It’s always great when we can explore the world virtual world in video games and these games are known as open-world games. Today we are gonna talk about the best ps4 open world games!
Sure, there are a variety of open-world games present at this time but we are gonna talk about the best 10 ps4 open-world games 2020.

PS4 Open World Games

best ps4 open world games

1. Grand Theft Auto V Download

top ps4 open world games
There is no doubt that Grand Theft Auto V is the best open-world game present at this moment! And most of us must have played it at least once. Everything in this game is on point and makers have developed it with the best features.
It’s open-world designed let players explore the countryside around San Andreas and other fictional cities such as Los Santos. As you know the story features three criminals how they work out things in the city so players will be able to use a variety of weapons and vehicles. It is a very intelligently designed game where the player can control the three characters and switch between them when they find it convenient.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Download

best open world games for ps4
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is definitely one of the best open-world ps4 game 2020. The game is played in third-person perspective in an open world. The game follows the character of Geralt who is in search of his missing daughter. While he searches for there are so many things to explore, so many places to go and so many incidents to witness. All of these elements make it the best open-world ps4 game of this time.
If we talk about its gameplay then, the player will witness everything from weapons to magic! As the other world is too trying to capture his daughter so that they can make use of her powers, Geralt will do everything in his power to stop them. Its storyline has received appreciation by its audience and critics as well. So if you wanna play the best ps4 open world game 2020 and the witcher should be your top choice!

3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Download

top open world games for ps4
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best open-world game, it’s name action role-playing game where players take control of the character of Dragonborn who is trying to save the world from Alduin, a world eater. The game features a timeline of 200 years ago and as its an open-world game, the player can roam anywhere in the world at any point in the game.
Its environment is kept very unique and interesting then most of the games and that’s what makes it one of the best open-world ps4 game 2020. Other than its amazing locations the game is also known for its combat style fighting and impressive storyline. The player’s characters develop throughout the journey.

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 Download

open world ps4 games
The next game on our list ps4 open-world games is red Dead Redemption. It’s an action-adventure game. The game is set in 1899 where the players will features the locations from western, midwestern and southern united states. The game follows the character of Arthur Morgan and the player can interact within an open world.
Your mission is to survive against rival gangs, government forces and other opponents of the game.  The game can be played in both third and first-person perspective and the gameplay consist of hunting, horse riding, shooting and interaction with non-player characters.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man Download

ps4 open world games
Spider-Man is definitely the favorite game for all the superhero lovers. What this game is known for is its open-world interaction where players can take control of the character of spider man who can roam around New York City. This one is among the best ps4 open world game 2020.
The player will deal with the Mister Negative who is about to spread a deadly virus in the city and in order to protect the city the spiderman must do something! The gameplay consists of many missions, different gadgets. The player will unlock a new item each time he completes a mission so its a progressive game and you would love it!

6. Fallout 4 Download

free ps4 open world games
Fallout is another ps4 open-world game which has gained huge appreciation from its audience. The game features a post-nuclear apocalyptic world with an action-adventure theme. The game features Boston city and how players interact with it.
The player will control the character of who is known as “sole survivor”. He is in search of his child who is being kidnapped after he has witness the death of his spouse. The story is interesting and players will have to solve many quests and witness many dangerous events. Fallout is definitely a kind of game that you shouldn’t miss out on!

7. The Phantom Pain Download

open world ps4 games
The Phantom pain is another best ps4 open world game 2020. It’s a third-person perspective game where the player will play as the character of ‘Venom’. It’s an interesting game where the player gets to experience many adventurous moments in the game which will test his skills!
The players get to interact with the open world by many vehicles like jeep, tanks, or even on foot. The players get to visit many incredible locations in the game like mountain, where they get to do rock climbing. You will definitely like the game if you love adventure!

8. Days Gone Download

ps4 open world games list
Days Gone is a survival game that is based in an open world. The player gets to interact with the rest of the world and explore its environment. Days Gone features a gameplay where the player will have to survive from the dead creatures known as Freakers. They may or may not be human.
This open-world ps4 player game will test your survival skills. A virus has an outbreak in the country and that leads to the death of humans in a large number so the player is sent to deal with it!

9. Just Cause 3 Download

playstation 4 open world games
Just Cause 3 is an open-world action-adventure game. This one is also a famous ps4 open-world game. It’s the third installment in the just cause series and the game follows the character of Rico Rodriguez who is back in his homeland which is present in fictional Mediterranean Island Country. The players can play the game in a third-person perspective and explore the island.

10. Horizon Zero Dawn Download

open world game for ps4
Last ps4 open world game 2020 on our list is Horizon Zero Dawn where the characters will get to see and interact with the game’s environment. It’s an interesting game to play if you are looking for the best ps4 open-world games.


So here our list of best ps4 open world games end and we hope you would enjoy these games!