9 Best Silent Hill Games In Order To Play [2023]

There is an adrenaline rush that you get when you play a horror game just like when you see a horror movie. People who like to get all scared and jumpy as they always are on their edge while playing a game would certainly love playing horror games. The horror games are just like survival games but with a terrific soundtrack and background that might make you jump while you are playing a game. The horror-survival genre may not be the most popular video game genre but it is definitely one of the best ones. This is why there are plenty of amazing horror survival games to play.
One such game that has won everyone’s heart when it comes to playing the horror game is Silent Hill. The Silent Hill series started in 1999 and the last game came out years ago, yet the fan following of this game is only increasing day by day. Players love the horror elements that give them the chills and keep them on their toes while they play Silent Hill games. So if you like playing horror games then you must try out playing Silent Hills. And we are guessing that you are thinking of starting the game series as well.
Although, if you are thinking of starting the game series then you must play the game in the series order. Even though most people would play the best games in the series, if you want a long-term commitment to the game and play in chronological order then you should know what the correct Silent Hill game order is.
In this article, we are going to list down the Silent Hill games in order. So go ahead and have a look at the following games in the order and see how many games you would be playing in the series and in which order.

Best Silent Hill Games In Order

1. Silent Hill

Best Silent Hill Games In Order To Play
The first game in the Silent Hill series was released in 1999, titled Silent Hill. The game, even though it came out decades ago, was very much appreciated for its new horror elements and survival tactics that kept the players on the edge. The players became familiar with this game for the first time and they had some positive reviews for the game as well. The game was launched for PlayStation 1 at that time, so people were quite excited to play it as well.
The game introduces us to the main protagonist of the game, Harry Mason. He finds himself stuck in the mountains after seeing an image of a girl on a winding mountainside road. He then finds out that his adopted daughter, Cheryl, is nowhere to be found. The story soon becomes terrifying as Harry starts panicking and does everything in his power to find his daughter in the foggy hills. From there, his journey starts and he comes across some very terrifying creatures and elements including an evil cult.
The game has five endings and it will be decided by what choices you make along the way, this is pretty interesting as you can play the games multiple times. The gameplay offers puzzles, exploration, and combat. The goal is to find his daughter while fighting the monsters in the Hill. Overall, it is a great start to the series and players have loved this game too.

2. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill Games In Order
The next game in the Silent Series is Silent Hill 2 and this one was released in 2001. It first debuted for PlayStation then for Windows, so players who have been eagerly waiting for the second installment in the series after a great start with the first game of the series were quite happy. The story of the first game ended so this game brings you a new story with new characters. This game follows the story of James Sunderland. He is traveling to the Silent Hills after he found a letter from his deceased wife. The letter says that he can meet his wife in a special place, so the protagonist believes it and starts a journey to meet his wife.
As the story moves forwards, the horror elements start to unfold and give you chills the whole time. There are monsters, puzzles, and lots of jumpy moments in the game that might scare you. This game has been inspired by a well-known novel “Crime and Punishment” (1866) by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. The game features a chilly atmosphere and background sound. There are only minor changes in the game which makes it a great game in the horror genre.
This is one of the best games in the series and even one of the games in this genre too. This might be the reason why this game was more successful than the first one. It is a psychological thriller and you would love to unfold the mysteries and meet the new monsters in the game.

3. Silent Hill 3

Best Silent Hill Games In Order
The next Silent Hill game in the order is called Silent Hill 3 and this one was released in 2003 for PlayStation and Windows. The game does feature a similar exploration, puzzle, and combat style gameplay in the third person perspective. The game again introduces us to a new protagonist, Heather Manson, who is just a teenager. She first appeared in the first installment where her father rescued her after she became a part of an evil cult. So there are some similarities to the first game.
The same group is trying to call the ancient deity again and Heather finds herself in a difficult situation. She is experiencing some nightmarish situations where she is struggling to find her reality and finds herself far away from her father. She is trying hard to get back to her father and be safe. But this won’t be easy. She has a radio that picks up the radio static when the monsters are nearby.
The game continues with the horror and psychological thriller elements, the fans have also appreciated this game and it was a successful game at that time too.

