14 Most Popular & Free Remote Desktop Software Tools (2023)

We can access or control almost anything from our smartphone are any other device whether or not we are close to that thing that we want to control. You must be aware of controlling the ac temperature, setting the alarm, or switch on or off several devices from our phone or computer. But do you know we can also control or get access to the computer via software?
Well, these software are known as Remote Desktop software. By using the software you can easily access your work computer via your own personal computer from home or anywhere else. The more formal definition would be, the remote desktop software enables a local user to have complete access to the desktop environment and resources of a local computer.
The local computer would be called as a client which you would control via the remote desktop computer. And the other computer would be called a remote computer which you will use to enter the command and give directions to the local computer.
At first, this seems like hacking but it’s more of a practice le use and a lot of managing and IT companies use these kinds of remote desktop computers to get access to the local computer for better access to resources.
On a safer note, the remote desktop software has a number of privacy policies that can prevent the wrong use of the access, such as password protection, a limited number of users to connect, data encryption transfer, blacklisting wanted connections, etc. So it’s pretty safe to use.
Although the remote desktop software is made for IT professionals more and more working people are using the software to get access to their computers while they are traveling or being away from work.
There is numerous such remote desktop software available for us but not all of them are useful. It’s easy to find the perfect remote desktop software when you are willing to pay any amount but things get tough when you want the best one for free. Yes, there are numerous free remote desktop software available but again not all they are the best ones.
So in this article, we are going to share a list of best free remote desktop software that you would be happy to have and use. So let’s move ahead and see high ones are the best.

Best free remote desktop software

1. AnyDesk

Our first pick for the best free remote desktop software is AnyDesk! This one has been used by millions of people across the world till now and they all have just good things to say about it. This one is our favorite given how fast it is and you can swiftly access your local computer via this one. The best part about this one is you won’t need to install it as easily access it from anywhere in the world. All you need is to download and launch a small program file (only about 1.1mb). There is a whitelist which helps you to decide who can connect the computer.
The software also features various customized settings that enable the users to see the cursor, transmit sound, take a screenshot, disable view only, etc. The connection is also pretty strong and it’s unattended so it can be easily connected as soon as the power is on and it can also be connected directly to the login screen. Lastly, the software doesn’t require any modifications to the router either.
It’s fast, it’s free, it’s reliable and it requires minimum efforts you, so what else you need from a remote desktop software?

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

You might be surprised to see this name as it’s Google’s software! This one is the most trusted remote desktop software that you will come across and its definitely going to impress you with its amazing features and ease of use. The best part about this remote desktop software is it provides an uninterrupted connection with your computer.
The installation is pretty easy as it just requires both parties to have Google Chrome on their devices. The surprising part is it also works for other operating systems as well. It is directly linked to your google account which means you can be assured of the security while using it. You can literally access any computer present on the web without changing the network or firewall settings.
Overall it’s a decent remote desktop computer and it deserves all the attention and praises it’s getting. So do try out this one sometimes, it won’t disappoint you.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is another free remote desktop software that you can find on the Microsoft store. The software allows you to connect the machines remotely through a remote desktop gateway on a secure connection. The software can be installed on almost 10 devices so it’s useful for a lot of people who are looking for remote desktop software for different devices. Users also like the security given by the software. You have to keep in mind that this software doesn’t allow you to transfer data but you can easily copy and paste information via it.

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is our next choice for the best free remote desktop software and this is kinda a package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between the computers.
The file-sharing feature which what jas attracted a number of users from all around the world, with this feature you can easily transfer files with the standard dual-window interface,  the simple drag and drop mechanism, or with the copy and paste as well.
It can be set up with a few simple steps and it provides a fast connection that takes less time than with the other remote desktop software. Users won’t need to make any changes to routers or firewalls. This one is said to be perfect for invoicing and reporting.
Lastly, the software features great user support so even the people with no or little experience can use the software with its given guides and simplified steps to use.

