Top 5 Best Poker Apps For Beginners 2022

Poker Apps For Beginners
In our recent article on the best poker books of 2022, we touched on the growing popularity of this historic card game — and its complexity. Poker is also a game of the mind. You need a strong knowledge of math-based and psychological strategies like Game Optimal Poker and bluffs. For beginners like yourself, studying more than playing will really help you get better at poker, and books are a great place to start.
At some point, though, you’ll have to test your knowledge of poker, too. If you want to be extra sure about your skills before heading to the nearest poker room, hands-on training is the way to go. Poker apps are a great choice you should consider. They’re extremely accessible and convenient — and they can give you the feedback you need to hone your poker skills. Below are 5 poker apps you might love to try as a beginner.

Best Poker Apps For Beginners

Texas Hold’em Poker Pro

Texas Hold’em is the most-played poker variant today, so it’s probably the first thing you will read up on. With Texas Hold’em Poker Pro, you can begin pitting your skills against real players. This app allows you to play tables of multiple difficulties for free — and even has a live chat feature so you can talk to other players about the game. This way, you can hone your skills without having to worry about bankroll management just yet.


This app is perfect if you want to get more into the technical side of things. SnapShove — which was developed by poker pro Max Silver — can put your short stack skills to the test with its special training mode feature. Here, time pressure forces you to make reflex shove, fold, and call decisions so you keep improving over time. It also leverages nash equilibrium ranges to tell you what the perfect play is for any short stack situation.

GTO Sensei

You may also be keen to master Game Theory Optimal (GTO), which is one of the more relatively new strategies in poker. GTO Sensei is an effective tool you can try. The app simulates countless poker hand training scenarios and teaches you how to make the perfect play for each of them. You’ll have to play against AI in each scenario — and by besting the AI itself, you’ll be more than prepare to implement GTO in real life.

Poker Fighter Training App

This is another great app for aspiring Texas Hold’em players — but with even more avenues for feedback. Unlike Texas Hold’em Poker Pro, this app simulates a bunch of games for you to play by yourself. Yet Poker Fighter is unique because it can quite literally give you immediate feedback — from professional poker players themselves! It’s like having a personal poker mentor in your pocket.

Chip Leader Coaching

If you’re instead looking for all-out courses in app form, try Chip Leader Coaching! This was developed by high-roller Chance Kornuth, making it the second app on the list with a poker pro at the helm. In this app, you’ll find a bunch of seasoned poker players gathered by Kornuth to coach you, including World Poker Tour winner Alex Foxen. Chip Leader Coaching even hosts courses like Bracelet Hunter for players looking to go pro in the future.

Starting poker can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. By going beyond studying books and learning hands-on through apps, you can slowly, steadily, and effectively enhance your poker prowess.

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