Top 15 Best Free Fire Game Weapons 2023

Free Fire is a popular royale battle game where players need to struggle for their survival and show their shooting skills to win the game. There will be a total of 50 players in the game and the game will last for about 10 minutes and you have to make sure that you remain the last standing man in the game. Just like every other battle royale game, here too the weapons in the gameplay an important role. Players have to make sure that they have the best weapons so that they can rely on them and kill the opponents in the game.
Although there are hundreds of weapons present in the Free Fire, but only a few will be your best option. So in this article, we are going to share our top picks for the best weapons in the Free Fire. So let’s get started and find out the best Free Fore weapons so you will know which weapons you need the most in the game!

Best Weapons In Free Fire

1. M4A1

M4A1 is our first pick for the Best Weapon in Free Fire. This one is an Assault rifle so we don’t need to convince you why this one is the best weapon and why you should have it with yourself. But still, there are a few qualities in the rifle that you should know about. The rifle has a range of 77 and it can cause 53 damage to the enemies and it comes with a 56 rate of fire. It’s may not be that accurate but the reason why we listed on our list is because of its simple operation and it can also work just fine without any attachments. So if you are just a beginner then this one might be the best option for you because it’s a go-to assault rifle and it will be fin to use also if you don’t want to play the game too seriously.

2. AWM

AWM is undoubtedly the best weapon that you could fin in Free Fire. If you have played other Battle Royale games then you must be aware of its qualities but if you haven’t then we can only say that it’s one the best weapon in the free fire game that you can rely on for your survival (or to kill all your enemies!).
Here the AWM is one of the best sniper rifles in the game and you can get the idea from the level of damage it can cause to your opponents. It can cause damage to 90 and it works for a range of 91 with a 90% accuracy as well! You might think that it has a low fire rate but since it’s highly accurate you will be able to kill your opponent in a single shot so that’s really cool. The only drawback with this sniper gun is, it’s really hard to find in the game so you can consider yourself lucky if you have found one in the game.

3. Groza

Groza is another best assault rifle in the game and you can find it via airdrop (which can be a drawback as well!). This one can be termed as a must-have weapon because of its high damage (61) and high fire rate which is 56! The weapon also has a low recoil which jas its own perks. The reload time is fine and you can easily use it when you want to without having any issues.
Overall for an airdrop weapon, this one is a worthy weapon to keep with yourself if you don’t have the other high damaging weapons in the game.

4. AK47

You must be aware of this rifle gun as it is the most commonly found rifle in many shooting of battle royale games. Here the reason behind the popularity of this weapon is its high damage rate which is 61 and a high range of 72 with a high fire rate of 56.
This one might need high skills to control so if you are a beginner then you might need some time to get used to the weapon to use. This one has a high recoil so that can consider it’s a drawback. The gun would be best used with level 3 attachments and since it can be useful in taking headshots, many players love this weapon in the free fire.

5. M1014

If you want to use a shotgun then M1014 should be your first choice. This shotgun is definitely the best one in free fire and it can be lethal when you are shooting from a close range (10). The shot can cause 94 damage which is fatal for the opponents. Although people aren’t a fan of shotguns in battle royale games but there are times when you need shoot from a close range and that’s when this one is proven as the best shotgun that you can have. With decent fore rate and high accuracy, you can definitely put your faith in M1014.


Next in our list of best free fire weapons is FAMAS and this one won’t disappoint you either. This is also a powerful assault rifle gun which can cause damage of 53 which is decent. The best part about the gun is it’s a high range which is 77. And the rate of fire is 67 which is pretty good too, it can fore 3 bullets at a time as well. So if you want to shoot from a medium-range toa long range then this one should be your choice.


SCAR is also considered as one of the best weapons in free fire and it can be a substitute for FAMAS. Here this assault rifle is also pretty powerful and it can cause 53 damage wand work with 60 range which fine. It features a high rate of fire that is 61 which can be lethal for your opponents and gives you an edge over them.
SCAR is a well balanced and stable rifle that makes it the best choice for beginners and it can be best used with level 3 attachments. So it will be pretty easy to handle as well as you will be able to kill better with this rifle.

