Top 15 Best Sumo Games To Play (Android & iOS) 2023

The concept of video games started a long time ago. First, we used to play the games on various gaming consoles, and then we started playing them on PC. But the revolution happened when we started getting games on our smartphones. This made it easier to play video games whenever and wherever we wanted. After this, the games started evolving with the technology and in the present day, we can easily find all kinds of games on our phones. This is great news for all the gamers out there. You can easily find any category of games on both iOS and android.
Some genres are more popular than others, such as FPS, RPG, and puzzle games while sports games may not be that popular yet all of these are pretty fun to play. So even if you are interested in the less popular games, you can easily get them on your smartphone. Although it would be harder to find the absolute best ones. The sports games also have a lot of variety like soccer, cricket, wrestling, etc. But we are going to talk about the Sumo games today.
The Sumo games may not be the most popular but they are pretty fun, and this is why people play them. There are several amazing sumo games on both android and iOS. However, finding the right one would be pretty difficult since there are so many choices. That is why we are here to help you out.
Here, we are going to list down the best Sumo Games on iOS and Android that you can find. So go ahead and take a look at these and see which one you like the most.

Best Sumo Games To Play

1. Real Wrestling 3D by candy mobile

Best Sumo Game
Real Wrestling is one of the best sumo games on the Play Store to download. If you are into wrestling then you are going to love those games as it has everything you can ask for.
This is a 3D combat wrestling game where you will be a wrestler and combat with some of the best wrestlers. The combat would involve the grappling technique. This would be a thrilling and full-on action game that will require your focus on learning the skills and beating the opponent.
The 3D graphics are pretty great and the controls are also smooth. You will be able to play the game and understand it easily once you give it a couple of minutes. Work on your combat skills to become the best wrestler. There are many cool moves that you can play against your opponent and you will be able to choose your avatar in the game as well.
This game has got pretty decent ratings and reviews so do check it out!

2. Sumo Wrestling Fighting Game 2023

Top Sumo Game
Next on our list is Sumo Wrestling Fighting Game 2023. This one is the latest sumo game that you will find. This means you will get the best experience while playing the game as it has the latest technologies and new features.
In this game, you will be able to play your favorite sumo wrestler. The fun part is you will be fighting against the top sumo wrestlers in the world. This means you have to take the fights seriously and work on your combat so that you can beat anyone.
Your ultimate goal would be to win the world sumo championship. Of Course, you will start with the practice matches and work your way up. The wrestling experience seems real and it is very thrilling as well. There is also some room for martial art fighting techniques, so if you are into that as well, you are going to love this game.

3. Kick The sumo- Smash the buddy

Looking for the best sumo game on the App Store? Well, the Kick The sumo- Smash the buddy should be your first pick. This one is available in the App Store and it has some great reviews and high ratings which is why we have listed it on our list.
The game is all about sumo wrestling. You start as a beginner and slowly find your way to the top. Keep practicing your sumo wrestling skills and fight against some of the best sumo wrestlers until you are at the top. The game is fun and intuitive. It is easy to play and a lot of fun too. Make sure to try this one out, you won’t be disappointed!

4. King of Sumo Pro

We have another top sumo game for iPhone and this one is King of Sumo Pro. Well, the name says it all and there is nothing but sumo wrestling in this game.
There are plenty of players in the game. You will be controlling a wacky-looking sumo wrestler who is tall and mighty. The best part of this game is that it lets you play against the best opponents so the wind won’t come easily.
You can play against the computer or make it more fun by playing against your three friends in multiplayer mode. Players have enjoyed its cool graphics and amazing sound and visual effects. Make sure you master the game so you can become the best sumo wrestler and defeat everyone.

5. Grand sumo Game – Sumo Wrestling: Revolution

Grand Sumo Game has also made it to our list as it is also a leading sumo game on Play Store. The game is pretty amusing and all the players love playing it too. The game features a fun sumo battle where the biggest and mightiest sumo wrestlers are going to fight against each other.
The goal of the game is to win the Mawashi Sumo Wrestling Belt in the tournament and prove that you are the best sumo wrestler. This game will test your strength and techniques in combat. You will have to work on your player to make it bigger and better so that you can defeat all the opponents.
There are many fun features in the game such as the career mode as well as the personalizing of your avatar as you reach new heights in the game. Overall, this sumo game won’t disappoint you at all and it is pretty fun to play and defeat the largest opponents.

