15 Best Alex Cross Books In Reading Order [2023]

If you are a fan of the mystery, thriller, and crime genre then Alex Cross should be the best novel series for you. Here you might have heard about this or it would be already on your wishlist, and if not then we are assuring you that reading the Alex Cross Novel Series would be a great reading experience for you.
The Alex Cross Novel series has been written by James Patterson. The series focuses on the Metropolitan Police Department and detective Alex Cross. The series has been running since the 1990s to date, there are 30 books published and some are yet to come in the series.
Many movies have also been adapted and they gained popularity as well and proven to be successful as well. The series is also listed among the most popular series to date and that’s what makes it popular and that’s the reason why you should read it.
The only struggle you would face reading the Alex Cross Books is reading them in chronological order. Since there are so many books one can easily get confused when it comes to picking the right book in order. So here we are listing down all the Alex Cross Books to help you with reading the series chronologically.
Here are the best Alex Cross books in order!

Best Alex Cross Books In Order

1. Along Came a Spider

alex cross books in order

Along Came a Spider was published in 1993 and it is the first book in the series as well. The book introduces us to one of the best detectives to date, Alex Cross.
The book talks about a case that features one of the most terrifying serial killers that you would read about and his name is Gary Soneji. The book features a series of crimes and murders, little girls have been kidnapped, a family of three has been brutally murder, an elementary teacher has met the same fate as the family as well and yet the killer isn’t going to stop.
The book also introduces another main character of Jezzie Flanagan, who is the first female supervisor of the Secret Services. She and Alex Cross might have a love affair but the timings would never be right unless the psychopath serial killer isn’t dealt with.
Will they be able to stop and put an end to the heinous crimes committed by Gary Soneji by capturing him? How? That’s for you to find out by reading the book.

2. Kiss the Girls

alex cross books in reading order
Kiss the Girl is the second Alex Cross book in the order. It was published in 1995 and it takes you on another adventure of the famous detective, Alex Cross.
This time he is got a case of a crime reporter who is killed by someone. The crime reporter was from Los Angeles and he was investigating a series of murders. On the other hand, a medical intern in Washington DC has been disappeared. Alex seems to find a connection between the two cases. Is there one person behind these two crimes or worse, two extraordinary criminals joining hands and committing crimes parallelly? Whatever the case, it’s far from an easy one and there are lots of twists and turns associated with these crimes.
So go ahead and read this crime thriller where Alex Cross proved to be the best detective! This book has also been adapted into a movie under the same title.

3. Jack and Jill

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Jack and Jill is the third book in the Alex Cross series and this one has been highly appreciated by the readers as well. The book came out in 1996 and it was the highest-selling book of that time too.
This case is a little bit more complicated than the previous ones because this one involves a murder of a U.S Senator! The senator was controversial and he must have been a few haters as well. Although after killing the senator in his bed, the killer has also left a clue, hinting that there would be more victims in the future. The clue is a rhyme that is signed by Jack and Jill. They have hinted that they would go after rich and famous and won’t stop for anything.
But this isn’t the only case on the plate for Alex Cross. He has been called to investigate a murder of a little girl which happened just five blocks away from his house.
Now a similar question rises, are the two cases linked with one another? If yes, then maybe no one is safe in Washington now, not the kids, the politicians, and even the presidents!
The heart-pounding story would make you glued to the book until you find out who the killer is or maybe you can pick hints from the book as well and guess!

4. Cat & Mouse

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Years ago, Alex Cross has dealt with one of the most terrifying serial killers, Gary Soneji! It took a lot to capture him and put an end to his crimes. But Alex was happy that he is behind bars until he finds out he is out of prison and not for good! He has been contracted the AIDS virus and he is all set to seek revenge from the detective before he dies.
But there is another criminal on the loose whose story might cross paths with Alex Cross and it’s Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is as dangerous as Gary if not more. There are other characters as well, so the story would bring you the double dose of thrill and crime drama. So you have all the more reason to read this one and find out where this adventure leads Alex Cross next!

5. Pop Goes the Weasel

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The next Alex Cross Book in order is Pop Goes the Weasel! This time, Alex Cross is in love and happy! But his happiness doesn’t last all thanks to a series of murders happening in Washington, D.C.
These are not just simple murders but they have been committed in twisted patterns that leave the investigators clueless. As always Alex Cross has given the responsibility of solving these murders.
He finally comes across a suspect, Geoffrey Shafer who is a British diplomat. But in the end, he is just a suspect, and proving that he committed those murders is not going to be an easy task. There is a lot at stake for Alex Cross and he has to find the killer before it’s too late.

