11 Best Meditation Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

Meditation has been proven a life-changing practice. Just concentrating on your breaths will do much more than you can ever expect. Meditation will heal you spiritually and relaxes your mind. If you are just starting meditation and want to practice then you may need some tips and for that, you don’t have to go anywhere but to your phone! Yes, you heard it right we have picked the top best meditation apps that will help you to practice meditation and keep your body and mind relaxed.
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Best Meditation Apps

best meditation apps

1. Headspace: meditation & sleep Android / Iphone

top meditation apps
This one is the best meditation app that you can find. You will only need a few minutes of your day to practice meditation and learn this life-changing skill. With this meditation app, you will find hundreds of meditation exercises that will keep your stress and anxiety-free, and it will heal your spirit and relax your mind to make you a calm space. You can use it anywhere and anytime.
It will help you to achieve a calm space and happiness in your life by creating a perfect environment to meditate around you. You will find yourself happier, calmer and relaxed after using it. It will provide you an anxiety relief atmosphere and significantly help you to get a better sleep cycle. It gives you lessons about creating a better sleep routine to make you less stressed and anxious.
It will teach you the art of meditating and give you tips like how to sit, breath and focus. Apart from the lessons it has meditative and relaxing music that will keep you focused, calm and get you better sleep.

2. Insight timer – free meditation app Android / Iphone

android meditation apps
This free meditation app has been awarded with an app of the year by TIME magazine and women’s health. It is one of the most trusted app for Android and iOS devices and often referred to as the happiest app!
If you wanna achieve a stress-free and anxiety-free life then you should definitely consider this meditation app. This app is guided by top meditation experts, neurosciences, and physiologists to give you the best tips and lessons about meditation. You will be able to sleep deeply and reduce anxiety and stress with the help of this app.
Manage your stress and calm your mind with over 25k guided meditations. It has thousands of calming music and sounds that will help you through the process. You can follow your favorite meditation teacher among the hundreds of them. Download this meditation app now and get a healthy and happy lifestyle.

3. Simple habit – guided meditation and relaxation Android / Iphone

ios meditation apps
Know what meditating for 5 minutes a day will do to your lifestyle with this meditation app for ios and android. This is developed for the people who are dealing with a stressful lifestyle and wants to calm their mind and body. After using this top meditation app you will able to focus better and breathe easier, it has been proven that those who meditate daily are likely to achieve their goal faster. So make a promise to yourself and engage with this app to meditate properly and see noticeable changes in your lifestyle.
One of the best features about this meditation app is it will provide you guidance for different life situations (like work stress, relationship stress, etc) to help you cope with it better.

4. The mindfulness app: relax, calm, focus, and sleep Android

best app for meditation
This top mediation app has professional meditation guidance that will help you attain a mindfulness and calm state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or beginner this app is made to fulfill everyone’s requirements.
It will provide you with a 5-day introduction course of meditation. Its session varies from 3 to 30 minutes with customizable features where you can get the meditation sound and music of your choice. You can use it offline too so that you never miss your meditation session.

5. Meditation & relaxation: guided meditation Android / Iphone

iphone meditation apps
It among the highly-rated app with an overall rating of 4.7. It is the most loved free meditation app for Android and iphone. Use this meditation app for 7 days and you be a pro after that. Learn all the meditation skills with its different sessions including 7 days meditation for beginners, 14 days advance meditation, 7 days stress relief, 7 days to focus, 7 days to sleep better and many more that will make your life easier and happier by reducing your stress. You will find different mediation session for different duration of time.

6. Calm – meditate, sleep, relax Android / Iphone

android meditation apps
It is one of the best meditation apps with over 10 million downloads. Its meditation sessions start from 3 minutes to 25 minutes so that you can choose according to your ease and comfort. It is being recommended by some therapists, pathologist and mental health experts. Manage your stress and calm your anxiety by learning the meditation skills from this meditation app for free. It provides you with 7 to 21 days programs for both beginners and pros.

7. Om meditation all-in-one! Android

meditation apps for android
If you are looking for a meditation app that provide you all the Hindu and Buddhist mantra then you are at the right place. You will be thankful for this app as it has all the mantras from Hindu and Buddhist ancient culture. These mantras will give you a clear vision about your life and you will be able to see things with new perspectives. It is the best Hindu meditation app.

8. Stop, breathe, think: meditation & mindfulness Android / Iphone

meditation apps for iphone
This meditation app for android claims that it will increase 70% positive feelings after its meditation sessions. You can check in with your emotions and it will recommend you meditation session according to your mental state. Undoubtedly it is among the top meditation apps free.
Distress your body and mind and keep yourself positive and productive by daily practicing meditation with the help of these sessions. Increase your mental health and gain mindfulness with the help of this meditation app. You can subscribe it for over 100 premium activities.

9. Meditation music – relax, yoga Android

good meditation apps
Inspire yourself with the collection of calm music that is created with the help of professionals. It has gentle ambient music that is said to be very effective for stress relief. It has an intuitive timer that will measure your meditation sessions.

10. Meditopia: anxiety, breathing Android / Iphone

meditation apps
Download this free meditation apps and it will surely touch your soul and relax your mind and body. There are over 250 meditation sessions that will help you to be stress-free and achieve mindfulness. You will get lessons in both English and Spanish. Focus on different topics with specialized programs.

11. Sadhguru – yoga, meditation & spirituality Android / Iphone

amazing app for meditation
It is an official meditation app that features Sadhguru and Isha. Read their latest articles and change your perception of life by practicing meditation. They talk about spirituality in a way that will lead you to the right path in your life and help you to achieve a stress-free life. Do yoga and meditation with the help of this best meditation app.


Once you start meditating you will find it soothing and it will give you inner peace that you never have experienced so download these best free meditation apps.

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