Top 15 Android Games To Play With Friends 2023

Virtual games have evolved a lot in the past years. First, we used to play games on the computer and gaming consoles, nowadays we can play games on our smartphones. Having gaming apps on our smartphones is great so you would be able to play games anywhere and anytime you want. But playing against AI and even winning while playing solo can be a little boring after a while. That is why you would need to spice things up. The best way to make a game more entertaining and competitive is to play against or with your friends.
That is why multiplayer games are pretty popular these days because they require you to fight against another person. That is why it is much more fun to win against your friends or even local players. Games like PUBG have certainly increased the popularity of multiplayer games as people loved playing against or with their friends.
Now, there are many amazing multiplayer games available on both iOS and Android that you would like to play sometime. Although there are only a few games that are worth your time and attention. Finding such games is a little hard among the thousands of options.
That is why we are here to help you out. In this article, we are going to list down some of the best games to play with your friends on android. So go ahead and have a look at these.

Android Games To Play With Friends

1. Among Us

Android Games To Play With Friends
We can’t start our list of best games to play with friends on android without Among Us. This is the game that is worth the hype it is getting. This game has been called revolutionary for the android games Era and everyone who played this game found it enjoyable. This is why it is one of the highest played games in the past few years since its launch.
Well, the game has been set up in a space-themed setting. You will find yourself in a spaceship that is about to be launched. You will be accompanied by your teammates up to 10 players. Among the teammates, there will be one traitor or imposter. The imposter will blend in at first but soon they will start killing your innocent teammates creating chaos in the spaceship. Now the others have to come together and vote against the possible imposter to get them eliminated.
This is a fun game to play with your friends. You can play from 4 to 10 local players too or invite your friends. So if you haven’t played the game then it is high time that you do.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is another one the games that don’t need any introduction and it is undoubtedly one of the best games to play with your friends. The game features the best gameplay and sound effects. It was pretty popular on several gaming consoles and now it has been introduced on android so more people can enjoy this game without having to own a gaming console.
It is a pretty simple shooting game where you have to defend yourself and your teammates. The game is considered very similar to PUBG but it is not. There are a few similarities but other than those you will get an entirely new experience here. The graphics are of high quality and the gameplay is excellent.
If you love playing shooting games then this is the best game to play with your friends.

3. Clash Royale

Top Android Games To Play With Friends
You must have heard of the popular game Clash of Clans, well this game is the spin-off of it. If you have played and liked Clash of Clans then you would want to give this game a try too. Here the gameplay is quite simple and it will require you to come up with strategies and tactics to win. This is why it becomes a pretty fun game.
This is a card-based game where you will be against your friends. You have to win the game to prove that you are the best player out there. The gameplay is simple yet amusing so you won’t get bored and will get the best experience. This is a game that will help you and your friends to kill some time when you all are getting bored. Make sure to try this one out too.

4. Forza Street

One of the game genres that will never go out of trend is the racing game genre. The best part of the racing games is that you can quickly play these games anytime for a whole without thinking too much and leave them without having to make sacrifices. The racing games are anyway fun if you play against the AI but they become thrilling when you are up against your friends to win a race.
If you are a fan of racing games then Forza Street won’t let you down. The game was popular on Xbox One but when it was launched for Android the fans were more than happy to play it on their little devices. There are fun racing tracks and some of the best cars as well. Overall, give this game a try and you won’t regret it!

5. Roblox

Best Android Games To Play With Friends
Roblox is a game that has gained a lot of popularity since its launch. The game is also popular for its multiplayer mode which allows you to play against or with your friends.
The game allows you to create your virtual world where you can invite your friends to be a part of it. The best part of the game is that it supports cross-platforms. This means if your friends are using another device to play the game you can most certainly join them via your android phone.
To make the game much more fun, it also has several limited-time events. You would be more than happy to be a part of this virtual world and contribute to its nuances with your friends.

