How To Fix Mobile Networks Not Available Error [2023]

Network issues are not a very rare issue as most of the Android users do find them from time to time. So if you are seeing the Mobile Networks Not Available error on your screen you may not be alone.
With that being said, not having a network on our phones can cause a lot of inconveniences. You won’t be able to make or receive calls or even connect to the internet if you rely on cellular data. On top of this, the error might take too long to get fixed by itself and that is the bigger problem. So the smart thing to do would be to solve the issue by yourself and make sure that you bring your mobile network within a short period.
But the question is how would you do that? Well, we can guess by your presence here that you are looking for the answer as well and you are not going to be disappointed. In this article, we are going to discuss the Mobile Network Not Available Error. We are going to look at some of the causes of this issue and how to fix it as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and see how you can fix the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone.

Why are you getting the Mobile Network Not Available Error?

To know the solutions, we must first see the common reasons that are responsible for the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone. Here, are some of the reasons that cause the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone:
  • You are in a low coverage area
  • There might be a problem with the Network provider itself
  • SIM card may be inserted improperly
  • There might be a radio signal interrupting the network connection
  • The data roaming option on your phone may be enabled
  • A VPN app on your phone that may not be compatible with the server or is buggy
So these are the common reasons for this particular Network issue on your phone.
Let’s move forward and see what can we do to fix the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone:

How To Fix Mobile Networks Not Available Error

1. Restart Your Android Phone

The first advice you would hear whenever you tell people about a tech problem with a device would be to shut the device off and turn it on the back again after a while. This might sound like an old-school solution these days but doing so might resolve the problem that you are facing with the network or your phone.
So if you see a notification saying Mobile Network is not available, you might want to turn off your phone and restart it. It may resolve the issue and solve things for you without going through any complicated procedure.
If it doesn’t solve your problem then you can move to the next solution.

2. Remove SIM Card And Reinsert

Removing the SIM card can also be helpful if the problem is related to the network. This works the same way as restarting your phone. Sometimes the SIM card might be wrongly inserted so which can result in the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone.
Switch off your phone first, and then remove the battery (if removable) and then remove the SIM card. Insert the battery and the SIM card after a few minutes. Restart your phone and see if the error is fixed or not.
This should fix the issue if the SIM card was incorrectly inserted. If it doesn’t work then you should move to the next solution.

3. Check Airplane Mode

Another common solution for the network-related issues in your phone would be to disconnect all the wireless connections or just turn the network off. This can happen by turning on the Flight or Airplane mode on your phone.
Just drag the Quick setting bar of your phone. Find the flight mode icon and select it. Now enable the flight mode and wait for a while. Turn it off again and wait for a while. It might work and fix the issue. If not then try another solution.

4. Check Your Phone’s Network Signal

Another one of the common reasons that cause the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone would be the low network coverage. If you are in an area that already faces the issue of low network coverage then this may not be a that serious issue and you will get your network back after you get out of the area. This may happen temporarily if there is a network disturbance and the network provider might be unable to fix the issue. You ask them, other people, around and see if they are also facing the same issues.
In this case, you can also try to restart your phone or reinsert the SIM card.

5. Fix Improper Radio Signal

Radio Signals can also be the reason behind the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone. So you might want to address this issue as well.
Radio signals can create a lot of problems when not broadcasted properly. To fix this issue, you should follow these steps:
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • You will get a menu after this
  • Tap on the phone/device information
  • Now run a ping test
  • Then choose GSM Auto from the drop-down list
  • Now, switch off the radio
  • After that restart your phone

6. Check Network Settings

The next thing that you need to try to fix the Mobile Network Not Available issue would be to check the Network setting. It is obvious that there is an issue with the network so it would be only logical to visit the network setting on your phone.
Follow these steps:
  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Search wireless and network options and then click on More
  • Now, choose “Mobile Networks”
  • Then tap on “Network Operators”
  • Look for choose Automatically and select it
  • Now restart your phone
See if it works for you and if you got your network back.

7. Disable Data Roaming

Data roaming can also cause the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone. If you have accidentally enabled the data roaming option on your phone then it can cause network issues. So to resolve it, you should disable the Data Roaming option on your phone.
To do that, follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Find Mobile Networks and click on it
  • After that, disable the Data Roaming if it’s enabled
Now see if it did the job for you. If not then move to the next solution.

8. Update Your Android Phone

Most of the issues that our phone has might be because of the outdated version of your phone software. So to resolve the issue you might want to update your phone and download the new version of your phone software.
You should check if there is an update available for your phone, here is how you can do that:
  • Go to the Settings
  • Scroll down and choose Phone or About Phone
  • Now click on the System Update and see if there is an update available
  • If there is an update available and update the phone and install the new version of the software.
Let your phone install the new version, it may take a while but after that, the Mobile Network Not Available Error might get resolved.

9. Disable VPN

The VPN apps can also cause the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone. So to fix the issue you should disable the VPN app or services if it has been enabled. After disabling it, you might get your network back if it was the reason you were not getting the network in the first place.

10. Reset Network Settings

If nothing is working for you so far then it is time to go to the network settings and reset it. This may help you get the network back as well. You may have messed up the settings somehow which could be causing this error in the first place.
Here is how you can do that:
  • Go to the phone Settings app.
  • Open the System.
  • Tap on the Reset Options.
  • Click on the Reset Mobile Network.
  • On some phones, you will see this option as Reset WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth. So, tap on it.
  • Lastly, tap on the Reset Settings button.
This might solve the issue for you.

11. Contact the Network Provider

Since you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, you might want to contact the network provider and see what they have to say. There might be a high chance that the issue is with the Network Providers, so it would be ideal to contact them and tell them what you are experiencing.
You can either contact them via the website or call them on their toll-free number. They might be able to assist you and find a real problem and fix it quickly as well.

12. Do a Factory Reset

This is the last thing that you can try if nothing else has worked for you. Doing a factory reset on your phone would mean that you will lose all your existing data on your phone. So before doing this make sure you have a backup of all of your data.
To do this, you need to follow these steps:
  • Open the Setting app
  • Go to the backup and reset option
  • Now, tap on the Factory Data Reset
This might resolve your issue but you will need to set up your phone again and store all the data.


So these are some of the best solutions that can fix the Mobile Network Not Available Error on your phone. Like we said earlier, many people are suffering from this issue on their phones so it is not a rare error. The solutions that we have mentioned here are recommended and people have found them helpful as well.
That would be all for now as we have come to an end of our article on How To Fix: Mobile Networks Not Available. We hope you found our article helpful and you will be able to fix the error as soon as possible so that you can make calls or send messages.

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