6. Sumo Wrestling Superstars: heavyweight champions

The heavyweight championships are pretty popular and this game is dedicated to it. So if you are interested in the heavyweight championship then this one would be the best sumo game on Play Store to download for you.
This game has been developed by Future Action Game and they have done a pretty good job at developing it. The game has everything that you would want in a game. It has good graphics and visual and sound effects, and it also has got a smooth interface which makes it a perfect choice for everyone.
The idea behind this game is pretty much the same where you will be playing a sumo wrestler and will be looking to win tournaments and championships. The realistic sumo wrestling moves and different fighting techniques make this game even better. So go ahead and download this game to play against different sumo wrestlers and in different tournaments to win.

7. Grand Sumo Official App

Grand Sumo Official App is another leading sumo game on the App Store that you should know about. The game has just launched so it may not have a huge number of downloads but everyone playing this game is pretty happy with it. The game is certainly the best you can find as it has a very smooth interface and intuitive gameplay that will keep you engaged for a long time.
There are plenty of wrestlers to fight against and practice your wrestling so that you can become the best in the world. So here you will be only fighting for the first position, see if you can get that!

8. Wild West Sumo Academy

Sumo Game
If you are looking for a fast-paced sumo wrestling game then Wild West Sumo Academy should be your first pick.
This game lets you invite your friends for a match in the sumo wrestling championship. You can also fight against the local players in the online multiplayer mode. The fight against the real players makes this game even bigger and better. So make sure you are a good enough player or you will be lost by your friends and neighbors which nobody wants. On the other hand, it will be very satisfying to defeat your friends. Either way, the game is pretty fun so make sure you invite all your friends to have a friendly match.

9. SumoRoll- Road to the Yokazuna

Sumo Game Android
SumoRoll- Road to the Yokazuna has also made a spot for itself on our list of best sumo games for android. This one also has millions of downloads with pretty good ratings.
Those who love sumo wrestling will certainly love this game. The game gives an adrenaline rush to every player who will enter the court and fight against the best sumo wrestler only to defeat them. There are plenty of cool features that make this game better than others. The controls and graphics are pretty good so you will have a great experience playing this game.

10. Sumo Party

Sumo Game iOS
Sumo Party is another sumo game that you should know of. This game is exactly how it sounds; a party for sumo wrestling lovers. There are plenty of such sumo wrestlers who will fight you and you have to make sure you win against them.
The goal here will be to become the ultimate sumo master and this will only happen when you have defeated the others. Here, you will get the best real-time fighting experience and it will be fun to win as well as lose only to come back stronger.

11. Paper Sumo

Sumo Games To Play
Paper Sumo has also caught our attention with decent reviews and happy players. The game has 10 unique characters and 3D graphics that make it much more enjoyable.
If you are looking for something different then Paper Sumo should be your top pick. Fighting against the other sumo wrestlers only to become the number one while there are so many fun things happening around you will be fascinating.

12. Sumotori Dreams

Sumo Best Games
This game allows you to play as your dream sumo player. The realistic experience will be fun and you will be fighting against the real players. You will be able to fight in the practice tournaments before you face off in the championships to become the best sumo wrestler.
This is one of the top iOS sumo games so make sure you check this one out.

13. Royal Wrestling Cage: Sumo Fighting Game

We have another popular sumo game for Android and this will certainly keep you engaged for a long time.
The basics are the same as all sumo games yet there is something different about the game setting and playing techniques. There are many different sumo players and each one has got something different to offer. You have to make sure that you defeat them all to become the best. You would certainly like the martial art fighting along with the sumo wrestling, so have a look at it.

14. Sumo Fight

Are you stressed? Want to beat someone up? Well, why don’t you release your stress by playing this cool sumo game?
The game has plenty of sumo wrestlers which you will be fighting against sooner or later. What makes this game different from others is the cool fighting moves. This is a pretty cool way to win and beating the largest sumo wrestler player will certainly bring some relaxation.

15. Sumo Slap

Best Sumo Games
Sumo Slap is a fun sumo game that has been loved by the player for a while now. The game is pretty cool and here you have to show your sumo wrestling skills by fighting against the best wrestlers.
The catch here is you get to slap your opponent and throw them out of the ring. If you are bored of regular sumo games then this one should be your best option!


So these are some of the best sumo games you can have on your phone. These games are well-built and have intriguing gameplay that will keep you hooked for a long time. Players have loved all these games and have been playing for a while now, so these would be a perfect pick as well.
You can try them all and pick your favorite ones among them. That would be all for now and we hope you got the best sumo games to play and have fun. Make sure to revisit the website for more such content.

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