6. Minecraft

Amazing Android Games To Play With Friends
If there is one game that doesn’t need any introduction then it would be Minecraft. Minecraft might be one of the most popular games ever played. At first, it was only available for a few platforms but now you can find it for everyone including on your android.
The game is set in an open-world setting so even if you don’t want to be part of missions you can still wander in the game and collect resources to build your empire. Other than that you can also be a part of survival gameplay where you will have to complete quests and missions.
Overall, this is the game that you need to play at least once with your friends, you are going to love it.

7. Call of Duty

Good Android Games To Play With Friends
COD is also a popular shooting game that has won everyone’s hearts. So if you love shooting games and haven’t played Call of Duty then this is your sign to play it. The game was introduced to us a long time ago. Earlier it wasn’t available in the mobile version but now it has millions of downloads and gamers love to have a quick play where they can shoot and win.
Check out this game and see if that is your cup of tea. Keep in mind that it takes you to 2 GB of storage.

8. eFootball PES 2021

Football Android Games To Play With Friends
The FIFA season has just started so everyone is into soccer these days. So if you too find yourself craving a football game then this is the android game you should turn to. The sports games are pretty popular and these are fun when you play with your friends or other local players. So this game would be a perfect choice for you if you and your friends are into soccer.
Make sure you give it a try, you are going to have a fun time playing and winning the tournaments in the game.

9. Ludo King

Multiplayer Android Games To Play With Friends
One game that has been downloaded by most of android owners at least once in the lockdown is the Ludo King!
Ludo is a popular board game that has been virtualized and is available as a mobile version. The game can be played with up to 4 players which makes it one of the most popular multiplayer games.
The rules are simple so even if you are not familiar with the rules you will find it easy to play. The game can be played with your friends or online local players. It can also be played in real-time with one device and up to four players. Overall, if you haven’t played this game yet this is the time to try it out, you are going to love it.

10. Real Steel

Fight Android Games To Play With Friends
Do you wanna wrestle your friend? Well, you can with Real Steel. But there is a catch: you will fight them as robots! Yes, you heard it right. The game is pretty popular and it is certainly quite fun to play as well. The best part is you get to build your own robot!
Not only will you assemble the robot but will also train it and make sure it can knock down your friend’s robot so that you can win! There are so many fun features and cool rules that will make it even more interesting. The graphics are pretty cool and the futuristic boxing match is something new that you may not have explored yet!

11. BombSquad

Android Game To Play With Friends
Why play just one game with your friends when you can play several different games? Well, that is exactly what BombSquad is. The game is quite fun as it features different mini-games that can be played with up to 8 players over wifi.
You can build your own team and let them fight against each other until one of the teams wins. It’s quick and fun, so you won’t have to give a lot of time to this game which makes it convenient for everyone.

12. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Android Games Play Friends
Mini Militia too is a game that has been quite popular for a long time among people who love playing with or against their friends.
It is a shooting game that lets you connect with other players via wifi and make a team that will combat other teams. The rules are pretty simple, your team has to win. It requires good teamwork and strategy, so it is a game that you should play with friends who can work as a team!

13. Crossy Road

Android Car Games To Play With Friends
Crossy Road is also a fun multiplayer game on android to play with friends. This one is pretty simple yet engaging. In this game, you will have to cross the road in different situations and there will be some obstacles. Your goal should be to keep moving no matter what. It is a great choice for a quick fun ride with your friends.

14. Words with Friends 2

Android Game Play With Friends
If you like scrabble and other wordplay games then this is what you need on your phone. The game is pretty much like Scrabble which you can play with your friends via your android device. It is also a game that is popular at parties and get-togethers, so next time if you don’t have Scrabble then this is the game you should turn to.

15. Pokemon TCG Online

Android Games To Play With Friends
We all love Pokémon, well at least most of us do. This is why this game is our favorite pick. It is a cross-platform multiplayer game so your friends can play with you no matter what device they are using. Overall, if you and your friends love Pokémon then this is your chance to become a Pokémon master.


So these are some of the best Android games to play with friends. All these games are quite popular with gamers across the world and some of them are yet to get the popularity they deserve. Make sure that you check out all of these games and play them at least once with your friends.
You are going to have fun with these top-rated android games to play with friends, so don’t miss out on them.

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