11 Free & Most Popular Music Player Software For Windows 10

There are many things a computer can go (almost anything that we can imagine!) From playing games to talking to our friends, a computer has got our back in every situation. This article focuses on the ability of a computer to play music for us! We all have room for music in our lives and we all are a little enthusiastic when it comes to music.
Although for playing music we need music player software on the computer, even though most of the computer comes with their own but sometimes we just need a little more. We know people rely on their mobile phones more when it comes to listening to their music tracks but there are still people out there who like to play their favorite beats on their computers. But all they need is a good music player software. And luckily there are a number of music player software for windows available for us.
But not all them worth the trouble and not all they live up to our expectations and that’s where you need our help. In this article, we have brought you the 11 best music player software for windows 10 that you would certainly love. So let’s get started and find out which one is the best music player software for windows 10.

Music player software for windows

1. VLC Media Player

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VLC is undoubtedly one of the best music players that you would come across, we know most of you think it as the best “video player” but it also does a pretty good job when it comes to playing music on your computer. This one is surely one of the popular music player software and the fact that it supports a number of platforms make it even more popular. This one is available for almost all the versions of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.
The VLC media player can play almost any music format for that matter and you would be certainly impressed by its intuitive interface as well. You won’t convey the music formats or install any additional software or app to play the music files on your PC.
The best part is, it can play music from various sources as well including the internet, radio stations, and you can also set up your own playlist on the player as well. The music player also makes the managing of music files pretty easy and you can just drag the music files and drop them into the directories. The player also allows you to sort and organize the music files by albums, artists, genre, etc.
It is pretty light and works almost on the platforms so it should be your first choice and above all, it’s absolutely free to use as well. And it’s also able to play the videos so that should be another reason to install this media player. It’s lightweight yet a powerful music player that you can rely on so go ahead and give it a try!

2. Winamp

Winamp is also a popular music player software that we know from the 90s. This one was pretty popular back then and it’s still very much known thanks to its good user experience that let us enjoy our favorite music tracks on windows 10. This one also comes with a lot of customizable options and will definitely help you to enjoy the music as you like it.
You can easily organize the music files according to your preferences that is you can sort out them by various categories such as the artists, album, genre, etc, and great multiple playlists for you. The software also comes with a built-in web browser which is pretty helpful as you won’t have to go anywhere when you have to browse something.
Apart from this, the software can also be easily decorated as per your preference and you can easily customize the looks of the software as well. The developers also working on the advancement and they might come up with a newer version in the future as well. Apart from Windows 10, this one is also compatible with Windows 8.1 and 7.

3. MusicBee

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MusicBee is another popular Music player software for Windows 10 that you would love to have on your computer if you love listening to music. This one has earned massive popularity over the years and users are loving everything about it. The software is designed and created for all the music lovers out there who show their love for the music.
This one supports a large music library and it can actually handle 500,000 music tracks as well (you won’t need anything else). It’s completely free so anyone can easily install and download it on their computer featuring Windows 10 operating system. The software also supports almost every music format that you can imagine of and this is the reason why people love this music player software for windows 10 over the others.
This music player software also comes as n android application so that you can control it. It also features advanced metadata editing as well as playback optimization. Overall this one worth a shot so go and check this out, you might find the music player you are looking for!

4. Dopamine

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Dopamine might be a new name but it’s been here for a while and earned itself the title of one of the best music player software for Windows 10. This one is open-source software that means you can easily use it without having to download it on your computer or paying any kind of subscription fee.
The software is pretty easy to navigate and you can easily use the software for listening to music or creating playlists. The tools and settings are pretty easy to navigate as well as the user would be able to customize the software just the way they want. Dopamine also plays a number of music formats including MP4, WMA, FLAC, etc. There are also some advanced features presents such as automatic tagging and displaying lyrics so that you can sing along.
Overall it’s a great music player software for Windows 10 that you can rely on.


