Top 9 Best Keyboard For Writers 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Being a writer is a tough job! You have to keep writing for hours and sometimes even without the breaks. In this scenario what you need it’s the best keyboard! Yes, every writer knows the value of a good keyboard and that’s why they don’t settle with the default keyboard of their computers.
If you are a writer, you might wanna spend a little more time and effort in finding the best keyboard for writers and only settle with the best one out there for you. Because in order to do justice with your writing sessions and with yourself you would need to get the best keyboard possible. First thing you need to accept that the keyboards for the writers vary from the normal keyboard for gaming or just the regular use. And that’s why you need to be considerate while buying the perfect keyboard for writers.
The thing is, there are a number of keyboards available that would meet the requirements of writers. Even then you need to make sure you get the best one possible for yourself. So we have come up with an article, where we have listed the best keyboard for writers! So go ahead and take a look to find out the best one for yourself.

Best Keyboard for writers

1. Razer BlackWidow Elite

best keyboard for writers

If you are in search of the best mechanical keyboard for writers then you might wanna consider Razer BlackWidow Elite is your best option. What makes it best for writers is its full size and mechanical design which makes it suitable for writers as well as for office use.
Made from the ABS Plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap and comes with a wrist rest along with a straight keyboard. The keys are stable and well-spaced, which means you would have to face fewer typos. The keyboard is also backlit so you might not face the difficulty of seeing the keys in dimmer light. Overall it’s a great mechanical keyboard which features high-quality key and settings that makes it one of the best keyboards for writers.

2. Apple Magic Keyboard

best keyboard for writer

This one is the best keyboard for writers who own a Mac computer! It’s hard to find a good keyboard for Mac but we have done the job for you. This keyboard connects to your laptop via Bluetooth so you won’t have to deal with the wires. The keyboard charged with the batteries which needs to be charged once a month.
Customs like it’s comfort and the right angle which makes the typing convenient. You can also purchase the keyboard with the trackpad which makes it even more convenient for the people who like a trackpad.
Overall it’s long-lasting battery life and the mac quality is all you see going to need. So if you are all about the Mac then this should be your first choice.

3. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard

top best keyboard for writers

Next on our list of best keyboard for writers is from Corsair. This one is a popular electronic brand that you might like to buy in order to enjoy your typing sessions and write comfortably for a longer period of time.
The best part about the keyboard is it’s lightweight and very durable so you won’t have to be worried about its sturdiness. It is made up of a brushed aluminum frame that looks quite good. The keyboard is backlit and the light and the brightest can be adjusted as well. The keyboard is connected via the USB cable which endured a strong connection.
Although the keyboard was made for the gaming purpose but given its amazing structure and convenient keys, the keyboard became one of the leading choices for the writers as well.

4. Logitech MX Keys

best budget keyboard for writers

If you are looking for the best none mechanical keyboard for writers then you might wanna prefer Logitech as your next option. This also featured the full-size option for scissor switches that are great to type she which makes it one of the best choices for the office work as well.
It features a low profile which ensures the longer typing sessions without getting tired, although it doesn’t feature any wrist rest. The keys don’t make any noise and the white operation is all a writer want. The keys Sr inclined in such a manner that it supports fast typing. It featured full backlit lighting without the RGB settings. Lastly, the keyboard is wireless and you won’t have to worry about the wires with this keyboard.

5. Microsoft Wireless Keyboard

keyboard for writer

Microsoft Wireless keyboard is another amazing keyboard for writers that you might wanna buy. This one too is a wireless keyboard which makes it a perfect keyboard choice for writers as well as for the office work.
The keys are quite stable and sturdy which offers great typing experience. It’s a low profile keyboard that doesn’t feature a wrist rest which isn’t a major problem either. One of the drawbacks of the keyboard is that it doesn’t feature any backlit, so if you are not a night owl then you might wanna consider it.

6. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

keyboard for writers

Roccat Vulcan too is a popular keyboard for writers and you should too consider it as one as a viable option. The brand has out its own custom switches, which you might like. Here the keyboard was initially marketer as the gaming keyboard, it’s comfortable keys and tactile switches made it one of the best option for writers.
This is a wired keyboard and features backlit so you should be more than okay with this. Overall it provides a great typing experience do you should at least try this one.