5. ZOHO Assist

If you are looking for a Remote Desktop Software which is also an all in on web-based solution then ZOHO Assist should be your first choice. This one also has some great features that make it one of our best choices for the free remote desktop software list.
This one comes from the developers of ZOHO Office Suite which also includes several other inbuilt tools. It features unattended remote access as well as screen sharing. The support session involves the quick live chat sessions where your questions would be answered. It’s super easy to use and required minimal efforts for the setup and file transfer. Up to 2GB of files can be easily transferred in between the devices.

6. ConnectWise Control

If security is your biggest concern for using a remote desktop then ConnectWise Control should be your first choice. The software offers high performance and outstanding security.
This one features a layer of data protection which helps it’s users to keep the data safe. There are also several customization setting options present in the software which might help you to get assured of the safety of your data. The software works on almost all the platforms and it’s the reason more and more people are using it.
Lastly, it’s upper fast and super-efficient that you would definitely love the way it works. Unlimited unattended access can also be set up via the software.

7. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is the best choice for those who are looking for a way to connect to the multiple computers at once. The software can be connected to as many as 10 computers at a time so this one is a unique feature for Remote Utilities Remote Desktop Software.
The software can be laughed from a USB without the need of installing it and it can be easily run without any installation as well. The software features Remote Command Prompt. There is also a notification panel where you can easily see who is connected and even stop the session if you see anyone unwanted among the connections.

8. Secure Link

We are here with another one of the best free remote desktop software which would provide you the utmost security for your data. This one is more of a professional remote desktop software as it is mostly used by industries (health, retail, government, finance, etc) or by the business owners. Overall if you want a secure remote desktop software then this one should be your first choice.

9. Ultra VNC

Our next pick for the best free remote desktop software is Ultra VNC. This one can easily display the screen of one computer on another view internet or network. This one is also a great option for file transfer as it’s pretty easy.
There are a number of advanced settings present in the software such as cursor tracking, view-only mode, custom encoding system, automatic clipboard synchronization, send custom command, etc. The best part is, users, can also connect the computer which is in safe mode. It can also be connecting via the server or browser.

10. Lite Manager

Lite Manager is also an excellent remote desktop software to use. This one too features smart security options as well as a support tool making it reliable, trustable, and easy to use.
Its intuitive user interface is what caught our attention and nearly anyone can use it, there are a number of layout options to choose from and you can easily customize it as well. Remote Command and Event log is what you would like the best. Lastly, flawless remote access is also something you would like the most.

11. Remote Desktop Connection

The next one on our list of free remote desktop software is Remote Desktop Connection. This one features the best display as it’s crisp, clear, and colorful. It almost feels like you are using your own computer. The Windows users find it pretty easy to use as they don’t need to download or set up any third-party application. There are like hundreds of options which makes it pretty easy to use without putting so many efforts either. You will find the unattended access as well.

12. Wayk Now

We finally made a room for the cross-platform remote desktop software which is flexible, easy to use, and lightweight.
This one too can be launched without installation and the package contains both 32 bit as well as 64-bit versions and it automatically launched the software which is is required by your device. With the encryption and certified validation, this one is a pretty secure option as well. The enhanced clipboard helps you to easily copy and paste information.

13. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is another great free remote desktop software to use. With some of the advanced options, users can get access to any computer from anywhere. This one is a perfect solution for all those who want to access their computer via phone or tablet. The powerful security which comes from the description is also something we love most about the software.

14. Radmin

Radmin is also known as the remote administration, and it is too a free remote desktop share that can be used to share files. There are two different kinds of modules present that are Server Module and Client Module. This one is ideal for those who want to access computers remotely via the internet or a LAN connection.


So these are the best free remote desktop software that you might wanna have by your side when you want to access the local computer. We have listed them here because of their ease of use, good reviews from the users, and efficient as well as secure use. All of them are tested and they have shown good results for free remote desktop software.
In the end, we just hope you liked the article and found what you have been looking for. So the k you for being here, we are glad we could help.

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