12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

James Baldwin was an American novelist, playwright, and activist. He has contributed a lot to the literary field with some of his legendary essays and books on the subjects of racial, sexual, and class distinctions in western society. His book-length essays are pretty popular even in the present time. The way he described racism and how the modern world is suffering from intolerance.
About James Baldwin:-
James Baldwin was born on 2nd August 1924 in New York City. His mother left his father even before he was born and then married to a Baptist preacher, with whom she has eight children. In his books, James opened up and confessed that his stepfather treated him more harshly than his other children. He used to spend his time in a library and this might be the reason he got interested in writing and reading at an early age. He wrote an essay, Harlem- Then and Now at the age of thirteen and it was also published in a magazine. His educators thought of him as a gifted child.
James Baldwin has seen it all in childhood, poverty, abuse, racial harassment, and much more, but he took inspiration from all these things and put all his focus and efforts into writing.
James Baldwin’s first novel Go Tell It on the Mountain was published in 1953 and after that, his collection of essays, Notes of a Native Son was published two years later. Pretty soon James Baldwin became popular in the literary world and he started experimenting more in his career, so he wrote plays, poets, documentaries, etc and some of them also got appreciation via prestigious awards.
He wrote several books and essays in career and all of them worth our attention, but there are some books by James Baldwin that everyone must-read. So here we are listing down the best James Baldwin books that you should definitely read!

James Baldwin Books

1. The Fire Next Time

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The Fire Next Time is undoubtedly one of the best James Baldwin books that you should read first.
The book features two essays, My Dungeon Shook: Letter to my Nephew on the One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Emancipation and Down at the Cross: Letter from a Region of My Mind.
The first essay of the book is dedicated to Baldwin’s 14-year-old nephew, where he discusses racism. The first essay has been written in the form of a letter, on the other hand, in the 2nd essay, which makes most of the book, in this essay he explains the relation between race and religion and talks about his experiences in the Christian church and the Islamic ideas of others in Harlem.
Both essays were first published in American Magazine in late 1962 and later they published as a book in 1963. The book has been given the title of one of the most influential books on Race and Religion. The book is also available in audio format, narrated by Jesse L. Martin.

2. Go Tell It on the Mountain

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Go Tell It on the Mountain is a semi-autobiographical novel by James Baldwin, it was published in 1953. The book features the story of a teenage boy named John Grimes from Harlem. The book talks about the life of John Grimes and his relationship with his family and Church, the book also talks about his biological father and his stepfather. The story of John Grimes mirrors James Baldwin’s life as there are so many similarities between the two.
The book was a huge hit and it also got many awards and appreciation including the title of Best English Novel of 20th century (it got 39th rank).

3. Giovanni’s Room

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Giovanni’s Room is one of the best James Baldwin Book and it’s also titled as a landmark book in American literature.
Giovanni’s Room talks about a man living in Paris and how is having trouble understanding his sexuality. The book talks about his relationship with other men named Giovanni, who is an Italian bartender, whom he met in a Persian Gay Bar.
The book has been appreciated for talking about the topic of Homosexuality and Bisexuality and the complex representation of the two was done in such a way that the reader feels more empathetic and understands the concept of same-sex desires.

4. Notes of a Native Son

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Notes of a Native Son is another classic James Baldwin book that you must read. The book is a collection of ten essays and it was published in the year 1955. The essays originally appeared in renowned magazines and later they were released as a book.
The book mostly talks about the complexities of being a black man in America and other European countries. The book highlights the era of civil rights moments and the injustices faced by black people during that time. The author also showed empathy for the oppressor and presented itself as the key voice at the moment.
Here the book was appreciated worldwide and it was placed at number 19 on the list of 100 best 20th-century non-fiction books.

