10 Amazing Sites To Practice Programming 2023

Coding means using the programming language to get the computer to behave as desired. Coding is a very trending topic in the current century and even the latest topic is from where to learn to code because you may have the best websites ever made with great resources and information. Basically, computers and artificial intelligence are made up of transistors and these transistors work as the brain of the computer. In the global era of AI, it is not possible without computers and the language that is used to run them.
Programming languages usually made of binary code language and is almost possible to giving instructions to the computer through a programming language. Here, we are going to discuss the best sites to practice programming where coding is done by practicing of using one or more of the various programming languages to give instructions that will be executed and interpreted by a computer.


Online developments, advancements and day to day updating level enhance to make it necessary to opt for new skills of programming. In this era of globalization and exchanging information in the form of coding is considered as crucial skills.
It is beneficial for everyone in any area such as help in reducing the work of other project developers, broaden your career prospective, enhance your skills regarding programming, logical thinking, problem-solving and it results in improvement of business growth.
Learning of code languages has grown rapidly since many of years which are not limited for the job too for hobby also. Whether you want to initiate your career as a coder, programmer, you have to learn how to code, build websites and what are the places you can gain or learn code for free.


There are a variety of ways to opt for learning and practicing code language as well as individual online courses. So, there is an abundance of online courses available for coding which is free of cost and enough paid courses as well. Now, You can know websites to learn to program, free sites to learn to program as well. Here, are the 10 best sites to learn how to code as a programmer.

Best sites to practice programming


GitHub is regarded as one of the world’s leading software development platform and crucial tools for developers. It is open-source software where it covers a variety of projects and free ebooks. It is used to store the code source of projects to track the history of changes made in code. It is initiated by Microsoft system and now have $ 7.5 billion contributors.
GitHub allows most of the software for free use such as change by developers, adapt, software improvement etc. It facilitates web interface of social coding, code repository and other management tools for collaboration purpose. They offer modified courses which help in the upliftment of interaction of learning procedure.


W3Schools is regarded as developing sites which are free of cost. It consists of programming languages like HTML, C++, XML, PYTHON, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, REACT, W3.CSS etc. for web programming. It is easy learning and practising platform with straight forward learning with focus and simplicity.
Most of the people try to work to ensure W3School more useful, updated and free developing resource. With web coding programming, you can check out various tutorials, practices, best guides e-books to enhance your coding knowledge. It offers a wide range of languages such as HTML, C++, SQL, Javascript etc.

3. EDX

EDx helps you to create education skills and knowledge for people who are interested in learning. It is one of the leading online platforms created by MIT and Harvard University to provide education. It allows numerous programming courses for free of cost by talented professionals. EDx is a high-quality coding course with verified certificates. It is created to give best practice programming platform across the world. The main focus of EDx is teaching you coding, web designing, MySql, WordPress best development etc.


Evanto Tuts + offers standard sites to learn to program online courses which are basically very useful for beginners. It provides a huge number of online tutorials video with a variety of free e-books on various matters. This is one of the convenient sources of gaining thousands of free educational coding tutorials.
It is customizable in any device either in is executed in a computer or mobile. You can easily use Evanto Tuts + in their own pace of comfort with given options. You can practice directly through your browser page and get rapid feedback as well. The platform is designed in such a way to approach to education by learning track like Databases, iOS, Ruby, PHP etc.

5. CodeChef

CodeChef is a non-commercial educational organization managed by an Indian software company. It is based on the company in Mumbai, India where CodeChef offers timed programming such as assembly, designing, developing, testing, SRM, marathon and many more. The CodeChef is consists of global programming community which basically hosts training, online contests and event programmers across the world. It is the platform has been created to provide a coding system for user coding programs. The good part of these educational organization is that you don’t feel like you’re practising and acquired more skills thoroughly.


TopCoder is generally the world’s largest coding programming sites, which develops codes across the world. It is well known in the world of web development. It is a very useful online code-learning website for beginners which is easy to access, generate development assets, select the platform with resources, ready to use snippets and many more.
TopCoder has its own applet such as (C/Java/c++/Python) and debugging on site. It provided numerous questions and awesome coding language. Apart from Learning, you can connect with online mentors who are doing great in their fields.


Udemy is one of the leading online learning or practising platform which offers a huge range of coding courses. It provides 80,000 programming courses to users which is usually based on iOS development, UX designs, UI development and other web development.
Udemy promotes programming tools which provide users to take courses and largely improves their job-related performances. It reports has made a special effect on the working employees to enhance their skills and students are also benefited for career prospective. The main advantages of udemy are community communication across the sites and learning huge programming courses.

8. Google Code Jam

Google Code Jam is the best coding site to learn and practice section. They have an interesting interface, better problems with solutions, weekly contests and independent language to practice. It provides problems which give good practice on a wide range of difficulties and different types of problems.
You can practice by solving, writing either on Java or in Python at that time. It consists of a good collection of problems and sort by difficulty level. You will learn skills such as Python, Linux, Hacking etc.


CodingBat is an educational organization with a non-profit business nature. It is designed in the way for building knowledge by providing free video coding tutorials and lessons. CodingBat users and learners can maintain their progress records over the site and compare their capacity of learning. CodingBat is a live coding practising site, which mainly offers problems related to the skills of Java and Python.
The problems are provided for practising and build enough grasp on the basics of programming. Here, programmers and learners provided complex coding challenges to solve and practice in a limited amount of time.


Coursera is one of the learning or practicing platform of programming which is propounded by Daphne Koller and Stanford professors Andrew Ng. It provides a variety of courses along with attachments with the world’s topmost universities and institutions. It is an educational company which offers courses online for all learners for foremost free.
Coursera aims to empower everyone to improve their lives with a bit of challenge in online courses. The vision of Coursera is that you can practice beyond your abilities where access is given o each learner.


Learning code is mainly enhancing your skills by spending a few hours of learning coding online services. But, with the current technology, most of the resources are freely available today where anyone can learn according to their record time, zero investment and their convenience.
Of course, there are a variety of paid courses are also available and it is required after the end of limited free coding programs. While, the free coding services are more enough to inculcate, develop basic of the fundamentals of coding as a programmer.
You don’t have to surf all of the above-mentioned courses and programs, but instead, choose one of them that seems most easy to learn and excited to dive in.

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