11 Most Popular & Free USB Bootable Software For Windows 2023

Gone are the days when we used to burn the operating system into a CD/DVD in order to create a rescue disk or install an operating system. We are not saying that there is anything wrong with this method but you have to agree with us that its high time consuming and clunky method which is anything but user friendly. Luckily we have the USB flash drives as an alternative to this method and we can easily use them as well. We all must be aware of this concept and some of the benefits such as they are portable, easy to use and you can also format them.
But there is also a catch and you will need to use a bootable software in order to boot the USB flash drive.
How to create a bootable USB:-
It’s pretty easy actually, all you need to do is burn the ISO to a USB Flash Drive with any of the USB Bootable software. And when you are finished, you will have to restart the computer and change the boot order from USB. Once you have completed your work, you can easily format the USB and use it as a regular USB.
From the above description, we now know that a USB bootable software plays an important role when it comes to booting the USB. So you will have to have the best USB Bootable software. But the thing is, there are a number of USB bootable software available, and choosing the best one among them might be challenging. So in order to save you from the trouble of going from one USB bootable software to another, we have listed the top 11 bootable software.
So let’s get started and introduce you to the best USB bootable software from which you can choose one for yourself.

Best usb bootable software

1. Rufus

It would be a crime if we won’t start the list of best USB bootable software with Rufus because this is undoubtedly one of the best USB bootable software present out there. For starters, Rufus is an open-source software which means anyone can use it without even fully installing it on their computer and since its an open-source software, its absolutely free which makes it even more perfect for our list of best USB Bootable Software.
This one lets you create the flash drives for a number of operating systems and you will be also able to use it to flash BIOS, firmware, and run low-level utilities. Apart from this type of software also features a number of options and tools including the ability to change the partition scheme, cluster size, and file system. Rufus also checks the USB Drive for any bad blocks.
Speaking of its interface, it’s very intuitive and user friendly and this one is made for both the freshers as well as the tech experts. This one is also known as the fastest USB bootable software. Overall it has a number of features which makes it best and you would certainly find it useful as well.

2. Windows USB/DVD Tool

Windows USB/DVD Tool is also a popular USB bootable software that you would like to use if you are looking for the best USB bootable software. As its name suggests the software is a perfect choice for all the windows users and it is also used to create bootable USB as well as DVD driver. Being an official Microsoft bootloader tool it can be used for windows 10, 8, and 7.
The best feature of this USB bootable software is the fact that you can easily use it and work with it in a hassle-free manner. To use this one, all you need to do is to insert the USB or DVD in your PC and then just select the ISO file, after that, you will have to do is click “ok” and your job will be done here. The only drawback here is the lack of customizable and advanced options that you might find a bit annoying, but other than that it is a perfectly fine USB bootable software to use.
Overall this one should also be your first choice as it comes with an easy to use interface and you would definitely love it.

3. RMPrepUSB

Since the last one our list lacked the customizable features, we thought why not include something that features a lot of options for customizable options. And due to all these advance and customizable features, it is considered as the best one and you might not find it as easy to use as the other one’s on our list. So the thing is, you would need a sound knowledge of coming with high-end software and of technology so that you can easily navigate this USB bootable software.
This software doesn’t need installation so you can easily use it directly from the web. And it’s also free to use and download as well. Overall the thing is, its a good option for all the experts out there who wants highly customizable features and advanced software.

4. Universal USB Installer

Our next pick for the best USB Bootable Software list is Universal USB Installer, you might have probably heard this name before because it’s that popular! This one can be used in other operating software like Linux. The best part about the USB bootable software is that it can be used to create security drives and other rescue drives as well.
You can easily select the operating system from the drop-down menu and it will present you the appropriate settings to create the bootable media. You will be certainly impressed with its ability to create the bootable USB drives with persistence storage as well. This storage will also you to restore, backup, and access the persistence data such as system settings, application backups, etc.
There are many things that you would like about the USB bootable software including its support for multiple platforms and its ability to provide you persistence storage as well as the numerous customizable options that you would find here. Overall it should do the job for you and you would certainly like this one as well.

