15 Best Astrology Books For Beginners 2023

Astrology is one is those fascinating subjects that can blow our minds. People from all around believe that our lives are controlled by the stars or that they play a crucial role in our lives. The more we read about it and explore it the more we get into it and that’s how people become obsessed with astrology.
If you are new to this subject or want to give it a try then you should start with reading books on astrology. Just like any other thing, books can help you with astrology as well. Many astrologers around the world have written books on astrology and made people fall in love with this subject. Even if you are a professional astrologer, reading the amazing work by some of the greatest astrologers around the world and a few good books on the subject will only do good to you.
Since you are here, you must be looking for the best astrology books and we are going to fulfill your request as well. Although there are numerous astrology books available for you to read but you can’t read every single book so gotta find the best one to read. That is why we have brought you the list of best astrology books to read.
Go ahead and take a look at the following best astrology books and pick a few of them for yourself.

Best Astrology Books

1. The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need

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Well, the title says it all, isn’t it? We can only say that the title justifies with the content of the book and this might be the best astrology book you can read as well. The book has been written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk who is an astrologer. The book was published in 1982 and it has sold almost 500 copies till now.
The book is pretty impressive as it answers so many questions of ours and we can easily get lost in the book while reading it.
Here the readers would learn a lot about the aligned stars and the zodiac of themselves. You will find everything from the likelihood of fame to fortune based on your birthday. The comprehensive study on astrology and astronomical compatibility are just mind-blowing. The author has also mentioned some ways to deal with the negative sides of a sign along with all the positives.
One of the best things about the books is it’s written in the most straightforward tone and it’s easy to ready for a beginner too. Overall you should start with this book if you are new to the astrology world and if you are not new and haven’t read the book, well you must read it sometime as it won’t let you down.

2. Astrology for the Soul by Jane Spiller

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Do you wanna know what your future holds for you? Do you believe in astrology? Do you wanna find out all the answers to your astrological questions? Well, then Astrology for the Soul is your book.
The book has been written by Jane Spiller who is a spiritual astrologer and for the first time, she has tried to spill the secrets of our future using astrology.
With this book, the author has tried to teach us how to find our hidden talents and desires and also the ways to avoid anything negative in our lives. The book put an emphasis on the North Node of the Moon and how it would affect a person and what would it means in our life.
The book focuses on many things that one should be able to discover about themselves, some of them are a special talent, self-defeating tendencies, love partner, the trap, and affirmations. Each one of them plays an important role in shaping one’s present and future and everyone should be aware of them. Overall if you are interested in these things, then do read this book.

3. Parker’s Astrology

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Parker’s Astrology is another best astrology that you should read sometimes. Julia and Derek Parker are one of the most renowned authors in this world and they have done an amazing job with this book as well.
As its name suggests, this book is a guide to astrology where you learn so many things, from drawing up a birth chart to an interpretative one. The book features some kind of advanced astrological studies and methods for beginners. By drawing a birth chart, one can also know a little bit about their future. The detailed explanations on everything from birth to every aspect of our lives are something to give our time to.
Julia Parker has done an amazing job in describing the 12 sun signs and what are their specialties. The book is a good understanding of astrology and it’s within in a very intuitive manner as well.

4. Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of New World View

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Cosmos and Psyche are another one of the best astrology books to read. This one is written by Richard Tarnas who is a cultural historian. In this book, the author has written about the existence of the relationships between planetary transits and events in the lives of major historical figures.
The author has written another book called The Passion of the Western Mind where he introduces the concepts of this book.
This one suggests the views on astrology in the modern world and how people interpret it as mere superstition. There are so many things that you can learn from this book and explore the true meaning of astrology.

5. The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology

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The Stars Within You is our next pick for our list is best astrology books that you can find. The book is beautifully written and it highlights what the stats have to say about your personal experiences rather than how you relate to others.
The stars would help us to discover our habitual patterns and gifts. The book also teaches us how we move forward to achieve everything we desire.
The book is a little different as it provides a fresh take on astrology and it suggests to us how we read our birth charts and interprets them. Overall the book highlights the fundamentals of astrology and how we can know about the basic astrology in our lives.

