Top 10 Best Gigabit Ethernet Switches 2023

You must have heard the phrase, “data has become the new currency” which means that our lives revolve around the data transfer from one device to another. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman, a teacher, or a gamer you will need to connect multiple devices and for that, you will need a Gigabit or Ethernet switch! If you are still new to the concept of a gigabit switch then don’t worry we have got you covered, and here we are sharing some information about the gigabit switches and the which ones are the best nowadays to buy as well.

What is a gigabit switch?

Gigabit switch helps to connect multiple devices such as computers, servers, or game systems to a Local Area Network (LAN). This is not just it, the gigabit switch also empowers a device to directly connect with the internet rather than relying on the Wi-Fi. And it is also responsible for fasting up the speed of data transfer along with faster response time and better frame rate.

Types of Gigabit switches

If you want to buy a gigabit switch then you should be aware of the major types of Gigabit switches. You should know that there are many types of gigabit switches available and you might wanna find the perfect one. So here we have listed out the types of Gigabit Ethernet switches that you would like to know about.
  1. Unmanaged Switch – Unmanaged switches do not feature any user configuration which means that it’s super easy to set up. And that’s the reason it is ideal for homes, small companies, and businesses. They are can’t be modified or managed and this makes them pretty simple. You can just plug them in and connect the devices and you don’t have to worry about anything else.
  2.  Managed Switches – As their name suggests, they are more manageable and customizable, so their primary advantage is that you can enhance the functionality of a certain network. These types of switched can are monitored and adjusted, so you can monitor the traffic, adjust the speed, and report network activity. They are more expensive than the unmanaged switches but they offer more flexibility than the former.
  3. POE Switch – This one is making the whole cabling process extremely easy and it will help the data transmission and power process over one cable network. In simpler words, this one allows you to power devices such as a wireless access point or IP phone and transmit data to the device via the same cable. It will come in handy in places where it’s difficult to reach a power outlet.
  4. Stackable Switch – Stackable Switch allows you to connect multiple switches and confirm them as a single entity. They are pretty helpful with the rapidly growing networks.
We know there are a number of gigabit switches available in the market and they come at different price ranges as well. So it’s easy to get confused when it comes to choosing one. So here we have picked some of the best gigabit switches, go ahead and take a look at the list and picked the best one for yourself. We have also shared a buying guide at the end of the article so that you would understand better which one you should buy.

Best Gigabit switches

best gigabit ethernet switches

1. NETGEAR GS108-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

best gigabit ethernet switch

If you want to split a single connection between various devices then NETGEAR should be your first choice. This one, as its name suggests, is an unmanageable switch, which means you won’t be able to control it but it’s simple enough for your house connection.
It features 8 switch ports which are enough for gaming or your house. It is pretty easy to set up and use it with any additional configuration or software, so you just plug it in and connect your devices and leave the rest on the switch! The metal construction and the lifetime warranty is surely a feature that you would like to have in your gigabit switch.

2. TP-Link 16 Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

best gigabit ethernet switches

TP-Link is our next choice as the best gigabit unmanaged switch that you would like to buy. It features power-saving tech quality which makes it quite desirable and it saves up to 70% of the power. It features 16 ports which should be enough for small businesses or companies. This one is known to speed up the data transfer process and improve the performance as well.
You just have to plug and play it as there is no configuration required. Lastly, the gigabit switch is affordable so you don’t have to break the bank to buy it.

3. D-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch DGS-1008G

top gigabit ethernet switches

D-Link is our next pick for the best gigabit switch out there and you would love it too if you just give it a look. As it comes with 8 port the switch is more suitable for the games. This one is popularly known for improving network performances. Its sleek design is it’s another amazing feature that you would like to take into consideration.
This one is also an unmanageable switch which makes it easy to set up with no configuration and its also perfect for the beginners as well. It features amazing functionality as well as it is ideal for storage and gaming as well. Overall you should consider this one as your next gigabit switch.

4. CISCO SWITCH 24-bit Gigabit Switch

best ethernet gigabit switches

CISCO SWITCH is another best gigabit switch that you should know about. It can easily handle the bandwidth-intensive scenarios and it also comes in an energy-saving functionality that means you don’t have to worry about it consuming all the power. Here it is designed for the small office and it also comes in two different styles (compact desktop and rack-mount models). It might not be the cheapest gigabit switch out there, but with 24 ports it kinda proves to be very useful for small offices and companies.