Our next pick for the best music player software for Windows is AIMP. We have picked this one for its ability to organize even the messiest music libraries that are this one is for those who loved music and have almost every fun track on their computer. We know organizing thousands of music track is no piece of a joke and we all would appreciate some help when it would come to that.
This one can easily organize your music directories even if the some of tracks are missing some data. This one also features automatic tagging and you can have the audio files from various sources as well as in various formats. The software also comes with a number of tools such as alarms clock function which would make it play anytime and shut it down at a certain time as well.

6. MediaMonkey

This one is as fun as its name suggests, and for the past few years this one has earned a massive popularity among the music lovers and that’s why it ended up on our list of best music player software for Windows 10.
This one is also a big help when it comes to organizing your music directories, here it automatically tag the audio files and syncs the files with a number of devices as well. It can also convert the music files into a number of audio formats as well as adjusting the volume automatically. It can also be worked as the jukebox so you will definitely have some fun with this one.
It is also available as an Android and iOS application which also acts as the remote control for the software. It is also available in the premium version which has some extra features.

7. Spotify

Don’t be shocked, we know this one is a leading music app for Android and iOS but not many people know that this one can also be turned as a music player for Windows as well. You might have been already aware of the features of Spotify such as an online music streaming platform but you should know that you can also stream the music tracks which are present on your computer.
You can syn this one on your Windows 10 with the one that you have on your phone. You can listen offline, listen to podcasts, etc with this music streaming platform for Windows 10. And the best part would be you can easily listen to a number of tracks without having them on your computer. Overall it’s a great one to try out on your Windows 10.

8. Foobar 2000

Foobar is also a popular name that comes on our mind when we talk about the best music player software for windows 10. There are a number of things that we liked about this music player and it will impress you as well. Apart from being able to play a number of audio formats, it features a number of advanced tools that make your listening session a pleasure.
It can automatically tag files and help you to organize them into various music directories and albums. One of the unique features that this software has is its ability to delete duplicate music tracks so that you don’t store the same music files multiple times.
It is pretty easy to navigate and there are also a number of options present which makes it convenient for its users. You would find tools such as search box, album art, playlist manager, and various visualizations. Overall you will definitely love this one so go ahead and download it because there are a number of such options that you would love to see in your music player software for Windows 10.

9. Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player might be the most underrated music player software that we have on this list. Despite being one of the most popular music players, it’s features remain unknown. It comes with a decent and easy to use the format which is convenient for us to use and navigate. You can also easily customize the looks of the Windows Media Player if you don’t like the default one.
The player makes the managing of music files and album an easy task and you can certainly create your own music playlist. Music tracks can easily be imported from various sources and played via the player. If you haven’t already, then try out this one you might like it.

10. Groove Music Player

Groove Music Player is a default music player. Although it needs a subscription to be at it’s best but other than that it’s definitely worth a shot. Being a default player always has its own cons that are negligence from the users but if you haven’t tried it already then you might wanna try it. It features a number of tools that would help it’s users to organize the music directories and albums and you can easily categorize them as well. This one doesn’t require you to be a tech expert to play the music as it does pretty much all the work by itself and all you need to do is to play the music whenever you want. It is able to play a large number of formats. And users will get access to over 40 million tracked as well.

11. Clementine

If you are one of those people who like to play music from the cloud spaces then this one might be the perfect music player software for Windows 10. It can be easily synced to your accounts and your other devices so that you have the access to your playlist anytime anywhere.


So these are the best music player software for windows 10 that we have found for you. These are certainly the best given their features and the user experience. We have tested this music player software ourselves and also looked at the reviews of the users so that we got a bigger picture. Keep in mind that this software is equally great and we haven’t listed chronologically. You choose the one you find most reliable and the one which meets your requirements as well.
Here we have ca to an end for the article, 11 Best Music Player Software for Windows 10 and we hope you liked the article and found it helpful. Thank you for being with us and keep coming for more such review articles in the future as well.

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