15 Most Powerful Weapons In PUBG Mobile Game 2023

There is no doubt that pubg is one of the most popular games that we have today. People are getting addicted to this game and they spend hours and hours of their time playing this game. And with this popularity more and more people are starting to play this game everyday.
And we are guessing you too are going to play this game or just started to play the game recently. There are a few things you want to know about pubg so that you can win the game and shoot your opponents. You might wanna know a few rules such as the safe zones or the risky zones, the vehicles, and most importantly the weapons. Weapons in any shooting or action game are the most important factor so you have to have full knowledge of the best weapons in pubg. And that’s why we are here.
In this article, we are going to mention the best weapons in pubg which you should have in your pocket if you want to shoot your enemies on the battlefield. So let’s get started with our list of best weapons in pubg!

Best Weapons In Pubg Mobile Game

1. MG3 LMG

MG3 LMG is definitely among the best weapons that we have in pubg. This one is pretty powerful and you would only find it in the supply crate but given its power and ability to knock off the enemy, it’s definitely worth it! This one is particularly used against the enemy vehicle so its natural that it holds a significant value for players.
The LMG is capable of both 990 and 660 RPM which can be highly useful when you are playing defensively. It has the 75 rounds of the magazine but with 6× scope you might wanna pick your shots carefully. All you need to do is find perfect positioning and use it wisely. Overall this one is also an ideal holdout weapon which you should possess in the game.

2. M416

M416 is definitely among the best weapons that you can get in pubs. Even though it’s not a supply crate weapon but you would wanna have it because it’s one of the most powerful weapons of pubg. The reason behind the popularity of this weapon is its customizable ability. Players can use different kinds of attachments with the gun and shot in different ranges. So it can easily be used for smaller distances as well as from the longer distance as well (by using different kinds of scopes).
This weapon is able to do some serious damage and has some of the easiest control so you can easily control it as well.

3. Uzi

Next in the list of best weapons in PUBG is Uzi! If you are playing pubg for a while now, you might think this one as the list useful weapons which is true to some extend. But what you don’t know is, with the right kind of stock and extended magazine, this simple weapon can become so much power and can be used to do some serious damage to your opponents.
Other than this, it also has a high rate of fire which will destroy your enemy’s armor within seconds and that’s why it is a powerful weapon for all the close-range attacks.

4. UMP9

UMP9 has also made it to our list of best weapons in PUBG. This one is perhaps the overall best SMG that you can find in the game. But the special thing about this one is, the player can also cause damage from a medium-range, unlike other SMGs.
The gun runs on 9 ammo which is pretty common but also plays a significant role in the game. This one can be easily paired up with a sniper and that’s why it is one of the best secondary weapons to have with yourself.

5. AKM

AKM is our next pick for the best weapon in the PUBG list. You would love the fact that this one can cause the highest single-shot damage and if you are a fan of headshots than this one should be your first choice. Just two shots would be enough to take down anyone who isn’t wearing a three-level helmet. So all you need is a good scope and single fire mode and you will be ready to kill anyone who comes in your way. Although you can’t rely on this on for a middle-range shot so for that have a backup with yourself.

6. Decoy Grenade

Decoy Grenade can also come in handy and prove as one of the most useful weapons in pubg. This one is a new addition to the game and it is pretty useful when you need a cover for your entry or your exit at any place in the game. The grenade lasts for about 10 seconds which would be enough for you to get out a scene where you can be harmed. This one can be useful in many ways so no player wants to be without them.


SCAR-L is also one of the best weapons in the game that you can rely on for your survival. This one is perhaps the best option for all the medium-range shots and one can easily trust them with their safety. It’s not a great weapon when it comes to single shots as it’s not that advance but you have to agree with us when we say it is quite impressive when it comes to auto fire. Well, there are other options preset when it comes to auto fore weapons but this one also holds a special place and it will be a good substitute if you don’t have an M4 by your side.

8. Vector

Vector is more of a machine than a mere rifle and it’s pretty impressive too and you would wanna have an extended mag with yourself. This shoots multiple bullets at a time and you can find yourself empty-handed if you are too careful with the bullets. Players can do a pretty good job with attachments and it can be called one of the best close-range weapon that you can have in the game. So if you are looking for a short-range weapon then this might be your best option.

9. S12K

S12K is another best weapon to have and it’s a shotgun that obviously holds a special place in the game. This one can be very useful if you are playing in an urban area and looking for the best shotgun. It is cable to cause maximum damage to your opponent and you might be able to kill the enemy within 15 yards. With an extended mag, players can run this one in duos and squads. This might be the best weapon in an urban area but it can be pretty useful in an urban area as we have mentioned above!

10. Kar98K

When it comes to Sniper Rifles in PUBG, Kar98K is a pretty common and yet one of the best ones to find. Players love this one for it’s the ability to shot multiple times in a row and it can be definitely pretty amusing for the players when it comes to those cool headshots. The rifle can easily make someone it’s target who is resting level one or two helmets. But don’t be quick to judge the rifle like a regular one in the game because if you get a good scope this one can be pretty lethal as well.

11. AWM

If we ask you which are your favorite weapon in the game, there are high chances that you will say airdrop weapons! So we have brought you one of the best airdrop weapons to find, that is, AWM. Do you know why we are saying that this one is the best weapon? Because this one can outstand even the level three helmet. Yes you heard it right, this gun can be your best friend in the game and it can surely help you survive for longer in the game. You can easily kill your enemies with a single shot and if you are facing an opponent with level two vest then this might take a maximum of two shots to kill them. With a little practice, you would be able to kill anyone you want to. So the long story short is this one is no less than a treasure.

12. M249

The next one on our list of best PUBG weapons is M249. This one can be easily called the nastiest weapon of the game as it is powerful enough to tear up any opponent or blow up any vehicle in a matter of seconds. If you wish to kill someone within a few seconds then this one should be your best friend as it makes the killing so easy and you would like to fire with it even for fun. Although it is advised that you look after the ammo here. It’s also an airdrop weapon so keep an eye on this one too.

13. SKS

SKS is another reputed weapon in the game that you might wanna have on your side. It might not be the best of all but it can be better than a few weapons when it comes to specific areas. If you don’t have the top-level snipers then this might be your best choice after them. With a good scope, this can be a prett7 useful weapon in the game.

14. Mini 14

Mini 14 is also a decent weapon in PUBG to have and it has its own specialties. It’s known as the best all-around weapon in the game as it can be used from a long distance as well as from a close distance, all you need to have is a good scope with yourself. The damage might be that bad but if you are able to hit in a row that you would be able to take down your enemy. It’s a tier-one weapon so you can rely on this one when you don’t have the best rifles or other airdrop weapons.

15. P18C

P18C is our last but not the least pick for the best weapons for PUBG. We know that you might not be a fan of pistols in the game but this one can be a good pick though. With an extended mag, you can actually do a lot with it. This is of course not something you can rely on one but it can surely help you in a building.


So these are the best weapons in pubg that you should know about. We know that there are like hundreds of weapons present in the game but not all they are going to be useful to you now know which weapons you should look for!
We hope you liked the article and found it helpful, so thank you for being with us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.

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