10 Amazing Heart Rate Monitor Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

We all live a busy life and that comes with stress. Managing every daily task, handling jobs are stressful and that is seriously not good with our heart. But what we don’t do is taking care of our body and health. Going to doctors seems a big task when it should be a necessity. Just to help you a bit towards taking care of your heart we have bought you some heart rate monitoring apps that will tell you if you need to be careful or you are doing fine. Take a look at the below-listed heart rate monitoring apps that may help you.
heart rate monitor apps

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps

1. Heart Rate Monitor Android

best heart rate monitor apps
What’s better than an app that will tell you about your heart rate accurately and that too in the easiest way possible. You can definitely rely on this heart rate app as over a million people have used it and give it their thumbs up with 4.5 rating ( which is like another milestone for an app). It has the most amazing features with a stunning design that you love at first sight. It measures your heart rate at utmost accuracy and that shows in its results. It is a free heart rate app that comes with unlimited recording. One of the most amazing features is it tells you about your heart rate training zones meaning this app will tell you what exercise you should do to enhance your fitness (like cardio, fat burn, rest etc). This heart rate app is also synced with google fit so that you get a better evaluation of your physical health and for that, it also estimates calorie burnt per hour. With all these features it is true to say that it is undoubtedly one of the best heart rate monitoring apps.

2. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker Android / Iphone

top heart rate monitor apps
Over  10 million people have trusted this heart rate checker app and given their recommendations. It is a multi-tasker app that tracks heart rate, bpm, stress, and cardio. It is really rare to find such an app that do all these tasks with accuracy. It is not only trusted by common people but also by top research centers like UCSF for cardiology research training and many more. This heart rate checker app is specially designed to measure your heart rate and heartbeat zone after sleeping or during workouts and training. It will also measure your hear circulation that gives you accurate results about your heart health. Other great features of this heat rate app include, it shows ppg graph (that is similar to EKG or ECG ). You don’t need any heart rate straps yo get your results. It is also synced with google fit to monitor your heart health. You can definitely rely on this heart rate checker app.

3. Heart Rate Monitor Android

heart rate monitor app for android
You will be glad that we have introduced you go this heart rate app that will give you all the information about your heart with just a single touch of your fingertip. This heart rate monitoring app will measure your rate by analyzing your blood circulation in your fingertip, isn’t it amazing? It will also let you record unlimited measurement so that you are always aware of your heart health. It has well-organized categories go show you your heart rate information in an easy and understandable manner. You can calculate your heart rate in rest, exercise, post-exercise or in general mode. If you care about your heart health then this is the best heart monitoring app as it also suggests you ways to keep your heart healthy and fit. You should definitely try this one.

4. Heart Rate Plus – Pulse And Heart Rate Monitor Android / Iphone

heart rate monitor app for ios
As its name says, this heart rate checker app is made for analyzing your heartbeat and pulse anytime anywhere accurately and in the easiest way possible. Either you are in office or home, whether you have just woken up or doing physical activities you can always rely on this heart rate app.  This will work using your smartphone camera sensor or flashlight by analyzing its images of the pulse of your finger. You will get instant and accurate results about your heart rate. You can export your health files to get better results and save results for later access. You can measure your heart rate and pulse by using a smartwatch that will calculate your blood circulation. Just follow the easy instructions and you can get your entire heart health within seconds.

5. Heart Rate Monitor Android

heart rate monitor app for iphone
With some really easy steps, you can calculate your heart rate and blood pressure that will give an idea about your heart health. Not only it is but it is also accurate. All you need to do is place your finger at your camera lens steadily to get the results. But make sure you breathe normally and stay calm and steady while you do that. Hold your finger till the measuring process is complete. After that, you will get your heart rates and other information about your healthy heart. It is also a great heart rate checker app, on which you can rely on.

6. Cardiograph Heart Rate Meter Android

free heart rate monitor apps
Have you ever got a feeling that you have fast heartbeat bug ignored it and after a while, you have completely forgotten about it, let me tell that happens to most of the people but sometimes it is necessary to know how fast your heart rate is and if it is normal in order to eliminate any future heart risk and protect your heart health. With a vision of providing instant access to your heart beats at any moment, this heart rate app for android is here to help you. All you need is download this app to check your heartbeat and you will know much better about your heart health and if you need to do anything about it. With a unique feature of multiple profiles, this heart rate app lets you measure your family heartbeat too. You will get instant results with accuracy. It is supported by android wear so that you can calculate your blood circulation using your smartwatch sensors. It also has a cool and intuitive design.

7. Welltory – EKG Heart Rate Monitor, HRV Stress Test Android / Iphone

download heart rate monitor apps
If you live a busy life that requires long hours at work, and your other responsibility then there is a chance that hour body will be prone to stress. Stress is something that can cause you a lot of problems including heart problems and fatigue. So what you should do to help it? First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that you are under stress that is causing you noticeable problems like fatigue and high blood pressure, that is where this heart rate monitoring app for Android and ios smartphone comes to rescue. You can get your stress status along with heart rate and blood circulation with just a simple method. Only 2 minutes a day is enough to know about your body and heart health. This hear rate app is known for it’s accurate and instant. This heart rate app will not only analyze your heart rate and pulse rate but it will also analyze your heart rate variability.

8. Hate Rate Monitor Android

android heart rate monitor apps
Another heart rate app with a similar name but it also differs from previous ones with its functions. Monitor your heart daily and keep track of your heart health. If you are sick of doctor’s appointments or those belts or straps then this is the best heart rate app for you, you won’t need any additional equipment, as your fingertip is all needed. Your fingertips possess the information about our blood circulation and that is used to analyze your heart rate or pulse rate. You will get accurate results with cardiographs of your heart rate. It has an easy and understandable design for your convenience.

9. Heart Rate Monitor – Simple Heartbeat Tracking Android

iphone heart rate monitor apps
Turn your smartphone into a medical device with the help of this heart rate checker app for Android. You can be obviously busy for a doctor’s appointment but you can always have a quick heart rate check on your smartphone. Know how fast your heart is beating and what’s your heart rate within just minutes. Store your personal heart rate history to get more genuine results. You will also get a heart reminder so that you won’t forget to check your heart rate.

10. Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker Android

best app for heart rate monitor
If you wanna have a basic idea about your heart rate and bpm then this heart rate monitoring app is made for you. You will have a general idea about your heart health. Do visit the doctor if you see any unusual heart rate.


Your heart is an important part of your body and you should do everything to keep it healthy. The above-listed apps for heart rate checker will give you precise and accurate results for your heart rate. But make sure you see a doctor if think the results are alarming or need a doctor’s professional help.

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