10 Best Final Fantasy Games In Order To Play 2023

If you are a pro gamer or someone who likes to play video games with their friends to kill some time and have a great time then you would know the importance of a good video game as it is hard to find. Although finding a great video game series is much more important than just finding a single game. Because it is fun to play the game for a long time and you would like to experience the story and stick to the characters for a long time. There is something pretty cool about playing lots of games in one series. Well, one such game series that we all love is Final Fantasy.
Final Fantasy is a classic game series that you would like to play sometime. The game series was developed and published by Square Enix. The game series started in 1987 and after that, they almost premiered a game each year. Apart from the main series, there are lots of spins off, sequels, prequels,  and many more kinds of games are associated with the series, so the total number of games in Final Fantasy would be quite high. The game is primarily a role-playing genre but you can see many other elements such as third-person shooting, online multiplayer, tactical, and defense gameplay elements too. So it is going to be a fun ride playing this classic Japanese game series that takes place in a fictional universe.
Well, to play the game series, you must know what the Final Fantasy games are in order. This can be a little hard to find but don’t worry we have got your back. In this article, we are going to list down the main series of Final Fantasy games in order, so that you can know where to start the series and what order you should follow. Go ahead and take a look at the following list of Final Fantasy games in order.

Best Final Fantasy Games In Order

1. Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy Games In Order
The very first game in the Final Fantasy order that has come out is Final Fantasy I. This is the game where the series started and this one was released in 1987. There are lots of remakes that have been made for various consoles, but this one is the original and you would be happy to play this one as you are thinking of starting the series.
The game starts with the story of Light Warriors, and each of these warriors carries one of the four Crystal. The four elemental fiends darkened the crystals which is why the young heroes have the job to restore the light to the crystal to save the world. The game offers so much to explore and they can level up by randomized turn-based combat. The game has a simple storyline with great RPG combat elements which impressed the players and brought critical and commercial success.
Even though the game was released a long time back, the graphics and music are pretty good and so are the gameplay tactics. This is why the game that was supposed to be just a game turned into a massive series. The game was appreciated for its blend of technology with magic as well as the large variety of races such as humans, mermaids, and even robots. Overall, this is the game that you are going to love playing so start the series with the first game and you won’t stop playing the Final Fantasy games.

2. Final Fantasy II

The next game or the sequel of the Final Fantasy game was named Final Fantasy II was released in 1988, a year later after the first game was launched. Due to the success of the first game, the fans were more than ready to play the next game and they were eagerly waiting for the sequel too, so they became a hit just after a few days of its release. Even though the game was just released in Japan at that time and now you can find the remastered version of this game in other countries as well.
The game features a lot of similar elements from the first game as well as introducing a few new concepts or elements that are still found in the latest games in the series. One of the most promising concepts that the developers have included in the game is the Chocobo, it is a large flashlight bird used for transportation and it is found in nearly all the games in the series. They have not just added stuff, but also removed a few things such as the traditional experience system. There is a progression system where the players can progress in the game with repeated attempts.
The story of the game follows the four orphans who have lost their parents during a war against the Palamecia Empire. The empire invaded their hometown, now all four are a part of a rebellious group that is going against the empire. Overall, this one was also a great game with a compelling storyline and great combat experience.

3. Final Fantasy III

Best Final Fantasy Games In Order
The next Final Fantasy game in order was released in 1990, almost two years after the release of the 2nd game in the series. Just like the predecessor games in the series, this one was also not released in the US originally, yet it was a pretty popular game among the fans who could play the game or even played the first two games. The developers have continued the inclusion of random battle encounters with the turn-based combat system.
Although this game provides some customization features where the players can change the job or class of their character at different points in the game. You will also find the original XP system that was found in the first game. The story of the game again features the crystals that we get to know in the first game in the series. But this time the advanced civilization is attempting to control the orbs and harness their energy. But their attempts bring great misery to the civilization as they suffer from serious damage. Now, the player will attempt to restore the power and save the world with their tactics and combat style.

