15 Best Rated Michael Crichton Books 2023

Have you watched Jurassic Park? Well, I am sure you have seen at least one Jurassic Park movie in your lifetime and there are chances that you have enjoyed it too. This one of the most popular movies in the whole world is based on a book written by Michael Crichton!
Michael Crichton is a renowned and one of the best authors when it comes to science fiction and medical drama. He has written over 30 novels in his career as an author and sold over 200 copies of his book. He has written several best selling books too. The author is also a screenwriter, director, and producer for movies and TV shows. The author has given us nothing but masterpieces in his lifetime and that’s the only thing matters.
Now that it’s established that if you are looking for a science fiction novel you might wanna look for a Michael Crichton book. Although there are many books that he has written in his career and it can be difficult to choose one from all the other outstanding novels of his.
It’s quite hard to pick the bests of Michael Crichton books but since many people do need a list so that they can read the best of the best Michael Crichton books, so we are here to help you out. Here we have picked the 15 best Michael Crichton books for you. So go ahead and take a look at the following list of best Michael Crichton books and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Michael Crichton Books

1. Jurassic Park

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If we are talking about the best Michael Crichton books then we have to place Jurassic Park at the first spot. This book is the one that brought fame to the author and made him popular worldwide. These science fiction books were published in 1990 and it got even more popular after the release of the movie adaptation Jurassic Park!
The book features a story about a genetic experiment gone wrong. The story features John Hammond as it’s the lead antagonist. He is a rich man who wants to make more money by developing some rare species for his amusement park. But it doesn’t take long to see how badly these experiments are going to affect humanity and what damage they can bring.
The book is filled with numerous adventurous and thrilling action scenes, which might have seen in the movies as well.
Even if you have watched the movies on Jurassic Park, you can still enjoy the book as you might guess the book is always better than the adaption. It is one of the bestselling books for a reason and you might want to read it as well.

2. Sphere

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The sphere is one of the leading novels by Micheal Crichton that you must read if you are science fiction genre. The book was published in 1987 and it was also adapted into a film under the same title in 1998.
The story follows the lead character, Norman Johnson, who is a psychologist. He is currently associated with the United States Navy. He has joined the team of scientists as they have gathered to examine a spacecraft. This spacecraft is of unknown origin and they have found it under the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Now everyone is exploring their imagination to find an explanation for the spacecraft. But each time they come up with something the story gets more tangled than ever.
What started as science fiction has turned into a psychological thriller that takes many twists and turns. The spacecraft has become the biggest mystery that you have ever seen in your life and how they lead and the team of the scientist solves this mystery is worth giving your time to. So do read the book and have a great time.

3. The Andromeda Strain

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The Andromeda Strain was the first novel under the author’s name and his sixth novel overall, it was published in 1969. The book is techno and medical thriller and it talks about a deadly plague that is capable of causing harm that would be beyond our imagination. The book was written as a report documenting the efforts of a team of scientists who are researching about a deadly extraterrestrial microorganism in Arizona.
This book is just not science fiction but it can be terrifyingly real. If the deadly virus breakout among humans, it can cause a threat to the entire human race. The story of this book has every element that you can expect from a Michael Crichton book. The science and the scenes are thrilling and frightening at the same time. One might think that the scientific part of the book doesn’t make sense at large but it is surely intriguing.
If you want to read the medical thriller and about the efforts of scientists to stop a plague outbreak, then this should be your first book to pick. The book has been written with a clean writing style with a good creative side as well.

4. Congo

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Congo is yet another best Michael Crichton book that you can read so far. The book was published in 1980 and it becomes the fifth book to be published under the author’s name. The book features the search of man for the most precious diamonds in the rain forest of Congo. The diamonds are the rarest diamonds on the earth. Although the mystery of the book revolves around the people who search for these diamonds goes mysteriously missing.
Some people believe that they are killed by a rare spicier of a gorilla. The story soon becomes more thrilling when the people discover the mysterious city. What will happen next and how the story will turn out is what worth your time and money for this book. This one is the best science thriller that you can read so far.

5. Timeline

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The next book on our list of the best Michael Crichton books is Timeline. The book was published in the year 1999. This one is the book that will make you go crazy if you are not a science person. The book features so many complicated things that will keep you glued to the book until the last page. Here the bool features the science of multiple universes, relativity, and time-traveling morphs.
The book is set in ancient France where we see sword clashing and ancient history. The story follows a team of students who travels in time and end up in 14th century France. They have only one mission that is to save their professor. But things are not easy when it is a Michael Crichton book. It is filled with adventure, thrill and not to forget science!
The book is surely worth reading if you are a science person and wants to read full action-packed science fiction. Moreover, the story is written with details and so much more fun than you can imagine.

