Sites To Download Call Of Duty 2 Highly Compressed Game (2023)

Call of duty 2 is one of the most popular games that we all have at least played once! And there would be hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this popular game. Nevertheless, the game had sold around 2 million copies by 2008. The best part about the game was it can be played on PC that is, you don’t have to invest in heavy gaming consoles. You will just have to download the game on the PC and install it and then enjoy it. But things aren’t always so smooth for every one of us. As we all know, these high end and popular games come in a large-sized file. And not all of us have high speed and unlimited data. So what would someone with a low-speed internet connection and limited data pack do?
The obvious answer is, he would go for a highly compressed call of duty 2 game file! You also have heard about this term before buy now that you have decided to go for it, we would like to explain what a highly compressed file is and how it works for you!

What are highly compressed games?

As we have mentioned earlier, a number of popular games come in large sizes, that is, more than a couple of GB or even in tens of GB. But the thing is, it would be nearly impossible for you to download the game if you have a low-speed internet connection or a limited data plan.
Hence there are many sites that claim to provide highly compressed games. That is they can be compressed to a smaller size which would be much easier to download and then you can again decompress them in your computer and install them without wasting all of the data on the downloading of the game.
But you have to be careful because not all the sites that claim to provide the compressed games are genuine. Some of them may provide corrupt files in the name of highly compressed files. See if a game is so about 2GB then it can be compressed to around 500MB but if some site is claiming to provide you the file of less than 50 MB then it would be impractical.
The thing is, there are only a few sites which are genuine and provide you the highly compressed game file that would actually work and in this article, we are going to tell you about those sites.
And luckily there are numerous sites that claim to have the highly compressed Call of Duty 2 game. And that’s what we are listing here.
In this article, we are not only going to provide the sites to download call of duty highly compressed game but we are also going to tell you how to download and the requirements of this game as well. But before we start this, we would like to share a little bit about the game.

About Call of Duty 2 gameplay:-

Call of Duty 2 was released in 2005 and it was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. This one is the second installment of the Call of Duty series and it became as popular as the first one. This is the first-person shooter video game that is set in the era of World War II. The game carried forward in the campaign mode is followed by the four soldiers of different armies, that is, one from the US Army, one from the red army, and two from the British army. This mode is split into three campaigns and there are a total of 27 missions which players will have to complete.
The player is provided with a number of weapons including some cool guns and grenade. You will also find several difficulty levels, that is, easy, regular, hardened, and veteran. The game is packed with action and you can easily play it in online multiplayer mode, where people from different parts of the world take part in.
So if you are into battles and stuff then this game is totally made for you.
Alright, here we have given a brief description of the call of duty 2 games, and now it is time that we return to our main agenda, which is providing the sites to download highly compressed Call of Duty 2 game as well as ways to download it.
Let’s find out how you can download the highly compressed Call of Duty 2 game.

How to download Call of Duty 2 highly compressed game

  • The first step would obviously be to go on the provided links
  • After opening the link the process of downloading the game will start and you will get a file named Call of Duty
  • In order to extract the file, you must have the WinRAR software
  • And now you can easily extract the file by clicking on the file that you want to extract (click on “extract here”)
  • After extracting the file you will get the Call of Duty 2 file, to run it you will have to double clock on it
Now your game is ready to be played and you can enjoy your favorite game without any problem.
You must know that knowing the sites to download and how to download the highly compressed Call of Duty 2 isn’t enough. You must know the minimum requirements to run the game on your computer.

Minimum requirements for the Call of Duty game

  • Operating System – Microsoft Windows XP or 2000
  • CPU-  Pentium IV 1.4GHz or higher processor
  • GPU- 3D hardware accelerator card required- 100% DirectX 9.0c Compatible 64 MB hardware accelerator card and the latest drives
  • RAM-  256MB
  • 4 GB of uncompressed free hard disk space and 600 MB is also required.
So these are the minimum requirements which you need to make sure to have on the computer.


Here we have come to an end for the article, Sites to download highly compressed Call of Duty 2. And we hope you found it helpful. Just follow the steps to download and you will be good to go!

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