11 Amazing Split Screen Games For Pc (Windows/Mac) 2023

The charm of the split-screen may have been faded away with online multiplayer games which allows us to play with the people who are thousands of miles away from you. No matter how fun these games are somethings can never be replaced like playing a game with a friend on your side.
There are still many people who would like to play good old fashioned split screen games on a Sunday afternoon than screaming with strangers while playing popular online multiplayer games.
Although spilled scene games are not as abundant as many other games but if you dig a little deeper than you may find some fun games to play with your buddy. We have gone through a bunch of split-screen PC games and found the 11 best split-screen PC games.

Split Screen Games For Pc

best split screen games for pc

1. Rocket league

top split screen games for pc
You what we enjoy with our friends a good game of soccer and what we enjoy even more is an even better car game! What if we tell you it’s possible to play both the games at the same time? No, we are not kidding, Rocket League is a popular split-screen PC game which has been loved by players for its unique concept.
The best thing about this game is it can be played as both a single-player or online multiplayer mode or on cross-platform. The game features a fast packed gameplay that features vehicular soccer gameplay. Although people enjoy this game on its single-player mode this fun game becomes more fun when you play it with your friend on a split-screen mode.
So get ready to play the game with your buddies and hit the soccer ball with your car and win the game. Compete with your friend to show off your skills as a soccer and how good are you with cars with Rocket League.

2. Gears of War 4

split screen pc games
There is nothing better than playing a good shooter split-screen game for PC with your friend. So we are here with the best shooting/ split-screen games for PC which is Gear of War 4. The game has been critically acclaimed by the critics and players across the globe for it’s larger than life combat, visuals, and set pieces.
The game has introduced many new features in this installment including Dropshot weapon that is fire explosive drills. The best thing about this game is enemies are strong too so it’s gonna be a challenging game. The game also features different weathers that can affect your game strategy and weapon uses.
Talking about its split-screen mode, it is a cooperative gameplay where you and your friend can team up and fight against the enemy together. The story is great too and you would love playing it alongside your friend, so if you like shooting games then this might the best choice for a split-screen game for PC!

3. Portal 2

pc split screen games
We have done a soccer/car game and a shooter game so the next favorite category for having a good time with your friend would be a puzzle-solving game, right? And so is the next game on of top split screen PC game list. Portal 2 is a popular puzzle platformer game that has been loved by many people.
Here your task will be to solve the puzzle by placing different portals and teleporting between them with your friend. With the split-screen mode, you can share the portals with your friend, solve the puzzles together and have a really good time.
I don’t think you would say no to this amazing game which features robots, perfect gameplay that involves you and your friend equally. This game is perfect for people who like to play unusual games and have a good time-solving puzzles.
The game has received some positive reviews for its unique gameplay, dark humor, not so regular writing and learning curve among many other things.

4. Resident Evil 6

pc split screen games for mac
Sure we always enjoy a good horror flick with our friends so why not play a horror genre video game with them? With this thought, we have bought you a popular horror genre split screen pc game, Resident Evil 6! I am sure everyone would be familiar with this name, so we don’t have to sell it to you guys.
The game features a lot of bioterrorists which you and your friend would be fighting against in a third-person shooter game mode. It’s fun and exciting and it’s definitely worth playing in a split-screen mode with your friend!

5. A Way Out

pc split screen games for windows
A Way Out is one of the most popular split-screen games for PC these days. It was released in 2018 and it has been very successful for its cooperative split-screen mode where you and your friend try to solve puzzles and get out of tough situations together.
The story is touching and so is its unique gameplay, visuals, and graphics. It’s about trust and just like the game you will have to trust your friend completely. This action-adventure is meant to be played in multiplayer mode so the single mode is not available in the first place.

6. Blur

pc split screen games list
Blur is one of the best racing game which is present at the moment and it becomes more precious as it can be played in a split-screen mode too. Get your friend and race against him, and don’t hesitate to blow the other cars while trying to win! The game can be played in 4 player split-screen mode!

7. Guacamelee 2

split screen pc games
Guacamelee 2 is another executing split-screen PC game 2021. Here players can play this game on the same screen in co-op gameplay, where they fight off the enemies. This is a progressive game that features a number of levels and each level holds another level of difficulty for you and your friend.

8. LEGO Batman 2

free split screen pc games
LEGO Batman 2 is anyway a popular game and the fact that you can play it in a split-screen game mode made it more exciting. Invite your friend to play this game and fight off the enemy. The gameplay is easy, so you can play it with your kids or younger siblings too.

9. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

split screen pc games online
Borderlands is a popular shooting game franchise and here people can play it with 4 players in co-op gameplay. This is a popular plot screen pc game free download. There are gonna be a number of enemies which you guys have to kill with the help of each other.

10. Left 4 Dead 2

best pc split screen game
If you are into zombies then Left 4 Dead 2 would be your first choice for a split-screen pc game 2020. As we have mentioned, kill the Zombies and survive the game without being their target!

11. Divinity: Original sin 2

best split screen game for pc
With Divinity, we have bought you one of the popular role-playing split-screen games for pc. It’s always a pleasure to play a role-play and it becomes more interesting when you play them with your friends.


So here we have ended our top split screen games for the PC list. So the next time you are in a mood to have fun playing a video game with your friend then go for these games. We hope you have found the article helpful.

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