5. Another Country

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Another Country is also one of the best James Baldwin books that you should read. The book was published in 1962.
The book was set in New York City’s Greenwich Village of the 1950s. The book explores the themes of bisexuality, interracial relationship, extramarital affairs, love, and mental health. Even if the book presents these many different themes and topics, the author has done a phenomenal job is explaining and writing things in a very intuitive and interesting manner.
The story is fiction and it follows the storyline of a  group of friends in the wake of suicide. Here the book received mixed reviews from the critics and everyone had a different opinion on the book. But still, people liked it for the variety of topics and diversity of the characters and their lives. Overall the book makes a good read and you should read it sometime.

6. If Beale Street Could Talk

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If Beale Street Could Talk is another best James Baldwin books that got very popular at the time of its release, 1974. It was Baldwin’s fifth overall novel.  Here the book follows a love story set in Harlem.
You will be introduced to the characters of Tish and Fonny who are so in love and happy together. They live a simple life until Fonny is falsely accused of rape. He gets into the trial, while Tish is pregnant. Now they try so hard to clear the charges so that Fonny comes out of jail before the baby is born.
The book got popular for its storyline and theme and it was also adapted as a film in the later years. Critics were also praising the book for its tragic yet beautiful love story.

7. No Name in the Streets

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No Name in the Streets is the fourth nonfiction book by James Baldwin and it was published in 1972.
The book narrates some of the most historic events in history as well as some of the historic figures. The events are narrated from Baldwin’s perceptive and it includes, Francisco Franko, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Bobby Seal, Eldridge Cleaver, and the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Baldwin has also narrated his childhood along with all these historic events. For someone interested in history and some of the most tragic events in history, the book is a must-read!

8. Tell Me How Long Train’s Been Gone

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The book features the character of a famous black theatrical actor, Leo Proudhammer. He just had a heart attack and Baldwin is featuring his entire life and the choices that made him a famous actor of that time.
The book first describes the childhood of Leo which he spent on the streets of Harlem. As soon as he enters a theatrical acting career he finds out what it’s like to be in the real world. He finds himself in the wilderness of desire, loss, shame, and rage. The book also describes his love interests and affairs with a white woman and black man and he struggles with everything that has been going on in his life.
The author has done an amazing job and the book is also counted as one of the best contributions to American literature.

9. Just Above My Head

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The next book in the list of top James Baldwin books is Just Above My Head. It was Baldwin’s sixth novel and it was released in 1979.
The story of the book follows a group of man who goes through everything in their life and it narrates their experiences of poverty, war, the civil right struggle, along with wealth, love and fame. The book was set in several cities including Harlem, New York, Paris, Africa, and Birmingham.
Critics have also appreciated and praised the book for its diverse topics and major themes which keep the reader interested as well as aware of the struggle in the era book is set in.

10. The Price of the Ticket

The Price of the Ticket is another collection of essays by Baldwin that talks about his commentaries on the subject of race in America. There are a total of 52 essays and this book was also adapted as a film as a biographical film in 1989.

11. The Evidence of Things Not Seen

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This one is also a collection of book-length essays by James Baldwin and it was published in the year 1985.
James Baldwin has covered the murders of the children in Atlanta. He also talks about other related social issues in Atlanta especially race and how it is connected with all the murders and how the people of Atlanta are too busy to care.

12. The Devil Finds Work

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The Devil Finds Work is a book-length essay that got published in 1976. In this essay, Baldwin has explained his experiences of watching movies and a critique of the racial politics of American Cinema.
Baldwin has written his views of the first film that he saw, that was a Joan Crawford film to the last film he watched that was The Exorcist! It talks about his views of the films from a black man’s perspective.


So these are the best James Baldwin Books that you must read in your lifetime. His books change our perception and make us realize the problems of society. He was one of the most powerful writers in history and he was also a part of civil rights. James Baldwin lived in France at the last stage of his life and passed away in 1987.
We just hope that you would love James Baldwin’s books and enjoy his writing. Thank you for visiting our page, we are glad to help you out.

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