15 Amazing WiFi Hacker Apps For Android 2023

This era is fully dedicated to the internet! And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are fully independent on the internet for pretty much everything. But the software industry is quite more dependent on the internet than any other! Thousands of people are making new apps and developing new programs and for that they would need to check the security of things and that’s where hacking wi-fi networks comes in handy!
But how would you hack wifi network? Well we have an answer and that is, wifi hacker apps! Through these wifi hacking apps, you can easily learn the basics of hacking or even run some tests to check the network security!
We are gonna tell you which are the best 15 wifi hacker apps to have and through which you can perform various tasks. So let’s take a look at the article so that you can find the best wifi hacker app for android.

WiFi Hacker Apps For Android

1. Kali Linux Nethunter

When we talk about wifi hacking apps, Kali Linux Nethunter comes first in our mind. This one is developed for serving the purpose of ethical hacking. That means, here you can perform various tasks and test the security of your network. In fact it was one of the first wifi hacking platform which provides you an open-source android penetration!
It’s 802.11 wireless injection and AP mode supports multiple supported wifi cards. This platform is known for its advanced penetration tests which you can perform on Android devices, not only this you can run USB HID keyboard attacks and BadUSB MITM attacks.
It features many tools to help you along with a simple interface system and it also takes care of complex configuration files. It’s not that hard to understand or use so you can easily run it and that is why it is a must-have tool for wifi hacking!

2. Aircrack-ng

If you ask any hacker about their favorite wifi hacker tool then they would most probably say aircrack-ng. It’s no surprise that this app is the most reliable and trusted app for hackers as it comes with so many advanced features that you won’t find anywhere else. The reason why hackers prefer aircrack over any other wifi hacker app for android is the fact that it will cover yourself up leaving no room for you to get into any kind of trouble.
You can easily learn the basic stuff about hacking and this one will actually help you to have a wifi without any complicated process! Although you will need to find a wifi chipset which supports monitor mode! With some right devices and proper knowledge, you can hack anything you want and that is why people across the world love it! If you have any trouble in installing this wifi hacker tool then you can always take the help of several online tutorials!

3. Shark for Root

If you are searching for some of the best wifi hacker apps for Android then it would be none other than Shark For Root. It is an Android port of the popular Wireshark open-source analyzer that helps you to test and analyze the network traffic and communication protocol development. The app works best for Android rooted phones and you can easily manage to perform various tasks regarding wifi hacking or running security tests.
Shark for root works on 3g and wifi networks but you will Wireshark on your computer to dump open and a Wireshark reader for Android. It’s a really useful tool for wifi hacking and you can completely rely on this one.

4. Zanti

Zanti is another best wifi hacking app 2021, it is from zimperium. Zanti is becoming more and more popular among hackers and app developers. The sole purpose of this wifi hacking app is to analyze the risk levels in a network.
Security managers also use it as a mobile penetration toolkit for wifi network assessment and penetration. The app can also be used to kill connections which can forbid the target to access or reach any website or server.
From the aforementioned characters of zinta, we can say this is best suited for app developers or security managers to run tests and find loopholes in the security so that they can do a better job with their product or service! Overall you can trust this app for any kind of wifi hacking or network security job!

5. Reaver

Reaver is also a great choice for a wifi hacking app 2021. It is a popular password hacker app. It features a simple to use Reaver GUI for Android smartphones. The app is famous for its ability to detect WOS enabled wireless routers on its own. And on top it its monitor mode support can be activated or deactivated at your preferences.
Reaver is best known to generate attacks against WPS registrar PINs and recovers the WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Reverse has been tested on a variety of devices it generally takes 2-5 hours. The best thing about Reaver is that it supports external scripts which makes more reliable!

6. Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is also among the top wifi hacking apps and it has been gaining massive popularity among hackers and app developers or testers. Penetrate Pro is best known for its ability of wifi analysis needs.
It is also a great platform to test the security of the network and it will only need rooting and scanning the available wifi network. The app works with different kinds of routers and calculates WEP/WPA keys. To sum up we can only say that you can trust this app when it comes to hacking wifi.

