14 Top Rated Android Data Recovery Software (2023)

Our phone is not only used for communication anymore. It’s just like a mini-computer that goes in our pockets! We keep so many documents and files on our phones that it is no less than a digital vault! And that’s why nothing is worse than losing the data in your android phone or tablet.
We are so conscious of losing our data that we keep plenty of software on our phones and tablets and also the antivirus and anti-theft software just to protect our data from being stolen or lost. But what would you do if you have already lost the data without having any backup? We are sure that would be the worst thing that can happen to you.
Luckily we have many data recovery software for Android that can help you revive the Android data and you can certainly trust on these android data recovery software to recover the lost data. But the thing is, as we have mentioned earlier, there is numerous such software present which can easily confuse us to choose one of them.
So to save you the trouble of going through every one of the data recovery software for Android, we have prepared a list of the best android data recovery software which are reliable and works effectively.

Android data recovery software

1. Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare UltData is one of the best android data recovery software that we have come across so far. For starters, the software is compatible with almost 6000 android devices including some of the leading brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.
The software is pretty easy to use and almost anyone can recover the data easily in their android devices. It can recover photos, WhatsApp data (chat backup, images, stickers), videos, documents, contacts, call records, and other files in your internal memory.
So if the data is deleted by accident, water damage, OS crash, broken screen, as well as system root then you can use this data recovery software for Android and recover your data. Data can also be recovered from the sd card as well as the internal memory of the phone. With Tenorshare UltData you don’t have to be worried about information leak or data loss because it’s a read-only tool!

2. FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery

FonePaw is another amazing android data recovery software and as you can guess by its name it’s also useful for the iOS! If you have lost your data then Fanepaw can effectively recover those lost data and help you to get your data back without any hassle.
This software can easily detect and recover deleted files from the android devices. And it features a user-friendly interface that would help you to easily navigate the software and recover the data. This one is also compatible with a number of Android devices, so you can truly rely on the software when it comes t9 recovering the lost data.
Users can easily recover the lost contacts, files, documents, images, videos, audios, call logs, etc from Android phones, tablets, or even the sd card.

3. Dr.Fone

Our next pick for the best Android data recovery software is Dr. Fone. This one is also a leading software which helps us to get our data back if it’s lost due to any kind of damage to our phone. Dr. Fone also claims to be the world’s first brand to provide the data recovery service for personal use. This one also supposed almost 600 devices all across the world so there are high chances that it will be compatible with your device. Users can also extract files from a broken Samsung phone as well.
A variety of files can be recovered with the help of this data recovery software for Android, including the photos, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, documents, WhatsApp data, etc.
Data can be recovered if you have forgotten the password, have issues with your SD card, rooting errors, ROM flashing, black screen, etc. It can easily detect the data and also provide you a preview for the file that has been lost or you want to recover. It also features three recovery modes that are internal memory, broken devices, and SD cards.

4. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android

This one is known as the world’s first data recovery tool for Android and we can say that it’s pretty impressive. It also supports a number of Android phones and tablets. The best part about this data recovery software for Android is, it can directly recover the lost files, documents as well as delete messages any deleted contacts.
No matter what’s the reason for lost data in your android phone, this one can fix the issues and recover the lost data as well. Overall it’s pretty reliable and you should definitely try this one out.

5. EaseUS

EaseUs is anyway one of the best data recovery platforms for almost all platforms including android, so it has to be on our list. This one is the most popular and most trustable data recovery software on our list and you must have heard about it somewhere.
The reason behind its popularity is the fact that it can easily recover the data from any platform regardless of the reason for data loss in the device. The name of the software truly justifies its nature as its one of the easiest software to use for data recovery.
Although we are talking about the data recovery software, this one here is much more than that. EaseUs also takes care of the security of your device and monitors the privacy of your data. There is also a technical support team that is always ready to help you out if you face any issues. You can easily preview the lost data and recover the one that you need without recovering the unnecessary data on your android phone.

