Top 10 Best Call Of Duty Mobile Game Weapons 2023

Call On Duty is definitely among the top shooting game that we have today and ever since the gaming company has released the mobile version of the game, it surely gained a lot of new players all around the world. There are a lot of things that you will need to be the game and the right knowledge of weapons is surely one of them. Weapons in any action/adventure/shooting/survival game are pretty important and they can be a deciding factor for your victory or defeat in the game.
Although players do get an idea of weapons when they play the game for a while if you are new at the game then you might need some information regarding the type of weapon and its strengths. So in this article, we are going to help all the new players of COD mobile who want to know which weapon they should count on and which are the best ones in the game.
So here we have prepared a list of the best weapons in the COD mobile. So go ahead and take a look at the following names, they might help you to have a better understanding of the best COD mobile weapons.

Best COD Mobile Game Weapons

1. AK47

AK47 is anyway a popular name when it comes to the best weapons for any game for that matter and it also stands out as the best one for COD mobile as well. There is a long list of features in the AK47 which makes it among the best weapons.
The assault rifle features the best distribution of statics that is, it comes with a damage rate of 70 and it can be used from a range of 66 which is pretty impressive. There are a number of attachments options available in the gun and it also features a high fire rate which will definitely take your enemy down. Lastly, the gun also features a low recoil which makes it an almost perfect weapon. To sum up, the AK47 is powerful, fast, and easy to use and definitely something which can easily take down your enemies. So it might be the must-have weapon for COD mobile!

2. DLQ33

If anyone can stand a chance against AK47 in terms of most used weapons as well as the best weapon of COD mobile, it’s DLQ33! This one is counted as one of the best as well as the most commonly used weapons that you will find in the COD Mobile. And it’s not at all because it’s a mere regular weapon which can be commonly found.
The sniper comes with a damage rate of 100 which is like the highest (literally!). And the range is also pretty high. The sniper comes with low fire rates because it can be easily used to take down your enemy in a single shot! The accuracy rate is 65 so you can be sure that your enemy is gonna die if you have this gun with you. It also features low recoil and it’s perfect for taking headshots.
The bottom line is, this one is the best weapon to have if you are looking for a long-range sniper in the game.

3. AK-117

AK-117 is also counted among the best COD Mobile Weapons. Players might confuse this one with AK47 but it definitely comes with its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. The AK 117 comes with a damage rate of 60 but given its high fire rate of 70, it definitely makes its mark among the best weapons in the game.
This one is perfect for medium-range shots (50) and it will definitely kill your opponents if you are good with the sniper. The accuracy and the mobility of this sniper are also pretty decent and reliable and not to forget it’s low recoil makes this one more perfect than ever. Overall with the right kind of attachments the gun is pretty useful in the game.

4. PDW-57

Our next pick for the best weapon in COD mobile is PDW-57! This one is a submachine, perhaps the most powerful one in the game. There are a number of things that you will need to know about the gun as it is definitely pretty amusing. First of all, the gun features a pretty high damage rate of 90 and it features a fire rate of 50. The gun can be used from a range of 30 and it can be lethal as well. Herewith the right kind of attachments, the damage can be higher.
So if you want a close-range gun then this one should be your first pick, although be careful as it can be a little risky to shoot from a short-range gun.

5. UL7396

This one is also one of the best weapons in COD Mobile to use. It’s a light machine gun which is pretty useful in the game as they come with a big magazine, big recoil and big reload time. The UL7396 features a pretty high damage rate (70) as well as a high fire rate of 70 which an accuracy rate of 40. It can be termed as a long-range gun with a range of 60.
The only drawback with this one is, in order to use it you will have to reach to the level 115. So if you reach there you will be able to use this amazing LMG which is pretty amazing.

6. AKS-74U

AKS-74U is another SMG that comes from the AK series family. This one also lives up to our expectations when it comes to the high damage rate which is 80 with a fire rate of 60. The SMG is a perfect choice to carry around given its moderate mobility. Lastly, this one features a range of 35 which is decent given it’s a short-range gun! So if you don’t have any other short-range gun then this one might be a good option. So make sure you make good use of it!

7. M21EBR

M21EBR is our next pick for the best COD mobile weapon. This one is a long-range gun which comes at a range of 95 which is pretty high! The gun features a high damage rate of 80 which is definitely something you would want in your weapon when facing all those enemies in the game. Although the gun has a low fire rate it would be fine if you are good with headshots. Its accuracy rate is 60 and the mobility rate is 45 so it would be easy to use. The gun is semi-automatic which can be a strength or a weakness of a weapon based on your preferences. Overall it’s definitely worth your attention!

8. BK57

We are back again with another assault rifle that can be very useful in COD Mobile. Although it’s damage rate is far less than Ak47 but its high fire rate will definitely compensate in that area. This one can be a decent choice for a medium-range rifle to at least injure or if you are good at headshots, kill the opponents. The mobility is 60 and accuracy is 65 so you can count on this one. Here you can upgrade the speed after level 115. Overall it’s a fine choice of weapon to use in COD mobile so you can trust this one with your survival in the game.

9. M4

M4 is one of the light machine guns that we have in COD mobile and you would certainly appreciate it as well. The damage rate might be low at 46 but with a fire rate of 63, you will certainly like the gun for good. Here the accuracy is 61 which increases the chance of defeating the enemies. For a long-range gun, this one has some decent stats to rely on. Since its the first gun to unlock in the game this will certainly a good option for you if you have just started the game.

10. XPR-50

XPR-50 is undoubtedly one of the best weapons in COD and you would certainly have fun with this baddie. The fire rate is higher than most of the sniper and short-range guns, but you might find the accuracy and the range a little lower than others. The only problem with this one, you will have to kill the opponent with one shot otherwise the 2nd and 3rd shots might test your luck. Although it would be unlocked when you will reach a level 88.


So these are the best weapons that you can find in COD mobile. We have included them based on their strengths and weakness so you will have a brief idea about each weapon on our list. And yes there are a number of other weapons present in the game which can help as well, but these are our top picks.
To sum the above article, we hope you found the article on Best Weapons in COD Mobile helpful and we are glad we could help you. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best weapons and win at the game!

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