Top 7 Accounting Software In India (Mac/Windows) 2023

It doesn’t matter if you run a small or big business but as a business owner one thing you will require to keep track of no matter what is your accounts and bills! Where the big companies keep a CA for handling their accounting books, small and medium owners may or may not have that many resources to hire a CA and that’s where the accounting software comes in handy!
Accounting software is a simple application which helps businessmen owner yo manage their accounts and all kinds of financial data. If you search for accounting software you will find plenty of software available but how can you choose the best accounting for your business and one which meets your requirements!
There are also different types of accounting software too, such as a spreadsheet, commercially available software, custom accounting software and Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP).
ERP software used to collect all kinds of data from your whole business which helps the businessmen for keeping track of the different branches and departments of their business. This software use cloud-based technology to keep records. While Custom accounting software is needed when people want a specific customized service for their business’s financial data.
Commercially available software is the most widely used software, these can be also used to customize to meet different requirements by businessmen. Similarly, electronic spreadsheets are the most convenient way for accounting and also at a very low price too.
In this article, we are gonna discuss about the 7 best accounting software that you can find online and can be easily used and are affordable. So let’s get started and introduce you to some of the best accounting software!

Best Accounting Software In India

1. Tally ERP 9

best accounting software
Tally ERP is one of the best accounting software that you can have and it is one of the most-used accounting software across the country. This one is suitable for both small and medium business owners and they can easily manage their accounts, payroll, sales, purchases and many more with this accounting software.
This one also helps in GST calculations and you can easily keep track of GST related changes in your accounts. The best thing is, it will automatically detect the errors in GST filling and correct it. Overall it helps to manage your journal and ledger, debit and credit notes, balance sheet, cash flow and so much more.

2. QuickBooks India

best accounting software india
QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software in the US and it was introduced to the Indian market just a few years ago. After conquering the US market and it has already become one of the most favorite accounting software in India.
The accounting software has launched in India by making some changes that are needed by the Indian market. It’s an online software which features easy to use interface and tools. The best feature would be, you can directly connect the software to your bank account and it will automatically fill up your feedings.
Users can also keep track of their invoice tracking, payment reminders, and expenses management. Overall it’s a great accounting software to use and it also comes up with a mobile app version so you can use it more conveniently.

3. Zoho Books

best accounting software pc
Our next pick for the best accounting software in India is Zoho Books. It is a cloud software so you can get access to it from any of your devices via the internet. The software has many impressive features and you would certainly love them as they will make your accounting and keeping records of your bills and financial data a lot easier.
It is also suitable for small to medium-sized business and they can easily manage their expense and GST bills and records. This one also helps you to manage your different departments from a single portal. Other features of this software include bookkeeping, huge ledgers, and other accounting tasks. Lastly, the software is free to use so anyone can take advantage of this cool software.

4. Busy Accounting software

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Busy Accounting Software is also one of the leading accounting software in India and people find it helpful while managing their accounts. This was created by Busy Infotech Pvt.Lt. and it has been proven to be a really great software for SME’s!
Users can easily manage their sales, purchases, VAT, CST, Currency, Payroll and inventory. So if your business has global outreach you can definitely rely on this one. Apart from these features, it also helps in production, Bill material, GST invoices, and reports. The software has three different versions, Basic, Standard, and Enterprise so that you can choose the one that serves your needs the most!

5. Marg Accounting Software

accounting software for windows
Marg Accounting Software has successfully managed to make a place in our best accounting software for India list with its amazing features. Just like other software in our list, this one is too popular among small and medium business owners because of its ability to provide customization service and easy to use interface.
Furthermore, it is best suited for manufacturing and retail business as it is GST compliant. Its free version allows it’s users in their taxation and bill auditing. It also shows efficient reporting as well as barcode management.

6. Vyapar

Vyapar is most suited for the Indian economy and market and it has certainly impressed the small and medium owners with its amazing features when it comes to accounting software. This free to use software will help you with invoices, getting inventory records, managing book accounts and tracking the daily activities in your business.

7. Logic

Logic is too an emerging accounting software which has been highly praised for its ability to perform as an ERP accounting software. It features some really powerful tools that will help you to maintain your accounting books and financial data at one platform!


So these are the best accounting software in India which you can use! So go ahead and use these software for keeping track of financial data and records of your business!

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