11 Amazing Photo Resizer Tools & Software (2023)

We don’t need to tell you how important the photos are in our daily lives. Whether it’s for social media or for the professional platforms such as the photo for your id or you’re professional website, you just need a perfect click and that too in a perfect size as well. You can add lots of filters or effects to make your photo perfect but that will be of no use if the picture isn’t in a suitable size to fit in properly at various platforms.
And that’s where the photo resizer software comes into the picture. The photo resizer software will do all the necessary stuff to resize your picture and make it more suitable without compromising with the quality of the image! Yes, there are many photo editing software and tools that might let you resize the photo but in order to do that, you will have to use tons of options to make it optimum. Apart from this, the photo resizes software is able to resize a number of pictures in one go without you having to deal with each one of them separately.
Just like that, there are a number of features that justify the use of photo resizer software rather than just cropping the photo using other photo editor tools. Now the question is, which are the best photo resizer app? As we know that there is plenty of software present online for us to use, some of them are free and some of them are paid. But you will have to keep in mind that not all of them worth our time.
And that’s why we brought you the list of 11 best photo resizer software which are reliable and fun to work with. So let’s move ahead and discover which are the best photo resizer software.

Best photo resizer tools & software

1. BeFunky

photo resizer tools and software

We have to start our list for the best photo resizing software with the Befunky software because this one is the most popular as well as one of the best photo resizing software that you will come across. There are a number of reasons why we picked this one and find worthy enough to include in the list of best resizing photo software.
For starters, the software is one of the easiest as well as one of the fastest resizing software that you will find and you won’t have to wait for your perfectly sized photos either. It features the drag and crop box features, due to this you can manually pick out the part that you want to keep in the photo and crop the rest ones. Users can also enter the exact pixels so that they can get the accurate size of the photo. Presets sizes are also available so that the picture can fit in the social media platforms as well.
Other than these methods users can also enter the dimensions of the photo and also the percentage options are available so that the picture would be resized according to them. The images can also be saved in a number of formats such as the PNG, JPG, WEBP, TIFF, etc.
To sum up, this one is a perfect photo resizing software as you don’t have to install it, just go to the website and do your thing. It’s the clean user interface is it’s another plus point. Lastly, the various output formats and resizing options would also be helpful as well.

2. Online Image Resize

Online Image Resize is another best photo reading software that you wanna know about. There are a number of things that you would like to have in your photo resizing option. For starters, the software is the best for the beginners who have never worked with such software before. This one features all the simple tools and options which make your photo resizing method an easy one.
The reason we found this one easy for the beginners is because of its self-explanatory nature as the options are straight forward and you won’t need to figure out the tools in the software for resizing the photos. Another reason we liked this software is that it is able to resize multiple photos in one go and you won’t have to waste your time to tackle them one by one.
The pixel ranges from as low as 16 and as high as 1024! After choosing the pixel the software will automatically cut out the photos and resize them. And after everything is down you can easily download them in a ZIP file. The software further comes with some of the basic editing tools such as rotating, mirroring, etc.
Overall if you are looking for a simple and quick software for photo resizing then this one must be it!

3. BeFunky

You must have heard about BeFunky is one of the best photo editing tools but this is also a great photo resizing tool as well. Being a free photo editing tool has already got this one enough attention but the basic resizing tool has also impressed the users. The software is full of amazing filters, effects, and lots of other tools which made this one a great photo resizing tool as well.
Users can easily resize their photos by the width and the height and also by the percentage scale. There is also a lock aspect ratio box which would help you to get a perfect picture so that you don’t ruin the quality of an image by doing something wrong.
The bottom line is, it will do a nice job and you would certainly love this one as it’s simple and quick and mostly provide you the desired result!