4. Final Fantasy IV

Fantasy Game In Order
This is the next Final Fantasy game in the order and it was released in 1991, a year after the release of the third game in the series. Although the game is the fourth installment in the series is often referred to as the second in the US, because it was the only second game that got launched in the US. And it was also the first game that was played to be on the new and improved Super Nintendo console.
The game introduces a lot of new elements in similar settings as you would have seen in the previous games. The game features dark knights, evil sorcerers, and the infamous elemental crystals with the power to destroy the world. Although some changes have been introduced to the game, this included the Active Time Battle aka ATB combat system that improved the standard turn-based combat battles significantly. It is a pretty simple and small change yet it brings great tension as well as excitement to the players who are battling. Apart from this, each character has its own set of classes. Overall, it was a pretty great game to enjoy and everyone loved it.

5. Final Fantasy V

Best Final Fantasy Game In Order
The next game in the Final Fantasy series was released in 1992 and this one was well-received by the players as well as the critics. The game was first released in Japan only and after a while, it got released in the US, where it was available for Sony PlayStation and Game Boy Advance, so naturally, this one was a pretty popular game in the US at the time of its release.
This game focuses on customization much more than it did for any other game in the series. The job system features were improved and became the primary source of customization of the characters. There are plenty of jobs to choose from and the players would be able to change the job of the characters at any point in the game.
The game follows the character Bartz, who is a Wanderer researcher, investigating a fallen meteor. He then learns about the crystals and their unmatched powers during his investigation. There is an evil sorcerer who might want to get their hands on the crystal and destroy the world. Now it’s up to Bartz to prevent that from happening and fight the evil sorcerer.

6. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI would be the next game that you would want to play and it was released in 1994. The game was also released in the US so it is referred to as the third game in the series and it was launched for Super Nintendo.
The most notable feature of this game was its music and it even received a few awards for the music as there are multiple albums included. The characters in the game continue to grow more diverse and more complex, which is loved by the fans. It features a total of 14 different characters in the game and they all can be customized as well.
The story of the game follows a rebellion against a military doctorship in the industrial revolution world. The theme of this game is quite dark, mature, and violent. The graphics and soundtrack were improved and the retro RPG was also considered as the greatest in the series.

7. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Games In Order To Play
The seventh game in the Final Fantasy series was released in 1997, after a couple of years of the previous game. It debuted worldwide for PlayStation and it is one of the well-known games in the series as well.
The story of this game follows Cloud Strife, who is a mercenary. He is a part of an eco-terrorist group, Avalanche that is trying to stop mega corporations from using the planet’s life force is energy.
Even though the game follows a basic and well-known formula of the series, it was able to sell 13.3 million copies across the world. It is also known as one of the most influential games in the series as well which is why it won many awards as well.

8. Final Fantasy VIII

Best Final Fantasy Games In Order To Play
This Final Fantasy game in the series was released in 1999 and this one was very popular among the fans of the series as it was also launched for PlayStation. The game was very much appreciated for the visual changes that include 3D graphics and pre-rendered sets.
This is is the first game in the series to have a vocal piece as part of OST. There are some changes seen such as the dismissing magic points for spellcasting and realistic proportions for characters.
The story of the game follows Squall Leonhart, leader of a mercenary group, and their conflict with Ultimecia, a sorceress. The game has a great story and emotional quotient that was loved by the players.

9. Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy Games In Order
The ninth installment in the Final Fantasy series was released in 2000 and it was also well received by players across the world. The game was loved by the players as well as the critics. It was released for the Sony PlayStation.
This one may not be the most popular or well-known game in the series, but many die-hard fans of the series do believe that it was the best game in the series. This game features various strong selling points that make this one pretty special. The story and the characters are both loved by the players. The medieval-style story and the great plot of the story was strong point.

10. Final Fantasy X

Best Final Fantasy Games In Order To Play
Final Fantasy X was released in 2001. As the series entered the 2000s Era, it featured new and improved graphics and background that were quite impressive. The game was launched for PlayStation 2 and it was much loved by the players as well. This game also brought some changes in the series with a few removals and some additions to the gameplay.
The game has removed the ATB combat system and introduced the conditional time-based system. It will provide the players the unlimited time to take their turn yet emulates some aspects of ATB.
The story of the game follows Tidus, leader of a group of adventurers gaming who is all set to defeat the monster Sin. There are many new gameplay elements introduced. Each of the characters shares the same passive three. So each of the characters features a massive grid, has different positions, and the class in the game. Overall, it is quite fun.


So these are the Final Fantasy games that you have been looking for. If you want to start the series and be committed to the series then you must follow the order to get an idea behind the story development and how the game has changed over time.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is the Final Fantasy games in order!

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