Top 10 Amazing Portable Power Banks 2023

In this era where we literally are the slaves of our phone and need it 24*7, we can’t afford to let its battery die when we are in public place or away from our house. We need it for many purposes like connecting with our friends and family or even making payments and stuff. So it’s important that you keep your phone charge a hundred percent when you step outside of your home. But we can’t trust ourselves with that either. How many times did it happen that you stepped out of the house and your phone battery was below 10%? I guess a lot of time so it’s time that you need to buy a portable power bank.
As we have mentioned earlier, we depend on our phone for so many things and our phone depends on its battery to function. We have an amazing thing called portable power bank which is no less than a blessing for those who always forget to charge their phone. There are a number of advantages of portable power banks, such as they are so small that they can easily fit in your pocket of the backpack. Although they have a small size (some might be smaller than your phone), but their battery capacity will last longer than you can imagine.
But finding a portable power bank is not that easy as it seems, they are not very cheap so you need to invest in the best portable power bank. A best power bank should be enough for your phone’s battery. We have narrowed down a few tips which will be useful for you to choose the best portable power bank.
Firstly you meet to know about your phone, which includes its battery capacity as well as the USB type. You can easily find it on the box of your phone.
The battery capacity of the power bank is the most important feature as it will be responsible for charging the battery of your phone. The battery capacity is measured in mAh, so go for the highest capacity of power bank. Other than this, the output voltage of the power bank should be equal or higher than your phone device.
Apart from these, you can also look for the power bank with multiple ports, so that you can charge multiple devices, if you carry multiple devices at once. You can also look for a power bank that features fast charging.
You should also look for the power cut feature so that your power bank, as well as your device, remain safe. An auto-cut feature is also essential as it would prevent your bower bank from overcharging. Lastly, we would advise you to buy a trusted brand rather than go for a cheap one. A little higher price will be beneficial for you, as it will be safe as well as reliable.
Now based on these criteria we have selected the top 10 portable power banks that you can rely on.

Best Portable Power Banks

best portable power banks

1. Anker 20000 mAh Portable Charger Power Core 20100

best portable power bank
When it comes to power banks, Anker is one of the best brands you can go to. The battery capacity is 20000 mAh which can charge your phone multiple times. This is no less than a blessing for those who work outdoors and can’t rely on their phone’s battery alone. The portable device also supports fast charging due to its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology which combines and provides super-fast charging.
The power bank itself charges fully in 10 hours with 2AMP charger (it’s really quick though). The portable power bank also provides the utmost safety to the device such as inbuilt MultiProtect Safety System which would mean the protection of your phone as well as power bank from short circuit as well as from overcharging.
It’s anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint coat makes the portable power bank look stylish and new as ever. It’s slim and sleek design is also a plus point. The power bank features two ports so you can charge two devices at the same device. There are a number of features which makes it one of the best portable power bank to buy.

2. RAVPower 26800 mAh Power Bank

top portable power bank
RAVPower is another popular brand for power bank. Ever since it was founded in 2011, they have worked to improve the technology and improve our life with its convenience. The company produces a number of amazing products and its portable charger is one of them. As you can see from its name the power bank features the battery capacity of 26800 mAh, which is enough to charge your phone for many days.
Furthermore, the power bank features three ports so that you can plug in multiple devices at once and charge them as quickly as possible. It’s 5.5 Amp output also makes sure that there is no delay in charging when you need to charge your phone ASAP. It’s also lightweight as well as looks elegant and can fit in your pockets or in your handbag! Overall it’s one of the best and you will find it impressive.

3. iMutto 20,000 mAh Power Bank

portable best power bank
If you are looking for a more affordable option for a portable power bank then iMutto should be your first choice. The 20,000 mAh battery capacity of the power bank makes sure you get to charge your phone multiple times with its just one-time charge. It can charge many devices and has two ports in the power bank.
The only drawback for this power bank would be its large size as well as unusual design which may not look good at once but when it comes to charging your phone you can’t find anything better than this one at this price. Another amazing feature of the power bank is that you can easily see the charge remaining the power bank so that you know when it’s time to plug in your portable charger.

4. Anker Power Core 10000 Power Bank

power bank portable
As we have mentioned earlier, Anker is one of the best power bank brands so we have come again with Anker PowerCore 10000Power Bank. As you can see, the battery capacity is 10000 mAh, so if you don’t need the 20k battery capacity and lower battery capacity device can easily meet your needs then this one should be your first choice.
Another best feature of the power bank is it’s ridiculously small size as well as it’s lightweight, which makes it easier to carry it around. Moreover, the power bank features 11 safety technology which ensures the technology of your device as well as for the power bank itself. It’s durable casing and high quality is what makes it one of the best. It also features the fast charging technology!

5. Aukey Power Bank 20,000 mAh

best portable power banks
Aukey is our next pick for the best portable power bank list. This is also popular as it features the 20,000 battery capacity and is able to charge your phone or tablet. The battery also features the light which indicates the battery left in the power bank.
This one may not impress you with the design but it surely features some incredible technology to make your phone’s battery last longer. Another drawback would be its lack of support for the quick charging but if you are not in a hurry and wants the power bank with large capacity as well as at a reasonable price, then it’s perfect for you.

6. GETIHU 10000 mAh Portable Power Bank

best rated portable power bank
Many people are using GETIHU portable power bank and this has impressed them with it’s slim and seem design and ultra-lightweight. It can easily compete with the biggest brand like Anker when it comes to high battery capacity as well as safety measures.
It also features a built-in LED flashlight. Furthermore, it’s two ports ensures that you can charge your two devices at the same time and save your time. The best thing about the power bank would be its amazing guarantee (30-day money-back guarantee) and warranty (360-day warranty and lifetime technical support).

7. Xiaomi 10,000 mAh Power Bank

budget portable power bank
When it comes to providing the best service and that too at an ln affordable price, no one can compete with Xiaomi. After conquering the mobile industry with its feature-rich smartphones at a decent affordable price, the company has also started to produce some of the best portable power banks as well.
It has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh which is enough to charge your phone a couple of times. The power bank also features a micro USB as well as type C USB. So it may not be popular now but it surely deserves a try. Take a look at it while buying the portable charger, you might like it.

8. Veho Pebble P1 Pro

portable power bank best
Our next choice for the best portable power bank is Veho Pebble P1 Pro. It features the battery capacity of 10,400 mAh, with that it does a decent job at charging your phone multiple times. It also features two USB ports as well.

9. EasyAcc 20,000 mAh Power Bank

If you are looking for a portable charger with more than two ports then EasyAcc should be your perfect match as it features 4 ports. Its huge power capacity as well as quick charging makes it a good choice. It also comes with 18 months of warranty.

10. Anker PowerCore 13000

Another Anker Product, so we don’t have to say much about it apart from the fact that it is light in weight as well as features 2 USB ports along with 3A output. It’s safety features are what makes it one of the best.


So these are the best portable power can’t in our opinion on which you can trust for charging your phone in any situation anywhere. These power banks are the most popular, most powerful and most trusted so you won’t get anything to complain about.
Now we have done our part by introducing you to the best portable power banks and now it’s your turn to find the one which is suitable for your phone and meet your needs fully. We hope you found the article helpful, thank you for visiting our page and keep coming to us for more such reviews.

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