Top 15 Best Fallout 4 Weapons (Most Powerful) 2023

Fallout is one of the leading game franchises that has been around for a while now and all the gamers I’ll have showered their love upon this game by making is one of the best games ever. There are so many things that make it our favorite game such as the missions, the fight, and the amazing visual and sound effects. But one of the things that we all are crazy about is the weapons! Yes as we move forward in the game, we find more and more amazing weapons and amused with their power as well.
In this article, we going to name some of the best weapons from the Fallout 4 that you should know about. We might also mention the place to find them. So let’s move ahead and find what which are the best fallout 4 weapons and where you can find them!

Best fallout 4 weapons

1. Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Our first pick for the best Fallout 4 Weapon is Nuka Nuke Launcher. This powerful weapon can be found in the Nuka World. This weapon is a modification of Fat Man which can do a lot more damage than you can think of. The Nuka Nukes deals with a whopping 833 damage at a decent range from the enemy. This one is most suitable for mid-range enemies.
You can get the weapon after completing the Cappy in a Haystack Quest.

2. Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster is also an amazing weapon that deserves a place on our list of best Fallout 4 weapons. This weapon is present in almost every game of Fallout and this one features as a small rare and powerful energy weapon. Although the Alien Blaster does relies on the special round that you won’t find any more of than the 400. The reason we have included this one on our list is that it is capable of doing tons of damage.
The gun can be mod to work with fusion cells once you have maxed out the science perk but until then you might wanna stick with the Alien Blaster. You might get this gun after completing 75 vaults or 20 levels. In order to get the blaster, you have to trigger the event involving an alien spaceship crash. You can get the gun from the pilot of the spaceship after the wounding of killing him. It’s certainly easy to get the gun.

3. Admiral’s Friend

Admiral’s Friend is also one of the best Fallout 4 Weapons that you can have in your pocket during the game. The damage by this Weapon ranges from 300 to 600 (when the opponent is at his full health). This one is capable of killing the opponents in one shot and most of the time it does kill your enemies in the first shot.
This one is introduced in Far Harbour and matches the add on a nautical theme. Although some players find it slow to load you have to agree that it does have a special power of doubling the damage against the unharmed creatures. Overall this weapon is perfect for the stealth players you want to enhance their sneak attacks.

4. Splattercanon

This one is also a Nuka World weapons and it should be in your hand when you wanna tackle all those powerful enemies. The weapon primarily deals with 49 damage rates but this one is has a high fire rate. What’s makes this weapon special is it will increase the damage rate after every consecutive fire at a single target. So if you want to make your every bullet count and make it stronger then Splattercannon is what you need.
The best part is you won’t have to complete any specific quest to get this weapon as you can simply visit the Nuka market and speak with the dealer and buy the weapons. If you decide to buy the weapon make sure you buy plenty of ammo too as it uses 7.62 ammunition.

5. The Striker

Next on our list of best Fallout 4 weapons, is The Striker. This one has the ability to fire the nuclear fire wherever you go which can help you get out of a difficult situation. Although being one of the strongest weapons in the game it has it’s own drawback such as not easy to find out. It can be found in the Beaver Creek Lanes Bawling Alley which is in the southeast in the Far Harbour.
This one is also a modification of Fat Man and it launched bawling balls instead and it has the ability to knock off the enemies’ head from any range. Even if it won’t able to kill the enemy but it will cripple them and you will have time to save yourself. And the best thing is you can craft the bawling balls at a chemistry station.

6. Spray N’ Pray

Spray N’ Pray is also one of the best Fallout 4 Weapons that you can have. It is pretty useful but might be difficult to find. This one is kinda a sub-machine gun that deals with 48 damage and it’s each bullet deals with 15 damage AOE.
Not only this the gun comes with all kinds of mods including a suppressor and it is also customizable which will suit your taste. Although it can do a friendly fire on yourself too as well as your companions so you gotta be a little careful with this one. It can be brought from the merchant Cricket, and you can find her wandering around the Bunker Hill, Commonwealth, Vault 81, etc.

