10 Best Games For Low End PCs And Laptops 2023

We literally live in the era of video games and every other video game that released today is known to be one of the best high-end games. They are highly advanced with new technologies and new features and not to forget how fun they are to play. These high-end games are available for various gaming consoles, pcs, etc. And if the games are high end, your gaming platform too should meet the game’s high requirements.
But what will one do when he doesn’t have a high-end PC or any other gaming console? Should he leave the hope of finding the games that fit their low-end PC’s requirements? I guess not. See the thing is there are plenty of games available in the market which comes with low-end specifications and can be placed on your low-end PCs as well. But most of you might not know about these games and what are the best low-end games available for them.
And that’s where you need our help. In this article, we have brought to you some of the best low ends of the games that you can get and play without any worries. These games are good enough to give you an ideal experience of playing an excellent video game on your PC. So go ahead and look at the list of best low-end PC games.

Low end PC games

1. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

If you are looking for the best low-end PC game in the role-playing genre then you have found the perfect match Mutant Year Zero is one of the best tactical role-playing video games published by Funcom in 2019. This one is also known as a survival game as it features a deadly virus that has been spread which has caused the extinction of humans.
Even though a large section of the human population has been extinct there are a few remaining ones left but they have to become a mutant due to the radiation. Since human civilization has been extinct, this has caused a shortage of resources. And to overcome this shortage, a special force has been formed which is known as Stalkers. These stalkers gather the resources from the surrounding called a zone. But this is not as simple as one may guess, the zones are full of ghouls or the human mutant ghat had gone violent.
Just like that, the story moves forwards from one incident to another and the players will have to take up the challenges and overcome them to protect themselves and others in the game. This game can be played in three difficulty levels. Players can control three characters and they can navigate with the game’s environment. Here each of the characters has different capabilities and abilities. As you move forwards to the game and level up, you can unlock a number of things and move to a more difficult level as well. Although the game can be played in a single-player mode only.

2. Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is no less than a treat for all the gamers who love to play the adventure games. This game has been developed by the Cardboard Computers and published by Annapurna Interactive in 2011.
This game features a story of a truck driver, Conway, who has been lost on one of the routes in Kentucky. He is accompanied by his dog. The game will give you an experience of roaming into the woods or several other locations in America. If you like the driving genre game or like to explore the unknown then this game should be your first choice.

3. World of Warcraft Classic

This one is another low-end PC game that you will happy to play on your PC and enjoy every bit of it. This one comes from the MMORPG genre and you would actually enjoy this one for its great game elements. The game was released in the year 2019 which makes it a recent game, but even though it came in the era of high-end games, it totally is suitable for the low-end PCs.
Unlike the above two games, this one is a multiplayer game and you can play it with other players as well. This game features 60 characters at once and the gameplay is said to be the replica of the original one as a number of things are just the same as you may have seen in the original game. And for some reason, the game has been appreciated by the players for its original gameplay and the modern interface.
The game features 8 original races along with the 9 existing ones. The players can modify the character’s abilities and the mechanism in any way. Overall this is a fun game and if you have played the original version, you would love this one as well.

4. Return of Obra Dinn

The next low-end PC game on this list is Return of Obra Dinn. It is a puzzle video game created by Lucas Pope and was published in 2018. In this game, the player takes up the control of an insurance inspector for the East India Company in 1807.
Here the game revolves around a ship named Obra Dinn which went missing five years ago but now has been found mysteriously with all the people dead. The officer has been sent to investigate the ship. He also supposed to investigate the cause death of all the 60 members on the ship and identify them. He might also find the killer’s name as well.
Here the game has used the “Momento Mortem” where the player can be transported to the moment of the death. The game has been highly appreciated for its gameplay, storyline, and art of style and interaction. This might be the reason why the game gas won I’m any awards for being the best video game released that year. This can be easily played on early computers as well.

