are so helpful when you wanna prank someone or simply wants to avoid someone. The best way of avoiding someone is saying that you are at a different location or you are out of town but what if they ask for proof or tracks your GPS? That’s where fake GPS comes to help you. To save you some trouble we have picked some of the best fake GPS location apps for Android/iOS smartphones.

How can i make a fake gps location?

Unfortunately, your phone doesn’t come up inbuilt fake GPS location features. So if you wanna fake a GPS location you will have to use a fake GPS location app.

How to use a fake GPS app?

After downloading the app, you will have to enable the developer options. Now all you have to do is select a fake location and hit the go button and you will be good to go!
fake gps location apps

Best Fake GPS Apps

1. Fake GPS Location Android

fake gps apps for android
With over 10 million downloads this is one of the best fake GPS apps in 2021. Either you want to convince someone about your fake location or you are avoiding the threat to your privacy you can always refer to this fake GPS app. It is really simple to use and you can rely on this app blindly. Not only you can convince others about your fake location but you can fool your other apps in your smartphone, as many apps locate your location this fake GPS app will teleport your phone to any corner of this world. All this you can do with 2 clicks!! It has a tasker support that will work on your start/stop command. But don’t be stressed if your location is locked after you have used it but it will fix in a couple of days ( you can follow the instruction given in play store) overall this is a trusted and best GPS app you can find.

2. Fake GPS Android

best fake gps apps
This is a top fake GPS app that is easy to use and can be very helpful. You can stimulate any phone location you desire. You can test other app’s ability to track the location or you can simply fool anyone with your location, whatever the reason is you can stick to this fake GPS app. Follow the instructions to run this app smoothly in your smartphone:-
  • First, download this app from play store, then turn on ‘ allow mock locations’ in the settings
  • Switch the location mode to ‘GPS only’ and disable location service altogether to avoid receiving crash GPS locations ( after you have stopped the fake GPS app)
  • First, use the fake GPS app then use any other app
It has a great menu for better navigation. You will definitely want to use this fake GPS app once you will see how easy it is to use.

3. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free Android / Iphone

top fake gps apps
If you are tired of selecting locations for the fake GPS apps in 2021 then this one this the best fake GPS app for you! Not only this app will save you the trouble of selecting new locations but it will overwrite your current proximity cleverly so that you can fool anyone about location by sharing your fake GPS locations with your friends and family. Not only this fake GPS has over 10 million downloads but most of them have given it a positive response and lots of appreciation. Some of its key features are:-
  • Standard spoofing on all android versions
  • You can change the update intervals
This app is available in English, German and Japanese. It is a highly recommended fake GPS app.

4.  Fake GPS Location – Hola Android

fake gps app for android
One of the best thing about this fake GPS app is that it fast, instant, and easy to use. As any other fake GPS app, this will also allow you to change your location to fake one but what’s new with this app is, it allow you to bookmark your locations. With a new and fake location, you can use any restricted site in your country or you can use those sites or apps that are not meant for your country like a dating app or any other social networking site. But make sure you disable high accuracy positioning locations under your android location setting and switch to GPS only. You can select any location on the map or search for any specific address and click the play button and you are good to go!

5. Fake GPS Location Android

best fake location app
It is a basic fake GPS app that you can rely on and it has a clean interference. It has some of the best features like bookmarking locations and application will start on the boot. One of its unique features is that it comes with a random moment feature that will change your location at regular intervals. It’s is gaining popularity these days with its good controls and clean interference. Undoubtedly it is a top fake GPS app for Android.

6. Fake GPS Location – GPS JoyStick Android / Iphone

best fake gps app for ios
Again a really good and reliable fake GPS app for Android smartphone works via joystick controls that make it easy and fun to use and you will be able to fake your location with really easy steps.  It will overwrite your location and you can fool any app in your smartphone. You can choose your location by entering the longitude/latitude directions by your joystick and teleport anywhere in the world.

7. Fly GPS-Location fake/Fake gps Android / Iphone

best fake gps app for iphone
It’s a really popular and one the best fake GPS app that you can find. With over 10 million downloads it’s getting popular day by day. It has features that will allow you to search locations and you can save history and add your favorites too.

8. Mock Locations (fake GPS path) Android

android fake gps apps
Welcome to the top fake GPS app that has many customizing features that will help you to fake your GPS location and gives you an alternate location that you can use in your desired ways. It has received many positive responses from it’s 5 million users and lots of appreciating comments about this fake GPS app for android. You can use it without ” allow mock locations” setting ( it will be available for 24 hours after installing the app).

9. Fake GPS Location – Joystick and Routes Android

free fake gps apps
It is the best fake GPS app that will fool any third party location to think that you are at that location. This app has 3 modes out which two are premium but fixed mode(free) offers you everything you will need to fake your GPS location. It will spoof your phone location to somewhere else and you can even test it on other apps that use locations.

10. Fake Location (Mock GPS) Android

fake gps apps download
It is a basic yet very useful fake GPS app that will allow you to teleport your phone anywhere in the world with very easy steps and clean interference you can fool anyone about your location. This is one of the best fake GPS app for android.


The above listed fake GPS apps are very safe and reliable to use. They’re not meant to prank on your friends but also useful in protecting your data from some apps.

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