7. Crayolator

This one might be our favorite weapon from Fallout 4 as it uses an extraordinary science which can be very useful to kill our enemies. The weapon is able to freeze our enemy with continued fire. You can assume this one like a flame thrower and it works from short to media range. Although you might find some enemies who are completely immune to this weapon and some may take time to get affected by the weapon as well but other than that it will do a nice job to get things done pretty quickly.
Players can find it very useful at the start of the game and it is at the overseer’s office for Vault 111. Overall this can come in handy so you should not miss this one!

8. Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun

Gamma weapons can be very useful and at the same time utterly useless as many enemies have the radiation resistance. But against the ones who don’t have radiation resistance, this can be quite useful since it will destroy your enemy and this one also uses the telekinetic blast. This one is quite fun to use and you will be very pleased to have it with yourself (if not for killing but having fun with it).
Players can find the Artifact Gun at the end of the quest for the Cobot Family in Cobot House. The quest is also fun and you can easily get the artifact gun after helping Lorenzo. Although it can take quite a time to complete the quest, but it’s worth it.

9. Big Boy

Here we got another Fat Man weapon for you, it might look like the regular nuclear weapon launcher but the special thing about this one is it launches two nukes at once! And the best part is it only sends one precious warhead to do so. We know that the warheads are quite rare and expensive and that’s why this one might be a great deal for all the Fallout players.
This one is also easy to have as you can easily buy it rather than computing the whole quest. This weapon can be bought from Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City but you have to keep in mind that it’s pretty expensive so if you wanna have it you gotta start saving.

10. Overseer’s Guardian

We have finally a pick for all those who love the rifle and the best part about this weapon is every shot is the power of two bullets (at the cost of a single bullet). This one is a regular but fully movable short-barreled combat rifle that can do a lot of damage. This one will be most useful in Commonwealth as it can take anyone in one shot.
Players can buy the weapon from Alexis Combes in around 3000 caps in vault 81. Being a smooth talker or a few cores will all you need to enter in the city!

11. Kellogg’s Pistol

Pistols are also amazing weapons for any game and for Fallout 4 this one should be your favorite one too. The pistol is pretty powerful and it is very useful throughout the game. This one has got accuracy as well as players would be able to shot from a decent range. Although it requires 44 rounds for ammunition which is quite high. This one would be helpful in sneak attacks or even the battles so you can rely on this pistol. It can be found at an early stage of the game.

12. Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe is also a useful weapon in Fallout 4. This one can be used as a reliable melee weapon. Although this one is known for causing a little high damage and this one can be pretty useful in rough battles too. You would be able to find it in a locked case behind the counter on the first floor of Hubris Comics.

13. Furious Power Fist

This one is an interesting weapon to have in Fallout 4 and this one is perfect for all those who love something a little more dangerous. This power fist can cause around 57 damage which will eventually increase with every punch to your target.
The Furious Power Fist can be found in Boston Common in a swan pond. You can also loot the power fist once it will fall off your opponent’s body.

14. Deliverer

The deliverer is another great weapon to rely on and have with yourself when it comes to Fallout. It is one of the common weapons in the Fallout universe but this can surely come in handy. It is a 10 mm ammo with a suppressor so it can be useful in those sneaky attacks.
To get this, the player would need to complete the Tradecraft quest with Deacon.

15. Shishkebab

Well, a knife is pretty useful in any game so we have a knife for our last pick in the Best Fallout 4 Weapons. It looks like a samurai sword which can be pretty useful in various scenarios. And it’s not an ordinary knife as it gets flames from the sides of the blade as you carry it around and it features a small fuel tank on the side of the blade which is quite thoughtful! Overall you would definitely wanna have this.


So these are some of the best Fallout 4 Weapons that you should know about. We hope the list of best weapons in Fallout 4 has helped you. If you are new at the game then it’s important to know which weapon you will be needing the most and which one can save you during the fight.
Here are article comes to an end and we hope you find this one helpful as well. So thank you for being with us and keep coming again and again for such articles.

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