4. Silent Hill 4: The Room

Silent Hill Games In Order To Play
The Room is the fourth game in the Silent Hill series and this was released in 2004 for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Windows. This game takes place in a new setting and new place called Ashfield, this is another one of the fictional cities and we are also introduced to the new protagonist, Henry Townshend. He is locked down in his apartment and he is trying hard to escape it as well.
As the game starts to move forward, a lot of supernatural elements start to unfold and we also find a serial killer named Walter Sevillian. Now, Henry must do something fast to free himself before anything tragic happens to him. There are only a few ways he can escape and a player must find those sooner than later.
The game, for the first time, features the first-person perspective for some segments. There are limited weapons and exploration. The players will have to go through a rough patch before they finally complete the game. The game got mixed reviews as it took a little different approach than the first three games in the series.

5. Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill Game In Order
The next Silent Hill game in order is Origins. This game was released in 2007, after a long break since the fourth installment was released in the series. Although there are also two spin-off games in the series that have been released since. The game was released under the new developer, Climax Action, and for PlayStation 2 and PSP. The most interesting part of this game is that this game is a prequel to the first game so you can even play this game as the first one. The story takes place before the events in the first game.
This game follows the story of Travis Grady, who is researching information about a girl he rescued from the fire pit. The story takes place on Silent Hill where the protagonist explores the events that deal with supernatural mysteries and the town’s cult that will unfold some new secrets.
Fans were happy that the gameplay was similar to the original trilogy and there is less focus on the exploration and extra focus on puzzles and combat. Just like Heather Manson in the third game in the series, Travis also carries a radio and a flashlight.

6. Silent Hill: Homecoming

Best Silent Hill Game In Order
The next game in the Silent Hill series is Homecoming and this one was released in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows. The game series now features a new protagonist named Alex Shepherd, who is a soldier returning to his hometown, Shepherd’s Glen. To his shock, his hometown is nothing like the time when he left it last time. The town is in turmoil and his brother is on a mission too. So this game is all about the protagonist bringing on a journey of finding his brother.
His journey somehow takes his time to Silent Hill where he finds out about the cult and the order. He will also learn about the past of the town and even his own past.
Since the protagonist is a soldier, he is good at collecting clues, combat, and fighting the unknown. He can use the weapons and smartly make the new moves in the game. So his journey is going to be more than average and you would certainly like to be a part of it. So there are some scary moments as well as times that will test your combat and survival skills. This one is a great game to explore and play if you like to use the weapons and be a part of combat.

7. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Best Silent Hill Games In Order To Play
The next Silent Hill game in order is Shattered Memories it was released in 2009 for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation Portable.
This game is a little different from the others and there is going to be a new experience for the players. The game does relate to the first game in the series and includes the journey of Harry Mason. Although the game happens in a different timeline or universe, so that is going to be something new to experience. Although, the characters are different and so are the events from the first game. There are also five endings to this game depending on what choices you have made.
The game does feature some first-person psychotherapy moments, shoulder exploration parts, and narrative segments, although there is no combat in the game.

8. Silent Hill: Downpour

Best Silent Hill Games In Order
The next game in the series is Downpour and it was released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
The game features a new protagonist, Murphy Pendelton, who is a prisoner in a Stranded in Silent Hill after a prison transport vehicle had an accident. The game is about uncovering the protagonist’s memories and unfolding new mysteries as the protagonist can enter the otherworld from time to time. The game also features a semi-open world design and there are lots of NPCs as well. The protagonist is an average man so there will be some trouble when it comes to combat or using weapons. The game has some scary elements, although people found it less than what they had expected.

9. Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

This is a spin-off game in the Silent Hill series and this one was released in 2012 for PlayStation Vita. The game features the hack and slash RPG elements where the player will travel through the dungeons, face monsters, gain experience, and improve their abilities.
There are multiple levels and each one of the levels has various puzzle pieces. This game too has several endings which would depend on the choices you would be making. The plot follows a playable avatar who received Book Of Memories which leads to unforeseen dreams inside the locations in the book. There are plenty of new elements and features that will give you a new experience in the game series.


So these are the Silent Hill games in the order that you have been looking for. The first game in the series came out in 1999 so it is possible that you find it a little outdated in terms of graphics or gameplay, nonetheless, they have everything you can possibly look for in a horror survival game.
That would be all for now and we hope you got everything that you have been looking for, that is the Silent Hill games in the order.

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