11 Amazing Stop Motion Apps 2023 (Android/Iphone)

Gone are the days when people used to depend on software and other technologies for making Stop Motion videos. Stop motion videos were considered as a tough task and only those who have good software and other necessary equipment would make it. But thankfully that was a long time ago. Nowadays we can water we wish to do from our phone as well and it also includes making stop motion videos.
But for that, you will need to have a good stop motion app. A stop motion app will manipulate the objects time, place, and posture using the technology. And that’s why you can’t just get any app and except to do the job for you.
If you search stop motion apps for iOS and Android you will find a number of apps present both are they all equally good? I guess not, some will be easy to use, some have more features than others and some do a good job at doing something specific which is needed for your video. And that’s why you need the perfect stop motion app. We have gone through a number of stop motion app and found you the top 11 stop motion apps. Take a look at the list and find the one that meets your requirements.

Best Stop Motion Apps

best stop motion apps

1. Stop Motion studio Android / Iphone

stop motion apps for android
If you ask us which is the most popular stop motion app then our answer would be Stop Motion Studio! You will be surprised to know that this app has over 5 million downloads. This app has incredible abilities to make wonderful stop motion animations with minimal effort. The app has got many great features such as full HD, green light, remote can shots, etc. You will also find overlay mode showing the difference between frames, animation guides to position animated objects more easily.
The app features many useful features too like, cut, copy, paste, insert frames, unique titles, etc. You will also find an inbuilt editor to help you edit the motion pictures. To make your stop motion animated movie more effective the app provides many amazing effects. The best part is this stop motion app is available for both Android and iPhone. Although it’s not entirely free and you need to spend a few bucks to use most of its features. But if money isn’t your concern then this stop motion app should be your first choice.

2. Funmotion Android

top stop motion apps
Function is our second-best stop motion app for android on which you can rely. Just like its name suggests, the app makes it fun and super easy to make stop motion videos. Just tap and hold your video and use it repeatedly to create your sequences. The best part about the app is, you can easily create lapse like video by tapping on the screen faster. And various time-lapse can also be created. This is a lightweight stop motion app that finely does the job and that’s why you should consider using it. Although in-app purchase is present but it does a good job, so it’s worth to check it out.

3. Stop Motion Builder By MEGA Brands

If you are looking for the best stop motion app for iPhone then this should be your first choice. People have praised it for it’s easy to use interface and effective working which results in good motion picture making. You can record and edit the video frame by frame.
When it comes for providing featured rich interface, the app doesn’t let you down. Because it has all the required features like many filters, effects, credits and so much more which makes it easy to control the video. After you are done making your stop motion video or film you can easily save it as well as share it. So overall this is one of the best app you will find and it definitely deserves a shot!

4. Lapse It: Time Lapse and Stop Motion Camera Android / Iphone

stop motion apps for iphone
Lapse It is another best stop motion app for iPhone and Android. This one is actually a premium app so you may need to empty your pockets but if you wan want to make the best quality stop motion video or film this one should be your best choice. The thing with Lapse It is it is very advance and that’s you are promised quality features and high-end technology.
Some amazing feature of this stop motion app includes, import of pre-recorded video, changing focus, exposure, zoom ramping over time, and 50 filters. These are the shorter version of this stop motion app that you needed to know about.

5. PicPac Stop Motion and Time Lapse Android

best apps for stop motion
PicPac has also made it to our list of best stop motion for Android thanks to its intuitive interface. Millions of people are currently using the app and finding is really fun to make stop motion animation videos.
There are many great features like you can easily use the gallery photos and videos to make a stop motion animation picture. You can also add sounds and get handsfree sound controlled in timelapse. Furthermore, the app supports Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian languages. You will find many features for free, however, some feature you can only use in the pro version.

6. I Can Animate

I Can Animate is also a popular stop motion app that you should know about. The best part about this app is it comes in two different versions, light and full. Light version is the basic version that allows you to make a good stop motion film with all the necessary features like, cut, copy, paste, delete, preview and so on. The features are surely minimum but still, it does a pretty good job.
With full version, you will get many advance features and the best one from that is no watermark. As we know how annoying a watermark is and it can totally ruin the feel of any movie. But the full version comes at a very cheap and affordable price so here is your chance to become a good artist! To sum up we can only say this is one of the best stop motion app for iOS and Android.

7. GIFMob

If you are looking for a stop motion app that works great with making GIFs then this should be your first choice. We all know how popular GIFs are today and that’s why we bought you an app which helps you to make the best GIFs.
You can easily make stop motion videos and GIFs and they will be automatically saved. The videos will be saved in MP4 format so you don’t have to worry about that. Lastly, the app features an easy to use interface where you can make stop motion videos just within a few minutes.

8. Zing StikBot Studio

Our next pick for the best stop motion app for Android and iPhone is Zing SkitBot Studio. The best part about the app is it’s entirely free to use and you can use the features to make a good enough stop motion video and film. The editing tools are simple to use.
You can easily add the sounds to your videos (music or your voice). Sounds effects are incredible. The app also possess good controls which means you will get what you want! The app also features the green light and you can work with for free. So overall you want to do make a stop motion film without spending much, this is your app!

9. Clayframes

Clayframes is also a leading stop motion app for android that you can trust. Although the app is rather old but it’s free and does a good job so it managed to get a place on our list. The app has got many great and incredible features like onion skinning, audio adding, and images, the app has the ability to work with HD videos and you can also draw on these images. Although being an old app it has it’s limitations as it doesn’t have controls for exposure and white balance. So if you wanna make stop motion videos for fun and without paying anything the app is perfect for you!

10. iMotion

iMotion is also one of the best stop motion app for iOS that you can have. The app is known for making ultra HD videos with 4K resolution. So if you are looking for this kinda thing, you should consider it.

11. Frame Lapse

If you are looking for a small-sized and lite version stop motion app then Frame Lapse should be your first choice. You will find a frame interval to control the speed. You will also find features like zoom and autofocus. Even with this size, the app has managed to impressed us.


So these are the best stop motion apps that we have found. Make sure you look at the specialties of these apps so that you can make an informed decision and get the best app for yourself. We hope you have found the app which you were looking for. Thank you for visiting our page.

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