7 Best PS1 Classic Games For Awesome Players 2023

It has been 25 years since Sony released its first gaming console that is PlayStation 1. No matter how many games or how many consoles you have played on there will be still a special place for ps1. It doesn’t even feel like the amazing PlayStation was released 25 years ago as we all are still a big fan of it and some of us still like to play those classic ps1 games.
Believe it or not ps1 is the reason why we love video games this much. It was those ps1 classic games that made us play video games for hours and hours without taking a break. The ps1 classic games have introduced us to many cool series and games that are still very fun to play.
So on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of PlayStation 1, we have picked up 7 best ps1 classic games that you should miss out on, no matter what!

PS1 Classic Games

ps1 classic games

1. Metal gear solid

classic games ps1
Metal gear solid is undoubtedly a ps1 classic game as it offers its players an action stealth gameplay that is just phenomenal. It was released on PlayStation 1 in 1998 and it has been a massive success.
The game will feature its main lead, Solid Snake who is nuclear weapons infiltrates. He is always on some kind of mission and you will control his character. It has some really cool features that will definitely impress you at its first sight. So it’s a must-play ps1 classic game that you should not miss out on no matter what!

2. Resident Evil 2,3: Nemesis

classic ps1 games
There is no better game than Residents evil and you would surely agree with it if you have ever played it. It was released for ps1 in 1996 and if turns out a massive hit. Its survival horror genre was new and spectacular so people find it fun to play.
Its gameplay includes puzzles, exploration, and combat. What’s more impressive is, it features unique obstacles and storyline for every character. It has gained massive appreciation for its graphics, atmosphere, audio effects and overall gameplay. So it should be definitely on ps1 classic game list!

3. Parappa the rapper

best ps1 classic games
Next PlayStation classic game on our list is Parappa the rapper which has proven as a landmark as the first true rhythm game. It was created by music producer Masaya Matsuura in collaboration with artist Rodney Greenblat. The game is best known for its unique visual design and rap based gameplay, and these are considered as the key factor in its popularity.
The player will play the character of Parappa who has to make his way through the game’s six different stages and he can only do that by rapping. It’s a cool game to play for those who are into music and that is why we have placed it in our ps1 classic game list.

4. Castlevania: Symphony of the night

best classic games for ps1
Castlevania was considered as one of the coolest action-adventure game. The game was released for ps1 in 1997 and it was a big hit. Although it was first released in the U.S. only but thanks to the critics, it got released in other countries too.
It’s a 2D side-scrolling game. The game features Alucard son of Dracula. You will find many battles that will be fought between different entities.
You will have to collect various items and unlock various things throughout the game and that’s what makes it so amazing. Once you will start playing the game it will be hard to not get addicted to it. So it’s a must-play ps1 classic game.

5. Chrono cross

top ps1 classic games
Chrono Cross is next on our ps1 classic game list as it’s one the best role-playing game of its time. It is based on a parallel world theme. The story will follow the character of Serge a kid who faced an alternate reality where he died.
Serge is assisted by his many friends in his travel around tropical El Nido. The game features some of the best locations like forests and cities. There are lots of puzzles, challenges, and enemies which will keep you engaged for hours.

6. Dino crisis and crisis 2

best classic games ps1
If you dinosaurs then this might be perfect ps1 classic game for you. Although its a horror survival genre game but you can find some sci-fi elements too. The features many characters in a closed environment where they face deadly monsters and dinosaurs.
It was followed by its sequel dino crisis 2 which was equally impressive. In its sequel, there are consequences from its previous game which has transported things to another time. Its a really cool game to play if you are looking for ps1 classic games.

7. Crash Bandicoot series

ps1 best classic games
The last game on our ps1 classic games list is crash bandicoot game series which has many games. It’s a unique game that has been praised for its visual effects and graphics.
The storyline follows the character of Crash who is on a mission to prevent Brio and Cortex’s plan of world destruction and he has to save his girlfriend too. Join him in his adventure and you will definitely have fun!


Here our list of ps1 classic game ends, although these are the few gems that we wanted to share with you. We hope you would like to play these classic video games on the best console that is PlayStation 1.

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