8. M79

Our next pick for the best Free Fire Weapons is M79. As you might have guessed by now that the M series weapons are the best ones in the game and that you can rely on them for your survival as well. This one is pretty hard to find in the game which makes it a rare weapon and considering its quality and performance it’s pretty justifiable.
This grenade launcher can cause 91 damage to the opponent which is pretty high and surprisingly it can be used from a mid-range as well (51) which is the best part. The gun works with high accuracy which means a single shot can be lethal for your opponents. If you are among the last persons remaining and you have the gun then you might have a greater chance to win at the game. Overall this one may be hard to find but it’s definitely one of the best weapons that you can have in the game.

9. MP40

MP40 is also a great weapon to have in Free Fire. It is counted as the best SMG’s on the game and you can definitely trust it when it comes to shooting in short-range or when it comes to the closed battles. With 48 damage output, it’s one of the decent guns to have in the game. Although the best part about the gun is its a high rate of fire (83) which might be the highest of all weapons in Free Fire and even with this high rate of fire the gun is pretty powerful.
One of the drawbacks of this SMG is it is unable to equip any attachments other than magazines. To sum up, this one is can be considered as the best short-range gun out there.

10. M60

M60 can be your best weapon in the free-fire too. This one is a moderate weapon that is overall best. Players find the moderate range, decent fire rate, and damage rate good enough to tell on this one for their survival in the game, and it might make you a winner as well. It has a low rebuild so it will be easy for you to take down your enemies and this one also a light gun which makes it perfect for players who like to spray! It comes with large magazines and solid mid-range power, so if you get a chance to collect this one, don’t hesitate because it’s worth your trust!

11. Gatling

If you are a fan of a machine gun then Gatling might be your best option in Free Fire. There are many reasons we have picked this on for our list of best weapons in the free fire. The highlight of the weapon is it’s 1200 bullet magazine capacity. The damage is also a pretty good and you might love the fact that it comes with a high accuracy of 79 and the 84 range which makes it the best weapon for the long-range shot! Overall this one too features a great set of qualities which would be enough for you to survive for longer in the game.

12. CG15

We have another submachine gun for the best free fire weapons. The gun has a number of best features which includes high range, high damage capacity as well as high fire rate. Overall the gun can be lethal for your enemies in the game and you might get a high chance of survival as well. The attachments include magazines and fore-grip which is pretty great too.

13. P90

P90 is another great submachine gun to rely on and you can definitely trust this one when it comes to SMGs in the game. If you have played other shooting games then you might beware of this gun as it’s pretty common in other games as well. The gun features a low rebuild which makes it one of the best weapons to use. And the best part is, this gun comes with the largest magazine capability when compared to other guns. It is a decent choice for a low or medium range weapon in the game.

14. MP5

MP5 is also a popular Submachine gun in the free-fire so it can be a decent choice for you. It’s an overall decent weapon to use in Free Fire considering its moderate features that make sure you don’t have to compromise with anything when you are using this gun. Apart from its moderate features, the best part is this one is a commonly found a gun as it can be found anywhere on the map. The steady fire rate and easy operation make it a decent choice for new players.

15. UMP

UMP might be the most underrated weapon of Free Fire and that’s why we included this one in our list of best weapons in Free Fire. The UMP features a decent damage rate and the moderate fire rate. But what’s impressive about the gun is, despite having a lower accuracy rate it can be proven as a lethal weapon against your enemies if you are taking headshots. So if you are good at aiming at the headshots, this one might come in handy so don’t shy away from taking UMP next time you see it.


So these are the best weapons in the Free Fore that you can rely on. We have chosen these weapons based on the damage they can cause to your opponents and the range they can use for. Overall these weapons are the best ones and you should have them with you for a better chance of survival in the game.
Here we have completed the list of best Free Fire Weapons and we hope you liked it and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting our page, we are glad we could help!

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