6. The Astrology of You and Me

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The Astrology of You and Me is another great astrology book that you can read. This one is a pretty interesting book too and if you are not a professional kinda astrologer you would still like this book over much.
The book illustrates your relationship with everyone you know based on their sign. For example, what would be your relationship with your Gemini coworker or your Taurus friend? So these are a few things that would highlight your relationships with each sign and also how you should be with them to sustain your relationship with them.

7. The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas

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Next on our list of best astrology books is The Twelve Houses. This one as its name suggests introduces you to the twelve houses and the destiny of each house. The idea behind this book is to tell the readers the true interpretations of each house and what future they hold based on their sign.
Here the book also tells its readers what heaven is like when you were born and how things are aligned with you.

8. Star Power by Vanessa Montgomery

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Star Power is also a must-read astrology book if you are into all this. The book would tell its readers how to read their astronomical charts and see how their life is intervened with the stars. Readers would also learn the consequences of the moment of stars and the meaning of the planets in your life.
You will also learn how your relationship with the universe and how each sign would approach love, wealth, and career. The book also teaches us which sign would be more compatible with you.

9. Astrology for Happiness and Success

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We all search for happiness in one way or another and most of the time people only read astrology for themselves to find out how they can be happy and where they can find happiness. Well if that’s the case with you then Astrology of Happiness would be the best astrology book for you.
The book provides you advice and tips which are specifically designed for you according to your sign. These tips and ways would help you to find happiness in your life. So read the book to find out more about happiness in your life.

10. The Secret Language of Relationships

best astrology book for relationship
The name says it all, doesn’t it? This book is perfect for those who are looking forward to finding out more about their relationship with everyone in their life.
The book also suggests that how people are based on the time of their birth and how people who have been born in a similar week or same day share some unique characteristics. In this book, the author has explained almost all kinds of relationships such as love, marriage, siblings, and careers. Overall this is a decent book to give your time to.

11. Astrology, Karma, and Transformation

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Next on our list is Astrology, Karma, and Transformation. This book is another masterpiece by Stephen Arroyo that you should read sometime. This book provides essential concepts to read the birth charts. There are certain guidelines enlisted in the book as well, from which each reader can interpret different means of their own birth charts.

12. Astrology Uncovered

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Astrology Uncovered is also one of the best astrology books to read and this one too manages to be on our list given its amazing content and astrological teachings. The boom features some easy to follow instruction guides to astrology. The author also describes the celestial bodies and what role they play in our lives and how they shape our destiny.

13. Astrology for Real Life

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Astrology for Real Life has it all in it. The book mentions almost everything that one would want to get from a good astrology book. Its intuitive tone and to the point, topics are the best things for the readers. Here you will get a guide to everything, from reading birth charts to interpret the meaning of everything and find out how the planets affect your real life.

14. Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

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Do you want to know more about your love life? How about finding out who you will end up with and what that person would be like? You can certainly do so with this astrology book. This book is kinda like the crystal ball. The book also teaches you about your compatibility with each sign.

15. Power of Birthdays, Stars and Numbers

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Power of Birthdays, Stars, and Numbers is everything you would expect it to be. The book is pretty long, so if you are picking it up make sure you have patience and time to read 831 pages. The book features your future, career, and basically horoscope. Do read this book to find out all the answers about your fate and destiny.


So these are some of the best astrology books that you can find. These books have been written by some of the best astrologers and authors who have researched the subject for years and then decided to make a summary in form of a book. All the aforementioned astrology worth the time and money you are going to put into them and you won’t regret anything. So what are you waiting for? Just pick a few books and start reading them to know more about astrology. As we have mentioned earlier the books are suitable for everyone from professionals to Beginners.

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