7. Nmap

Nmap is a great wifi hacker for Android and it works very effectively when it comes to exploring the available hosts, services, firewall etc. Nmap is basically used for ethical exploration network purposes and finding vulnerability in any network or software. The biggest advantage of Nmap is that it works for both the rooted and non-rooted android phones (non-rooters will lack the advance features like os fingerprinting and SYN scan).
The app will be also useful to find portal and system details just like dSpoilt by scanning the network. The app is one of the best wifi hacking tool for android as it shows flexibility, portability and it is one the most powerful yet easy to use app. Another great feature of this app is the fact that it is available for many other operating systems like windows, Linux etc. And you will find so many other great features which will be hard to find otherwise. It’s an open-source so you will its updates instantly and free of cost. Now what’s not to lie about Nmap? And that is the very best reason why you should have it!

8. WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester is one of the most popular wifi hacking app for android and the fact that it is among the few wifi hacking apps available on the google play store adds more popularity to this. WPA WPS Tester is developed by Saniorgl SRL with a purpose to find vulnerability in the wifi networks.
WPA WPS Teater is best known for its potential to break the securities so that people can find the loopholes and remove them for good. Overall you will find it helpful and productive if you wanna run some network security tests. The app will test the connection to access points with WPS PIN by calculating a number of algorithms such as Zhao, Belkin, FTE- xxx, Dlink +1, TrendNet, Asus, Arris among others.
Devices without the root permissions which have android>=5.0 (lollipop) can connect with this app while those which have android<=5.0 cannot connect with the app (and both of them cannot view the WEP-WPA-WPA2 ). It’s easy to use but needs a lot of patience and you can download this wifi hacking app from the play store and starts right away.

9. Wifi Kill

For ethical hackers, WiFi Kill is considered as the best wifi hacking app 2021. It is available as an open-source and it is capable of cutting anyone’s Wi-Fi over your network. The app features a really simple user-friendly interface which makes it everyone’s favorite! The app has many great features that include cutting off wifi of the intruder to get rid of unnecessary users on the network with a few clicks.
From this wifi hacking app, you can even see the activity of another user who is using your wifi network and that includes what he is browsing or downloading. Easily find out traffic used by a device, names of network etc. Although this will need rooted access to function. When you use this one, it will show a number of connected users and you can simply cut them off using the kill button.
Wifi kill is one the best app for beginners and it doesn’t need a complex technology to function. And that’s why you should have this wifi hacking app for android!

10. WPS connect

WPS connect is another best choice for a wifi hacking app for android and you can simply install it. It is easy to use too, you can know the wifi network which is present in your surrounding and you can use them for your own thing.
The app was designed to know and check the security of the wifi router. The app has a high probability of breaking the security of wifi as it supports maximum numbers of routers. The app will primarily target the network with vulnerable security. The app needs the rooted access so if your device isn’t rooted you might wanna do something about it if you wanna use this wifi hacking app!

11. WIBR+

Have you heard of WIBR+, if not then let us tell you it is something you will find useful if you are in search of wifi hackers apps to download for android. Check the security and integrity on your wifi network and prevent it from intruders.
The app is best known for its ability to crack the passwords so that you come up with something that is hard to break by such wifi hacking apps. The app will also answer the general questions about “how to hack wifi networks” and more. The stronger the password the more time WIBR+ gonna take! But comes with various options which can help you in cracking the password easily.

12. Netspoof

Netspoof is as kinky as its name suggests, the app is one of the best way to sniff into protected wifi networks and that too really easily. You can easily hack anyone’s network and play with their activity such as websites on their own devices using your smartphone.
You can perform functions like redirecting website to other pages, deleting words from a website, changing pictures and so on. It’s easy, it’s fun and its definitely something you wanna have!

13. Arpspoof

If you wanna redirect traffic on your network then there is no better app than arpspoof for the job. You can do so by forging ARP replies. It’s too an open-source so you can easily get it. It’s too and easy to use app and it also uses some simple mechanism to do its job.

14. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is more of a prank app that lets you have fun when you wanna prank your friend. The app is also easy to use with an intuitive interface. By using the app you can make your friend believe as if you have broken into his wifi network. The app has a very professional look and it’s pretty much everything you need to prank on anyone.

15. Router Keygen

Router keygen is also a fine wifi hacking app for android on which you can rely on. The app has got pretty much everything you can look for. You can easily scan the available networks and check their vulnerability!


So these are the best wifi hacker apps which you need to have. Please keep in mind that these apps are only for educational purpose and breaking into someone’s wi-fi networks is an offence!

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