8 Best Samsung Soundbar 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The major brands in the world are constantly trying to get us the best quality of entertainment ever. From the high-resolution screens to the best quality of sound, we get everything we need to experience the daily entertainment to the fullest. The built-in speakers in our devices are also great but playing the audio on soundbars is something else. You get you to hear every beat of the song and just the way it was intended to come out. The moral of the story is soundbars have come a long way and have become major equipment of our entertainment unit.
The soundbars come in all shapes and sizes and also vary in price range as well. And there are several brands which are bringing their soundbars as well. In this article, we are going to review the best soundbars from one of the best electronic brands Samsung!
Here we have picked some of the best soundbars that you needed to know about. Go ahead and take a look at the following article to know which are the best Samsung soundbars that you can find right now.

Best Samsung soundbar

1. Samsung HW-Q90R

best samsung soundbar

Our first pick for the best Samsung soundbar is HW-Q90R. This one is the latest soundbar by Samsung and they have done a great job as well. To create an immersive listening experience, the soundbar comes with two rear speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. The soundbar is used for multiple purposes, which is listening to the music or podcasts, and watching movies and it has impressed it’s the audience as well by proving itself as one of the best Samsung soundbars.
People liked the neutral and balanced sound of it’s along with some customization settings for the sound. It also has sound enhancement features as well. It’s wide and you might need to make separate space for it. It lacks the room correction feature, so that can be its drawback.
Overall it’s a premium soundbar and shows versatile features as well. So you can trust this one for a quality sound experience as well.

2. Samsung HW-R450

samsung best soundbar

Next on our list is the Samsung HW-R450 soundbar which is also counted as one of the best Samsung soundbars! It’s a 2.1 channel wireless soundbar which is best suited for TV contents. You can also connect it with your TV via a cable so it serves both wired and wireless connection as well. Here the best part about the soundbar is that it goes pretty well with the other brands too. And a single remote is all you need to control the soundbar as well as the TV.
It comes with a variety of new features, such as the Smart Sound mode which will analyze the content and then optimize the settings, and it also comes with a game mode which boosts a foundation for creating a gaming environment. The soundbar comes at a very reasonable price which would easily fit your budget.

3. Samsung HW-T550

samsung soundbar best

Samsung HE-T550 is another amazing soundbar from Samsung that comes at an affordable price and with all the quality features that you can wish for your soundbar. The soundbar is pretty decent and it’s best used for the TV content. The neutral sound and the wider stereo sound stage is pretty good.
The volume can be enhanced with its settings to make sure the sound fills your party hall or a big room. It’s Smart EQ present uses DRC which can automatically optimize the sound for different contents.
On the downside, the soundbar doesn’t support Atmos content and its connectivity options are not much either. But given the price and the features, it can still be your top choice for the TV contents.

4. Samsung HW-MS750

best budget samsung soundbar

Samsung HW-MS750 is for those who are looking for the perfect soundbar for smaller rooms or dorms. This one features Sound Tech+ which fills your room with the sound and this also makes it a perfect choice for a movie setup as well. The soundbars come with 11 speakers which felt like we are surrounded by the sound.
It also featured the distortion canceling technology through which you would be able to listen to the music at perfect bass. This Samsung soundbar also features the Alexa technology which makes it capable of voice control. It is compatible with Samsung TVs, phones and it supports Bluetooth connectivity as well. Overall it can be your best option if you are looking for a soundbar for smaller rooms.

5. Samsung HW-Q80R

Samsung HW-Q80R comes with the 5.1 sound technology. This one resembles a lot to the HW-Q90R but this one lacks the rear speakers. Its subwoofers deliver an excellent performance at which provides an amazing deep bass sound that will satisfy the EDM and the hip-hop fans.
It supports the Atmos content and it’s side-firing speakers also something that you would like. The soundbar comes with plenty of inputs which means you can connect many devices and it nearly becomes a hub for your devices like BluRay devices and gaming consoles. On the downside, the soundbar features a small screen which is hard to read. Overall this one too delivers a quality sound and you would surely like to fill your room with amazing sound from your several entertainment devices.

6. Samsung HW-K360

top best samsung soundbar

If you’re looking for a soundbar just for the TV then this one should be your best choice. This one is a model that was launched in 2026 but it has impressed the customers very much with its quality sound and amazing features. The soundbar covers a lot of sound ranges.
The soundbar featured Bluetooth connectivity as well which makes it compatible without smartphones as well. You can connect it with Samsung branded TVs, the OneRemote, or other android apps. This one too is a reliable soundbar for the bedrooms and small dorms, so you should be okay with its sound quality, its price, and its connectivity ability as well.

7. Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar

The Samsung HW-Q950T 9.1 setup was launched this year and this one is also the latest entry in the Samsung soundbar list. This soundbar is popular for its best sound quality which features a well balanced, neutral sound along with the punchy bass which will leave the music loves or sound expert impressed.
It supports the Atmos content and the sound can get loud if you want it that way. The price range is moderate given its plastic build body which you might feel like a step down from the other premium designed Samsung soundbars. It is both Bluetooth and WiFi-compatible.

8. Samsung HW-Q900T

Our next pick for the best Samsung Soundbars is Samsung HW-900T. This one is also the latest edition and shows several amazing features. Here you would find many customization features as well as connectivity options. Graphics EQ and presets are also available.
This one too features the Alexa assistant which could be a big help sometimes. It also supports Dolby Atmos, although it lacks the satellite speakers. The bottom line is it can be loud and versatile and you can experience the best listening experience as well. So you can look up to this one and see if you like it.


So these are the 8 best Samsung soundbars that you needed to know about. The best part about this soundbar is brand quality, which ensures the best sound quality, solid design, great connectivity options, and some of the most advanced technology which you can only find the Samsung products.
Overall if you have divided to go for the Samsung soundbar then you have made the best choice. They might be a little bit more expensive than the other available soundbar in the market right now, but given the quality features, it surely gives you value for your money.

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