7 Top Rated 2D Animation Software For PC (Windows/Mac) 2023

2D animation software is the need of the hour! It doesn’t matter what you work, whether as a school teacher or at 9 to 5 office, you will definitely need to make videos and for that 2D animations videos are perfect match for you.
2D animation are generally used to make explanatory videos or some step by step videos for different platforms and uses! 2D software is used widely across the world for different reasons and platforms but if you have just started out and have no idea about which 2D animation is best then we have good news for you!
In this article, we are gonna tell you about the best 7 2D animation that you can use on your PC. So go ahead and take a look at all of them and pick the one that suits you the most!

Best 2D Animation Software For PC

1. Synfig

best 2d animation software
Synfig is one of the best 2 Animation software out there and it’s also an open-source which means anyone can use it for free. Apart from it’s free of cost usage, this one is also great for beginners who don’t have much knowledge and just started using 2D animation software!
You will be surprised to know that it features more than 50 layers which can be used to make either simple or advance animation. The software has also got a sound support so that you can insert sounds and narrations in your videos. Overall it is a decent 2D animation to use.

2. Moho (Anime Studio) Pro

best 2d animation software pc
Moho is one of the most popular 2D animation software and the reason behind its popularity would be its strong features and ability to make animations with ease! The software has got all the advance features that you would need to make some professional animations and a great video with all the animated content.
It’s smart bonus features are also well appreciated by its users where it can easily remove any distortion around the elbow, knees or any joint from your animation and makes it look perfect in one go! The best thing about this 2D animation software for PC would be its ability to simplifies the things and make it look like a toddler’s job to make an animation video. Furthermore, the price at which you are getting the software is reasonable and affordable.
So if you are looking for a advance 2D software then Moho should be your first choice.

3. Opentoonz

The next best 2D animation software for PC would be Opentoonz. If you know the animation industry then you must have heard about opentoonz as it is quite popular for its ability to make beautiful animation and that too for free of cost.
It can automatically add some beautiful animation effects without further editing and users can also simplify the process by adding some specific features. The software comes with a GST scanning tool and it also has the ability to change pictures style. This one can also add distortion and light effects.
Lastly, the software is compatible with black and white and color scans. This one has got some pretty great features that you would simply love and it’s free too!

4. Pencil 2D

2d animation software for mac
Pencil 2D is another great 2D animation software to have and it’s also free to use. It is also suitable for beginners as it provides an intuitive tutorials and that too in English, Portuguese and Spanish language. It’s easy to use and understand and after some time you will become a pro and can make any kind of 2D animation videos you want.
Its minimalistic designs help people to easily make the nation videos so anyone can use it without having a high tech background. Furthermore, the software shows cross-platform support to free download! These are really great features that you can find in a free 2D animation software.

5. Tupi

Tupi is another best free 2D animation software to have and you will be more than satisfied with its advance and great features. It was created way back in the 2000s and it is still very popular thanks to its amazing animation feature.
You can easily make the animation frame by frame and also the cutout style. The best thing is, you will find a number of amazing tutorials that will help you create amazing animation videos without having any trouble. Overall you will wanna have this one for it’s intuitive and user-friendly interface as well as some advance features.

6. FlipBook

If you are looking for more professional 2D animation software then you must try FlipBook as it is one of the best professional animation software that you can find. You can explore your drawing skills and make cartoons of your imagination in this software.
You can also easily import pictures from your scanner and easily add them to your content making it just as you would have thought. Lastly, the software doesn’t have bone animation technology but if you are a good artist, you shouldn’t be having a problem with it.

7. Toon Boom Harmony

2d animation software for windows
If you ask us, which is the best 2D animation software for professionals then our answer would be Toon Boom Harmony! The animation software has been widely used by artists and professional animation makers as it features some of the very advanced features and that too in the simplest way possible.
The software uses a full range of pencils and brushes which ensures highly detailed animation. It also features camera angles and post-production special effects so that you can make the video just how you have imagined! Overall it’s the best pick if you are a professional!


So these are our best picks for 2D animation software that you can find and they will certainly meet your needs. We have included the software which is good for both beginners and professional and they also come up with a free version and paid version.
We hope our article was a help to you and you have found the perfect 2D animation software for your use!

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