5. Etcher

If you are looking for the easiest USB bootable software than Etcher should be your first choice. It might be a new entry but it won’t disappoint you in any manner when it comes to creating the bootable USB Drive. This one won’t ask you to select the numerous options or choose the operating system. In fact, this one only requires a few clicks and you would be able to SD Card or USB into a bootable drive.
This one also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux based OS. It’s also open-source software that means it’s free and easily accessible. So the bottom line is, it is easy to use and supports multiple operating systems and will do its job within a few minutes without bothering you much. Overall you should check this one out as it will definitely impress you with its convenience.

6. UNetBootin

This one is also a leading USB Bootable software, although this one is for those who are looking for the USB bootable software for Linux. Users can easily create a bootable media using an ISO file or by downloading the Linux Distribution within. The software also allows you to set aside some space to preserve file across reboots, due to this you can easily install the software on live bootable drives.
The bottom line is if you are a Linux user then this one might be the best USB bootable software. It does its work perfectly and you will have full control over it. You can also download ISO files within the app and that’s one of the best features of this software.

7. Win Set Up From USB

Win Set Up From USB is our next choice for our best USB bootable software. This one is quite popular as well as feature-rich so you would be able to do a better job with this one. Even though it is specifically designed for Windows but one can use it to create bootable Linux distribution using SysLinux or ISoLinux.
The software features sole advanced features as well, and you can access them by clicking on the “Advanced Options” checkbox. The software can also be used to creating bootable media for WinBuilder, WinPE, BartPE, UBCD4Win, etc. Apart from all this the software also comes with the ability to test bootable media which is a rarely found feature in the USB bootable software.

8. YUMI- Multiboot USB Creator

YUMI- Multiboot USB Creator comes from the same developers as of Universal USB Installer. As you can guess by its name, the software is used to create multiboot USB drives as well as creating the regular bootable USB drives.
Here creating multiboot USB drives means that you will be able to install multiple operating systems, firmware, antivirus tools, and other utilities in a USB Drive. Users will also be able to create backup storage to store the files between the reboots. If anything is able to limit you here, that will be the size of your USB stick. Other than that you are free t9 install as many operating systems or firmware as you want and create multiple rescue stick!
The bottom line is, this one will be useful for the people who are looking for a USB bootable software for creating multiboot USB drives. And it’s also feature-rich so you will find whatever you are looking for here!

9. DiskMaker X

We finally have something for the Mac users and you won’t be disappointed! We know it’s a little hard to find the best USB bootable software for Mac when compared to Windows but this one will surely impress you! It is built with AppleScript which can be easily used with versions of Mac OS to built the bootable USB drive from the Mac OS installer program.
It’s one of the easiest USB bootable software that you can find for Mac OS and you can easily boot the USB within a few clicks as well. Users can also install multiple macs without having to re-download the entire installation. Here the bottom line is, you won’t find a better USB bootable software for Mac OS than this one so if you have Mac then feel free to try this one out!

10. EaseUS

EaseUs is also a popular USB bootable software and this one works for both the Mac as well as the Windows. It’s an all in one software which can be used to install the operating system and boot the USB drives with ISO image files. This one helps the users to keep their minds off and will protect the USB in case of any failure or shut down. It is decent software, although it is not very specific, but can try this one out.

11. WinToFlash

Last but not the least, WinToFlash definitely got our attention and a place on our list of best USB Bootable Software! Users can install any operating system by using an ISO file. It’s easy to use and simple program which anyone can use without having any trouble and there are also a number of special features and tools present which will make sure you can do everything with convenience. It would be a great choice for beginners as well.


So these are the best USB bootable software that you will find. All of these software has been appreciated by the users and a number of people rely on them. And that’s why we have decided to list them here. So choose any one of the aforementioned software and you will be all set to boot the USB and use it however you want.
Here are article ends and we hope that you liked our article and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such review articles in the future.

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