10 Amazing PS1 Horror Games 2023

So are you bored playing those racing games or fighting games on ps1? Well, what you can play instead? Horror games! Yes, the horror genre isn’t limited to the novels or movies, we have some amazing ps1 horror games too.
Horror games are undoubtedly the best choice to play when you want something different. You will be thrilled throughout the gaming session, you won’t have any idea what will happen next. These are just a few good points of horror game, and once you will start playing a horror game, it can become your favorite genre.
Sure you wanna play only the best ps1 horror games, right? But do you know which one is best and which are not? That’s why we are here to help you pick the best ps1 horror game. In this article we have picked 10 the best horror games, so let’s take a look and find a perfect match for you!

PS1 Horror Games

ps1 horror games

1. Resident Evil 7

horror games ps1
Although some people were not too happy with the sixth installment of the resident evil series but the developers of the game didn’t go wrong with the resident evil 7. It is smartly presented and left people in awe with the game.
It has all the qualities that you can look in the best ps1 horror game. For starters, they have completely reinvented the series by modifying all its edgy aspects of the best horror movies of the last two decades.
The storyline is just phenomenal and full of mysteries, and above all, it’s capable of giving you the chills that you can want from a horror game. If you want to experience more horror then you can switch go the one person shooter mode. The fights are awesome and creepy enough to make you uncomfortably scared and give you an adrenal rush. So when in doubt this ps1 horror game is the one you should play.

2. Layers of fear

horror ps1 games
The name of this ps1 horror game is enough to grab attention from the horror game fans. Layer of fears is one of the best ps1 horror game that is present. It is the kind of game that can make you trouble sleeping at nights, yes it’s that good.
There are few such games that can make you cringe and scare the hell out you, and layers of fear is definitely one of them. You will play the character of an unnamed artist who is exploring his empty house that is appearing gothic at first sight.
But is it gonna be a simple game? Definitely not, you will experience things that will make you question everything. Disappearing of doors, rearranging of the house is just the starting soon you will discover the madness of painter and it will definitely make you feel scared!
If you think you can handle the horror only then you should play this ps1 horror game!

3. Alien: Isolation

best ps1 horror games
Alien: Isolation is one of the best ps1 horror game that has been introduced in the alien series. Its storyline is gut-wrenching that was inspired by a film but its game version definitely takes it to the next level.
The player will play as Ripley’s daughter Amanda, who is searching for a space station for her mother. But here she found a beast whom she has to fight. You have to basically prevent yourself from the alien hunt.
Its AI is super awesome and you will love its intelligent gameplay. Its graphics and animation are so on point that it appears better the movie itself. This one is definitely the best ps1 horror game where your pulse will be none stop bouncing!

4. P.T.

best horror games for ps1
This game is truly horrifying, and it has every element that can give you chills and that is why we have placed it on number four of our list of best ps1 horror game. The gameplay will take you to the infinite looping hallway which will scare the hell out of you.
It has so many ways to make you scared and it seems nearly impossible how a single game can make you scared in so many ways. The best thing about this game is it will make you scared of the unknown which is so terrifying at one point. More than the game, you will be scared by your imagination.
So this is a must-play ps1 horror game if you wanna feel some chills and get scared.

5. Resident Evil 2 Remake

top horror games for ps1
Those who have played this game can only tell you how terrifying this game is. Everything is on point, from the gameplay to it’s graphic, from the sound effects to its visual effects. From the storyline to its sudden scary elements!
There won’t be a single thing that you can complain about. The remake of resident evil has won everyone’s heart, as they have beautifully modified it. This zombie chase game is a perfect choice for a ps1 horror game.

6. Silent Hill 2

Silent hill 2 is another leading ps1 horror game that you can find! This game is based on the idea of “nothing can be frightening than our own imagination”.
Not only it’s gameplay but its story is also amazingly written and it can absolutely make you involved. It’s definitely worth your time and energy. You won’t regret playing this ps1 horror game.

7. Outlast

playstation 1 horror games
Have you ever seen a horror movie that has the most creepy location and one could easily think what makes the character go there? Outlast is one such game that will make you experience the worst!
It literally has the scariest locations and effects that will definitely raise the level of adrenal. Try not to scream while playing this ps1 horror game.

8. Until dawn: Rush of blood

best ps1 horror game
In this ps1 horror game, everything will try to kill and your ultimate goal is to save your life. It takes you to the roller coaster of fear. Its themed based level is all a horror genre lover can dream of.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is definitely one of the best ps1 horror game.


best horror game ps1
SOMA is best known for its scariest storyline that can be proven as disturbing at one point but that’s what you want in a horror game, right? It has a remarkable gameplay where you will be a victim of your own imagination and wonder at every moment what will happen next.
It has a perfect balance of human conscience and broken machines where one can definitely get lost. Overall it’s a good choice for a ps1 horror game.

10. Dead Space

Last but not the least, with Dead Space you will experience one of the best outer space adventure thriller. It is a mix up of sci-fi and horror genre and you will definitely appreciate it.
In this ps1 horror game, you will play as Issac Clark who is an engineer and stuck on a derelict spacecraft. Join his journey and find out what this game has to offer you!


So these are the best ps1 horror games. Some of them will make you scream and others scare the hell out you. Don’t wait for anything and play these best horror games for ps1.

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