5. Linksys 8-port Metallic Gigabit Switch SE3008

linksys gigabit ethernet switches

Linksys also makes one of the best gigabit switches that you might wanna have in your house. The best feature of it’s is the all-metal construction that looks pretty classy and goes well with your interior, whether you wanna hang it on the wall or keep it at the desktop. This one ensures fast data transfer.
It’s Qos services promise the audio and video applications for smoother streaming services. It also features MDI/MDIX cable detection as well as the intelligent port-based congestion direction. It’s the power-saving mode and broadcast rate control are other amazing features.

6. Amcrest Gigabit Uplink 9-port Poe+ Ethernet Switch With Metal Housing

gigabit ethernet switches best

Amcrest is one of the most powerful gigantic switch out there that you can bring home. It features 9 ports which can connect devices such as VoIP telephones, IP Cameras, Computers, TVs, Gaming Consoles, and more plug and play.
This one is also an all-metal construction that h makes it quite sturdy. It also features LED lights that let you know which devices are connected and are connected l. It’s also compact yet a little heavy, so it’s ideal for carrying it with ourselves.

7. D-Link EasySmart Gigabit Ethernet Switch DGS-1100-05

top best gigabit ethernet switches

The EasySmart Gigabit Switch from D-Link should be your choice if you are looking for the best yet affordable options for connecting your multiple devices with one network connection. This device incorporates essential L2 switching features including Quality of Service VLAN. It’s QoS is traffic prioritizing so you can easily monitor the traffic.
This one is the best option for beginners or someone who is not an expert on the subject. It’s also a power-saving model so you won’t have to worry about power consumption. There are a total of 5 ports and network monitoring lights. It’s pretty intuitive to manage and use as well.

8. TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit Long Range PoE+ Switch

gigabit ethernet switches

If you are looking for a PoE+ type of gigabit switch to power devices far away than TRENDnet should be your first choice. It can reach up to 200m at 10Mps and can supply 30W of PoE+ power per port with a 65W total budget.
It is well designed to make it easier to handle, for example, it can be wall-mounted, it’s easy to install, features a fanless design for silent operation, and lastly the plug and play design that won’t let you get worried about anything else.

9. Linksys Business LGS105

best of gigabit ethernet switches

As you can guess by its name, this one is more suitable for those who are looking for the best Gigabit Switch for their offices. The switch offers 5 auto-sensing ports which ensure the speed of 1,000Mps. It can also manage large data transfer.
It’s a fast wired connection and features QoS traffic prioritization. It’s also energy-efficient and comes with a wall mounting kit. Overall it should be a great pick for you if you want to expand your small business.

10. TP-Link 16 port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch TL-SG1016

best gigabit switches

The next one on our list of best Gigabit Switch is TP-Link 16 port switch. It can instantly transfer large files and it features the switching capacity 32Gbps. Its non-blocking switching architecture is all you need for fast speed data transfer. It also features LED lights for network monitoring. Overall it’s a decent gigabit switch that ensures the value for your money, so take a look at this one, you might wanna buy it too!
So these are our top picks for the best gigabit switches that you might like taking to your home or office. All these aforementioned gigabit switches have proven to be very effective and useful for their customers and that’s why we have included them in our list. And we hope that you would also find the perfect one for yourself here.
Now it’s time to share a little buying guide with you so that you would know how to choose the best gigabit switches and what features to look for in an ethernet switch before buying it.

Buying guide for Gigabit Ethernet Switch

These are some of the features that you need to consider before buying the gigabit switch.
1. Number of Ports
The number of ports in a gigabit switch is one of the most important features. This one entirely depends on your needs as you have to figure out how many devices you need to connect to your network. The gigabit switches come with multiple numbers of ports ranging from 6 to 24 or even more, so you can easily pick one according to your needs.
2. The right type of switch
We have already mentioned the types of Gigabit switches, and each type has its own pros and cons and you need to decide which one do you want and which one serves the best in your interests. And then you choose the gigabit switch type according to your needs.
3. Build Quality
Build Quality is another important feature of the Gigabit Switches that you need to look after. You can find different kinds of build quality such as metal or plastic. You need to figure out if you are gonna place it somewhere or hang it and then decide which build quality would be perfect for you.
4. Price
The gigabit switches come in at various price ranges, so there are high chances that you would get a pretty good gigabit switch within your budget. So set a price and then look for the best gigabit switch withing that price range for yourself.


Apart from these, you can also look for a review of the gigabit switches.  Reviews are one of the most important factors that you need to consider. You should always take the advice of the customers who have bought the gigabit switch before and see if they would give the value for your money. This will certainly make your decision easier.
Here we have down our job and now its all up to you to choose the best gigabit switch from our list. We hope you will make the right choice and get what you have been looking for.

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