6. Roses are Red

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Roses are Red is the next Alex Cross book in the order that you would need to give a read to. This one makes is a heart-pounding and nail-biting thriller that would leave you shocked and surprised in the end.
Once again, Washington is seeing a lot of murders and a serial killer is out there posing a threat to everyone. Once again Alex Cross has come across a mysterious and ruthless killer who calls himself Mastermind!
Now the question is, how big would be the fight between the Mastermind and Alex Cross. Will the Mastermind outsmart Alex Cross? There is only one way to find out, reading the book!

7. Violets are Blue

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Violets are Blue is the next book that you would read after Roses are Red in the Alex Cross series.
This time, two joggers have been killed and their bodies are bitten and hung upside down. If a person who has just watched Twilight or The Vampire Diaries would see them, they would probably think it’s done by a vampire! But is it?
Well, it’s not that anyone believes in vampires or they exist, but how the victims have been killed surely suggests something fishy! The case got big enough that Alex Cross had to join hands with the FBI and Jamilla Hughes.

8. Four Blind Mice

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Four Blind Mice would prove to be a turning point in Alex Cross’s life. Alex Cross is about to resign from Washington D.C. Police Force. But he had to change his decision when an old friend comes to him asking for help. He has been charged with murder. The case is complicated because four army wives have been killed while they were out on a girl’s night.
The evidence is strong against Cross’s partner and he has to do his best and prove him innocent. Apart from all this craziness, Cross has so got a case from his home! Will he tackle the two cases at the same time?

9. The Big Bad Wolf

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There is no shortage of ruthless and powerful killers when it comes to Alex Cross’s life! This time he is up against a killer who calls himself “the Wolf”. Now that he has joined the FBI, he is going to come across even more terrifying cases.
People are disappearing and being kidnapped in broad daylight. But the reason behind these kidnapping is not ransom! Alex Cross is suspecting human trafficking and this is a serious crime that would involve a much bigger threat to people and Alex Cross himself.
Will he be able to catch the criminals by following the rules and regulations of the FBI! He must make a move according to him and not when he is asked to. On the other hand, Alex has to deal with an ex-fiancee as well.

10. London Bridges

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The next book in the Alex Cross series is London Bridges. Alex Cross is on vacation, but he can’t relax too much, as we all know there is always something bigger crime to solve for him. A Nevada town has been evacuated and minutes after the evacuation, the whole town blows by a bomb leaving it completely destroyed.
The person behind this is none other than the Wolf! Yes, Alex Cross is yet again facing one of the biggest criminals that he has ever seen and it looks like he is much more powerful now. He is posing a threat to some of the biggest cities in the world and now it’s all up to Alex to put an end to his evil plans.

11. Mary, Mary

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Alex Cross is on vacation, at least he is trying to be, his plans of relaxing and take a break go south when he receives a call from the Director.
This time a well-known actress has been killed and a reporter from Los Angeles has received an email featuring the details of the killer, who is known as Mary Smith.
This case is going to be a little bit different than others and it’s far from simple!

12. Cross

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Alex Cross has lost someone dear in his life and the worse thing is he never found the killer and the case went cold and remains unsolved to date.
Just when he decided to move one, a case comes to him. The only reason Alex agrees to solve the case is that he finds a connection with the killer he has been looking for all these years. Will be able to finally catch the killer or it’s just another one of the regular case?

13. Double Cross

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Alex has been trying so hard to get back on his old routine and maintain a healthy lifestyle involving therapy sessions. Alex has finally found a new girlfriend and a case on his hands. Will he be able to get back in the game? Or he has lost his charm?

14. Cross Country

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Alex has been sent to solve a case of massacre-style murder and he finds an old friend among the victims. Now Alex is all the more determined to find out who the killer is! The story sing limited to a single killer but would lead Alex to an underworld connection!

15. Alex Cross’s Trial

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Alex has written a novel named ‘Trial’ and he has written the novel to share the tale of survival of his family line to his children and future generations as well. Just like other Alex Cross books, there would be a catch too!


We have done our job in providing you a list of Alex Cross books in order and now it’s up to you to read them in order and have a good reading experience. Although some people might say that you can pick any book from the series and read them as standalone if you want to get committed to the series then it’s better to read the whole series in chronological order. This would be the right way to experience the character development and knowing the background stories of the characters that shaped them throughout the stories.
We hope you found our article helpful and you would enjoy the story of Alex Cross, a psychologist turned detective!

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