Top 10 Best Fire Emblem Games 2023

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing game franchise that was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. The game series started in 1990 and till now it has 16 games and four spinoffs, that’s surely a huge list of games for a franchise. The games are pretty fun and players do like the tactical role-playing gameplay and the stories telling idea as well. But what we like the most about the game series is it’s combat styles and the next level of action which tests the strategic and the combating skills of players.
Since there is a long list of games available in the series, people often find themselves in the dilemma of choosing the best game from Fire Emblem! And that’s why we are here to introduce you to some of the best games to play! So let’s get started and find out which are the best Fire Emblem games that you can find.

Fire emblem games

1. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is our first pick for the list of best Fire Emblem games. What we like the most about the game is it’s storytelling as well as it’s combat! Unlike the fairytale theme, this one touches the rather darker themes such as racism and genocide and that’s where it becomes one of our favorite games of all time.
The protagonist of the game is trying to seek justice for those who have been done wrong and caught up in the middle of the political conflicts and wars between several nations. The gameplay is also unique and players would definitely like the weapon as well as the magic-based fights in the game. The game features a total of 46 characters and there are also a number of attack styles present. It pretty much fun to play the game and you would love it.
It was also the first game to be released with 3D graphics. Some people found the game difficult for the beginners but overall this one should be on your list if you want to play the Fire Emblem franchise games.

2. Fire Emblem: Awakening (3D)

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Fire Emblem: Awakening is also a popular game in the franchise that you should play. This one is not only considered as the best Fire Emblem game but it’s also known as one of the best 3D games ever released. This game is also known as the turning point for the Fire Emblem franchise as it saved the series from cancellation!
The story of the game is set in two different timelines, one involved in the past where the protagonist of the story killer the dragon Grima, but after thousands of years the Grima has awakened again and posed a threat to the humanity. The protagonist must do something before it’s too late!
Almost everything about the game is superb, that is from the sound to the visuals and from the gameplay to controls. This game was indeed ahead of it’s the time when it comes to technology. The gameplay is about the strategy based/turn-based combat. There are a number of customization features available and players can also choose to play or not to play with the permanent death feature. Here both the single-player and multiplayer modes are present. Lastly, the game has opened the door for more tactical choice making it one of the favorite games for newcomers.
Overall you would wanna play this detailed and well-developed game and it’s too good to be missed.

3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is undoubtedly one of the best games of the franchise that you can play. The game has approached a different route than it’s traditional gameplay. With a bolder storyline and innovative gameplay, this game has managed to attract new players to the series.
This one is the first game to features the students and the school environment in the game where the protagonist tries to develop the abilities of his students. The game is pretty long but still has the ability to keep you engaged without getting bored throughout the game. The story features many characters in the game and there are also a number of characters that can be interacted with.
The story of the game features a political conflict between the three nations and how the characters contribute to these conflicts. The main highlight of the game Is it’s the versatility of the game’s world and it’s characters. This game will also test your strategic skills and you may wanna enhance your tactical gameplay if you wanna ace this game.
It’s a single-player game where players can choose their houses and their stories will depend on their actions as it has multiple endings.

4. Fire Emblem Fates

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Fire Emblem Fates is a unique game in the series that deserves your attention. It’s also known to be the most ambitious game in the series as it focuses on the protagonist who has the power to turn into a dragon. Players would be able to avoid many classic role-playing clichè. The developers had focused on the light management elements during the battles where players get more options regarding the nature of their fate in the game! There would be several missions to complete and you would certainly enjoy the game for good.

5. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn was developed for the Nintendo console where they finally heard the thousands of fans. Just like other games of Fire Emblems, this one too is pretty forward and players would love the controls, the visuals, and the soundtracks of the game which would make the gameplay even more promising.
The story of Radiant Dawn features the geopolitical conflicts between the nations and here too the players are given multiple choices. The game is no less than a game of chess where players have to think of everything before making their next move in the game. The enemies are surely threatening and the battles are also very lengthy (which may or may not interest you!). Even with all these things the game definitely is pretty enjoyable.

6. Fire Emblem Warriors

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Fire Emblem Warriors is the next game on our list that you won’t wanna miss. The developers of the game kept the focus more on the combats or gameplay rather than on the narration of the game. There are a number of characters, weapons, and play styles to choose from and you would certainly love the fact that there are characters from different titled of Fire Emblem. So even if you are a new player, you would find something similar to play along.
The battles are from the back and slash genre. The Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem crossover is certainly something you would enjoy. The game is re-playable where you can go to the game again and again and see where you end up each time. It’s an absolute delight to play so don’t miss out on this one.

7. Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentina

This one was supposed to be the remake of an old title of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the western world. But the makers in-house so many different elements to the game that it ends up like an original title in the franchise. Although the story of the game is kind of similar to the Gaiden, where the story focuses on the two goddesses Duma and Mila. Both the goddesses warred for the controls of the continent and claimed as their own territory.
With detailed gameplay and where the game allowed for varied play styles. There is also a variety of characters and their fight style to choose from. Overall it will be fun to play the game and even if you played the original title, this will feel like a new one.

8. Fire Emblem: Shadow Emblem

This one is also a remake of an old Fire Emblem title which was meant for North America. There are a number of innovative features introduced by the developers such as the touch screen feature which made it easy for players to play the tactical based combat.
The game was extremely simple to play and this was the reason it wasn’t the most memorable game by the Fire Emblem Series. But this wasn’t the worst thing as due to its simplicity the game become one of the first choices for the beginners who have never played any of the Fire Emblem games before. Overall you can give it a try if you are new to the Fire Emblem world.

9. Fire Emblem Heroes

This one is the first game of the Fire Emblem franchise that was released on the mobile instead of Nintendo. So this one becomes naturally the first choice for the Android players. But this step wasn’t a complete boon for the game as this move required the scrapping of a number of features in the game.
The characters are shifted to the chibi version and the gameplay was also simplified. The game also requires players to spend the real cash in the game. Overall if you haven’t the console then you might try out the mobile version.

10. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Last but not the least on our list of best Fire Emblem game list is The Sacred Stone. Here the game largely focuses on the choices made by players. And that’s where the game differs from the others. The two protagonists of the game split off and go on their own paths. And this is the reason players are encouraged to play the game again and see what the other character did with their journey in the game. The gameplay is quite similar to the others and it’s quite fun as well so don’t hesitate to pick this one up for your next Fire Emblem game.


And here we have completed the list of best fire emblem games that you can find. We hope now you would be able to pick the best game for yourself. Although all the games are pretty great but these definitely holds a special place in our heart, so you can also try out these games and tell us if you liked the game as well.
Thank you for being with us and keep coming back to us for such articles in the future as well.

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