6. The Great Train Robbery

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The Great Train Robbery is another popular book that you can’t afford to miss out on when it comes to the best Michael Crichton books. The book was published in 1975 and it is one of the best books by the author as well.
The story is based on a train robbery, as you can guess by the name. You will see the Victorian London and the European railroad. The book is based on one of the greatest gold heists which happier in 1855. Just like the other works by Crichton, this one too is well researched and well written with all the facts and details. The book was also adapted in the film which was directed by Crichton himself.

7. Next

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Next was published in 2006 and it is another best Michael Crichton book that you don’t wanna miss out on. The book is of a techno-thriller genre which promises you a great reading with an amazing storyline and tech thriller.
The book is based on Genetic engineering which we call one of the best topics for the Michael Crichton books. Here we read about genetic engineering and how corporate greed affects the lives of animals. The length to which the scientist and corporate people are ready to go results in bizarre and horrific times for the animals and humans too.
The book can be called a classic Micheal Crichton given the pulse-pounding action and thriller that makes you stick to the end.

8. The Last World

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The Last World is the sequel to the Jurassic Park and the story follows the story after a few years of Jurassic Park. We were already moved with the story of Jurassic Park, but this time the author has managed to take the action to the next level. There are so many things that would make you read the whole book in one go.
The story features the darker secret and secret formula behind the amusement park and the making of genetically rare species. The protagonist of the book tries to survive the deadly creatures. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park, this is the right book for you to read as well.

9. Prey

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Prey is another classic by Michael Crichton that can interest you with its pulse-pounding action and story. The book was published in 2002 and it is certainly one of the best Michael Crichton books to read.
Just like Jurassic Park, this one too features a cautionary tale for the increasing use of technology when it comes to nanotechnology and genetic engineering as well as artificial intelligence.
The story of the book can turn horrific while sticking to the core sci-fi theme. The suspense, the thrill, and the action-adventure of the book are worth your time and money that you would spend on this book.

10. State of Fear

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State of Fear is our next choice for the best Michael Crichton book to read. The book is also from the techno-thriller genre. But this time the author is offering us something new. The book features the threats of global warming. A group of Eco-terrorist plot mass murder to make a point about the growing global warming.
Although the book is fiction, the book contains several data and footnotes to make a point about the growing global warming. Although the book also invited some controversy and many environmental groups and climate scientists call Micheal’s work error-filled and distorted. Nevertheless, the book is a must-read if you are a fan of Micheal Crichton.

11. Rising Sun

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Rising Sun was published in 1992 and it was also counted as the best books by Micheal Crichton. The book focuses on the rivalry between America and Japan when it comes to technology and the business moguls of the two countries competing to take charge of the international electronics industry.
It starts with a murder case in the headquarters of a Japanese corporation in LA. Throughout the book, the rivalry and the difference in the mindset of Japanese and American tech persons have been highlighted. It’s a great book to read.

12. Dragon Teeth

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Dragon Teeth is the 1974 book by Michael Crichton. The book follows the rivalry of two removed paleontologists, who are always in search of ancient fossils. The story is set in the 19th century in the West, and it was the Golden Age of Fossil Hunting. It is a perfect blend of treasure hunting, competition, and archaeological experience.
It’s an interesting story that will keep you glued till the end. It can be a forerunner of Jurassic Park as well.

13. The Terminal Man

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The Terminal Man is about an experimental procedure to put electrodes in a guy’s brain. This is a book that reflects the experiments of a psychopath and sort of a techno-thriller. This fast-paced story is all you need to have a great experience reading the techno-thriller.

14. Eaters of the Dead

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Eaters of the Dead would take you to the 10th century where the story follows an Arab named Ibn Fadlan. He is fascinated with the lifestyle of Vikings and wants to follow them to their settlements. The source of the book is the real-life accounts of Ahmed Ibn Fadlan. It’s an interesting thriller story.

15. Micro

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Micro is the book that was published in 2011 after the death of the author in 2008. The book was based on the unfinished manuscripts written by the author. The book was then finished by the science writer Richard Peterson.
The book is again a techno-thriller, that follows research for a new kind of medicine. The story then takes a lot of twists and turns and keeps you entertained and thrilled the whole time.


So these are the best Michael Crichton books that you have been looking for. Although the other books of his are equally great but these are the ones that you should read first. We hope that you found some of the best Michael Crichton books to read.

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