4. Social Image Resizer Tool

As its name suggests the software is pretty helpful when it comes to resizing your photos according to the social media platforms. You can easily pick a photo and enter the URL into the website to make it a perfect fit for the various social media platforms.
The images can be resized to fit as a Facebook profile picture, twitter header image, Pinterest board thumbnail, YouTube profile picture, and so on. The drag and drop mechanism is also a big help as it makes the process pretty convenient. The software will provide you pictures after all the changes that you have made so you can decide if you want to download it or not. You can directly save it to the computer or send someone via email.

5. Rsizr

rsizr is our next pick for the best photo resizing software. This one has also managed to get some popularity among the people with its amazing features and a number of advanced tools that make sure you get the perfect picture regarding the size. The software works in many ways, for example, you can either enter the pixel you want your image to be or you can also manually crop out the portion in order to resize the picture.
The photos can be dragged to the crop tool and you can easily resize the photo then. It also an easy program to work with and you won’t have any trouble regarding its functionality. After finishing you can easily save the image in different formats as well. Lastly, the software also lets you see the image before you download it.

6. B.I.R.M.E

B.I.R.M.E stands for Batch Image Resizing Made Easy, and just like you are guessing this one is for those who are looking for a software that can resize several images in one go. The software comes in two versions and both of them are capable of resizing several images at once.
Apart from resizing this one also lets you edit the pictures and add some basic things to the picture, for example, the border to the image, adding a few effects, and many other options to make your image look perfect. Here the software also lets you preview the images before you download them. Overall for resizing several images at once, this one should be the perfect resizing software for you.

7. Simple Image Resizer

Simple Image Resizer is another best resizing tool that you wanna know about. This one has made its place in our list of best photo resizing software as this one made it so simpler to resize the images.  All you have to do is to select an image, select the pixels or dimensions (based on what size you want the picture) or choose the percentage or pixel percentage number and then click! And just like that, your photo will be resized accordingly.
Although you have to be careful with the dimension otherwise you would end up with a weird-looking picture. The software also allows it’s users to save the image in one of the two formats (PNG and JPG) and you can also convert the images from one format to another as well.

8. ImageOptimizer.net

Image Optimize is our next choice for the best photo resizer software. One of the best parts of this software is that you don’t have to see the annoying ads while you use the software to resize the images. The software also features some quality settings you get the best result regarding the perfect size of the image.
You can easily select the quality and the image pixel (width and height). The software provides a wide range of sizes, so you can get the smallest picture as well as the largest size of the picture possible. You can easily preview the pictures before downloading it. Although it’s open-source software so anyone can get access to it but if you want to downloads there is a downloadable version available as well.

9. Bulk Resize Photos

Bulk Resize Photos is another popular photo resizer software which is used to resize photos in bulk. With your first sight of the software, you will know which tools you will require and how to use them, thanks to its simple navigation. There are numerous options that include percentage, height, width, longest side, and exact size.
Apart from all this, all the basic features of a resizing software are available which makes this one perfect. You can also preview the images and see if they are as per your requirements before downloading them. Overall you can use the software when it comes to resizing the images.

10. ResizePic

If you are among those who are never satisfied with your pictures than this photo resizing software is for you. The software lets you resize the photo as many times as you want until you get the perfect result. Moreover, the software features all the basic functionalities which you can expect from a photo resizer software.
This one also supports multiple formats that are JPG, PNG, and GIF. Although you won’t find any extra tools or options when it comes to resizing the photo, it will do a nice job. It’s worth trying once so go ahead try out this one.

11. Resize Now!

Last but not the least, Resize Now is another popular photo resizing software that you would love to use. With the ability to resize multiple images at once, this one actually provides a lot of tools that are sufficient to provide you a perfectly sized picture for various platforms.
With the basic tools, you can choose the size from small to large and with the advanced tools you would be able to get better control on the pictures as you can alter the pixel sizes, plus sharpen the pictures or make them white or black. The photo link would be available to download only for 15 minutes as after that it would destroy the photo from the website.


And these are the best photo resizer software that you will find and can rely on. We have picked these ones considering their numerous options and features that would help you to get the perfect picture for your various profiles on social media or in general.
Here we say goodbye to you with the hope that you liked our article and found it helpful. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.

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