7. Cherry MX G86 LPOS Keyboard with Touchpad

We have another mechanical keyboard on the list, the Cherry MX keyboard comes with a number of cool features that makes it one of the best option for writers out there. This is made up of sturdy and durable material that is able to withstand the harsh environment. The keys are programmable and the practice feedback makes sure that you avoid mistakes.
The inbuilt switches along with the integrated magnetic card surely make its functionality even better. The keys are sturdy but don’t require too much force to type which is ideal for writers. The built-in touchpad also adds a plus point for the keyboard for you to consider it buying. It’s dust and spill resistance.

8. Das Keyboard 4

keyboard for writer best

Das Keyboard 4 is another great pick for the top keyboard for writers 2020. The Das is one of the top-rated companies for keyboards and this model too live-ups to its name. What you will find impressive in this keyboard is it’s sturdiness and the durability, and not forget the ease of typing.
With each keystroke, users will get audio and tactile feedback which is quite useful. It features a sleek design and high performance which makes it a great option for writers. Although it’s wired, the extra-long USB cable makes it portable and easy to work with. The backlit feature is also lacking. You do get the volume control features though.
The bottom line is it’s a pretty decent keyboard for writers and you can rely on it for a long and comfortable typing session.

9. Artech HB030B Universal Slim

wireless keyboard for writers

If you are looking for a cheap keyboard for writers without compromising the quality of the keyboard then Artech should be your first choice. It’s pretty thin and lightweight. Here the keyboard comes with seven different backlit colors which are pretty impressive for late-night sessions.
The keyboard is compatible with almost all the major operating systems which is quite an amazing feature of it’s and surprisingly it can also be connected to a phone or a tablet as well. It can last for 6 months on a single charge.
Here we have listed the keyboard for writers that we found in the market at the present time. We have looked into certain criteria which are important for writers, here we have also taken the customer reviews for this keyboard and find out that they are the best ones.
If you are still not able to pick the best keyboard for writers then you might need a little bit more help from us. And that’s why we have brought you the buying guide for a keyboard for writers. Here we have listed out some of the features that you need to consider before buying the keyboard for a writer do you end up with the best one for yourself.

Buying guide for a keyboard for writers!

1. Comfort
The first and the most important you need in your keyboard is comfort! You need to make sure you can smoothly write for longer hours without torturing your fingers from an uncomfortable keyboard.
You should know what comfortable keyboard is for you, that is, look for the keys (how hard or soft they are beneath your fingertips), the spaces between the keys, key size, wrist cushioning, angle, or yh3 keys, etc! You need to check out the keyboard yourself to that you can get the comfortable keyboard for yourself.
There are also different types of keyboard layouts as well, so do look at which one do you like the most.
2. Connectivity
You should also consider the connectivity options for the keyboard. There are 3 major types of connection options available, that is, Bluetooth, USB Cable, and wireless!
Every one of the connection options comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, with the Bluetooth and the wireless connectivity, you might not have to deal with the wire tangling and stuff but you would be worried about the connection all the time which can be a bit frustrating.
The standard USB is a traditional connectivity option, which ensures a strong connection but you gotta deal with the wires!
Overall it’s up to you, which one is more suitable for your needs and comfort. And if you still can’t decide a single connection option then you might wanna go with multiple connectivity options for the keyboard!
3. Backlit or not!
Backlit keyboards are very much in trend now and they are also useful as well. And it’s not just a mere trend but an absolute necessity as well. The concept is simple if you like to work at night then you might wanna go with the backlit keyboard so that you can clearly see the keys and there is no trouble in typing. Overall going for the backlit keyboard would be a smart choice.
4. Battery
Battery Power is also an important feature of the keyboard. There are a number of ways through which you can power your keyboard. Some keyboard charge wirelessly, some might never the USB cable while others can be charged via solar power. Overall you can choose the one you find most suitable for your needs. Here you can also go with the keyboard which features all the three options to charge the battery.
5. Reviews
It’s really important that you take the customer’s review into consideration before you buy your keyboard. The thing is, the features might seem impressive but getting a second opinion from someone who has used the products seems like a nice idea as well. So do go through the customer reviews for the keyboard that you have chosen to buy, this will help you to make a good decision as well.
6. Price
You should always set a budget before you hunt the beet keyboard for writers. The thing is, you don’t want to overspend and end up giving always a fortune over a keyboard. Besides, the keyboard available for writers comes in various price ranges so you can also get the best one within your budget.


Here we have come to the end of the article, and we have listed the full list of the best keyboard for writers along with the buying guide. We really hope our article was helpful for you and you have found what you have been looking for, that is, the best keyboard for writers.

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