6. iCare

iCare is also a popularly known android data recovery software and this one too does a great job in recovering your lost data in your android phone. This one is absolutely free to use and anyone can easily access the software to recover the lost data from their android device.
A wide range of files can be recovered by using this data recovery software, which includes the deleted messages, WhatsApp chats, call logs, contacts, files, documents, and so on. The data recovery software is able to recover from internal disk as well as the removable storage devices. Users would be able to preview the files first before restoring them.

7. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is also a popular data recovery software across a variety of platforms that includes android devices as well. Just like EaseUs, this one too features a lot of advanced features which makes it one of the best data recovery software.
It’s also easy to use as well as a free data recovery software so you won’t have to worry about going through a number of complicated procedures to recover the data. You might need to connect your android devices to your PC and recover the data. Overall it’s quite good and you can easily rely on this for the recovery of your android data.

8. PhoneRescue

When it comes to the best data recovery software for Android, PhoneRescue is a popular name! This one too can revive the lost data directly to your android phone and this might be the reason why people prefer PhoneRescue for recovering the data from their android device.
Unlike other software, this one doesn’t need to be rooted and it can easily recover the data with a very simple process in your smartphone itself. PhoneRescue can also help when it comes to securing your data on your smartphone.

9. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

If you’re looking for a powerful as well as the best data recovery software for Android then Johosoft should be your first choice. By using the software users would be able to recover the data from a number of places such as internal memory, external cards, etc.
This one is known to be one of the simplest data recovery software for Android and that’s why this one made its place on our list of best android data recovery software.
The software is compatible with a number of Android devices and it can recover data regardless of how it was lost. Overall this one is a pretty great choice for the best android data recovery software.

10. AirMore

AirMore is also a leading data recovery software which has received a number of good reviews from its users. The software is pretty simple to use and it’s definitely reliable. One of the best parts about this data recovery software is it’s the ability to recover the data swiftly, in fact, this one might be the fastest android data recovery software out there.
Although this one does have one drawback as it is more effective with the Samsung Galaxy model phones but you can expect some updates where it can be used for different kinds of devices as well.

11. Wrapping Up

Next in our list of best data recovery software is Wrapping UP and it definitely deserves to be on our list of best android data recovery software given it’s the convenient manner of recovering the data as well as it’s reliable features.
The data recovery software is capable of recovering a number of files so you don’t have to worry if a different type of file is lost from your phone. It’s pretty fast and secure and it’s definitely worth attention from you so go ahead check this one out as well.

12. MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad is next on our list and just like the others, it won’t disappoint you either. It can also river a wide range of files and documents lost from your android device without making a fuss about it. Here the data can be recovered from internal memory, external memory as well as removal data storage device! It also comes in a pro version where users can find a number of other advanced features for data recovery!
Last but not least, the data recovery software also features technical support where your queries would be answered and you would be able to use the software more effectively.

13. Undeleter for Root Users

This one is more of an app so you can easily just install it on your android device. There are a number of things which we like about the app, for example, the software has an intuitive interface and you can easily navigate to recover the data on your android device.
With the software, you will be able to detect all the deleted files. This one will scan the deleted files and presents you with a list of deleted documents and files so you can easily choose which one you want to recover and which one you don’t want to download again! The files will be recovered in their original directory path. Users can also recover the files in Dropbox or Drive!

14. Stellar Data Recovery for Android

With support for over 6000 devices, this one too is a popular android data recovery software. Formatted data can also be recovered along with the deleted data so that’s a plus point for Stellar Data Recovery for Android.
Previewing files is also an option there. Users can also change the language so that’s why it’s considered as one of the best data recovery software across the world.


So these are the best data recovery software for Android to rely upon and you would be pretty impressed by these ones. With these data recovery software, you don’t have to worry about the lost data that contains your personal memories or the important documents. Just use these amazing data recovery software and recover the lost data.
These software are popular as well as reliable and we hope you have found the best one among them for yourself. So thank you for being with us and we are glad we could help!

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