5. Batman: Arkham City

Do you like Batman games, we’ll who doesn’t right? And that’s why when we found out a game involving the Batman, we couldn’t resist ourselves from listing this on in our best low-end PC games list! This action-adventure game has been developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
As you can guess the game is based on the DC’s comic hero Batman and the game is the sequel to the Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game actually revolves around Batman and the adventures he performs in Arkham City. The player will actually experience what it really like to be Batman. As he will be equipped will all the Batman’s abilities, powers, and his stealth capabilities as well. You will also find cool gadgets well.
The players will also get a chance to play the other characters such as the Catwoman, with her all the abilities and powers as well. The game can be easily played on a low-end PC like it’s the previous installation. So if you are a Batman fan then you might wanna try this one out.

6. Dead Cells

If you wanna play a roguelike action game then Dead Cells should be your first choice. We were pretty impressed by the game and its gameplay which allows you to enjoy the advanced game on your low specification laptop or early computers as well.
The players will take control of the slime file creatures and who will eventually take control of the dungeons. And from there, their fighting and survival skills will be tested. The game is level-based forwarding game that features a number of levels fr which the players can get new weapons and explore new things in the game.
In this game, the “cells” are the in-game currency which would help you to unlock new items or upgrade the in-game stuff. But keep in mind that every time the player will die, he may lose all the currencies at once. You may like it or may find it full of chaos, but this one actually worth a try if you are looking for the low-end PC games.

7. Stardew Valley

If you want to play a quiet game without the weapons or any stealth, Stardew Valley should be your best option. The game also gives you an experience of a role-playing game as well. The game is pretty simple and also fun. Here the player will take control of the character who has decided to run away the hustle of the city to take care of his father’s farm.
The game is also an open-ended game meaning, the player can take part in various activities such as farming, taking care of livestock, mining, crafting, selling goods. The game might also include marriages and having children.
The game also includes a number of mysteries as well. The game can be played in the online multiplayer mode so you might like that as well. The game holds a number of surprises for you and it’s definitely something that appears easy to play the game yet it makes you curious about a number of things and keeps you engaged in various activities.

8. Minecraft

This should be far above in the list of best low-end PC games as this one might be one of the most popular games at this time. This game tests your building, crafting, and survival skills. The game features the blocks which will be used in building and crafting.
The game features the survival mode, where players will have to craft the tools and maintain the health and survive through all the odds. There is also a creative mode where the player is provided with ultimate resources and players can test their creativity as well. You can get the idea of its popularity with the fact that it has over 126 million active users and the game is available on a number of platforms as well.

9. Planescape: Torment

If you want to play a game that gives you experience or dragons and dungeons then this one might be the best low-end pc game for you. This one is a pretty old game in terms of its release date but its still one of the leading games that you will find to play on your low-end laptop.
The game takes you to the multiverse of Planespace which includes Dragons and Dungeons fantasy campaign settings. The game has provided a great character movement and memorable sequences. The game features a number of subjects that include philosophy, religion, and other weighty subjects.
The game features the lead, The Nameless One, who is an immortal man. But every time he gets killed he forgets everything. So join him on the adventure and have a great role-playing game experience.

10. Dusk

We have finally found the best first-person shooter game for your low-end PCs. The game has been given a full rating of 10/10 steam and it has been also appreciated by a number of critics as well. The game was released in the year 2018 and it becomes one of the popular retro-styled shooter games that year.
The gameplay involves a number of weapons, enemies that tests your power at every moment in the game. The game features a number of different places and you won’t get bored to play only in one area. There are many challenges and hurdles that will come you away, but you will have to complete the missions. If you are in a mood to play something retro that provides a good flashback feel of being a shooter and play with the government and stuff then you have to try this one out.


So these are the low-end PC games that you were looking for. We hope that you liked our list and found it helpful. And we are pretty sure that you have found one or two games from our list which has attracted you the most. So go ahead and download these games and play your heart out. Enjoy yourself with these games without investing in a high-end gaming laptop!
Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such review articles.

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