Top 11 Best Poker Books 2023

You have to believe that poker comes with lots of fun, and sometimes money too. This popular card game was invented a long time ago and it is as popular today as it was in the past. There are a lot of things that you will love about poker, from winning the game and taking a lot of money home or just making someone lose and making it clear who is smarter. No matter where you are from or what you like the most, you would most certainly like to play poker.
The growing popularity of poker is attracting a lot of people and nowadays everyone wants to play poker and have some fun with their friends, family, or colleagues.
Since you are here, you must be looking forward to starting playing poker as well. In that case, you will have to learn how you can play poker and what it takes to win as well. But how will you learn to play poker?
This game is not just about the cards but strategies, mind reading, and sometimes bluffing too. This is why you need to make sure that you know everything about poker and how you can play it, so you never lose at this game and win every time. Although this kind of experience can be only gained via playing poker regularly and with good players too. But in case you are a beginner, you will need some help to get started.
This is where the poker books play their part and makes you a good learner and a good player as well. So, all you need to get started is a good poker book! Fortunately, there are many poker books present in the market and you may not realize which one you should buy. That is why we are going to help you out with our top 11 poker book list.
Here are the best poker books that you can read and get a good knowledge of poker, so see which one you should buy.

Best Poker Books

1. Master Micro Stakes Poker by Alton Hardin

Best Poker Books
Our first pick for the best poker books is Master Micro Stakes Poker by Alton Hardin. This book is highly rated with 9.5 ratings on Amazon, and this is why it has been our first pick as well.
This is the book you can start your poker journey with and that too without breaking the bank. Although you will require some specific adjustments in order to maximize your EV and this book does feature those adjustments in an easy-to-read and comprehensive format.
This is a 400 pages book, covering 30 chapters which include everything from setting up HUD to play against limpers, how to study the game and player profiling, and also suggested the opening ranges too. Not only this, but you will also get a bonus 17-hour crush Micro Stakes Poker Course, which would help you to get better at the game too.
Overall, whether you are a beginner or have been playing poker for a while, this should be the best book for poker for anyone. It is also not expensive and you will get a good value for the book as well.

2. Play Optimal Poker by Andrew Brokos

Top Poker Books
Play Optimal Poker is another leading poker book by Andrew Brokos that will get you great insights on the game as well as bust some myths and stereotypes about poker that will give you a better understanding of poker.
This book is on how you should be handling your opponent and how you can exploit your opponents more effectively. This would ensure that you get the best money from the game and you win too with the cool strategies and bluffing as well.
This book brings you a game theory where you will learn how your opponent is playing, are they winning, are they going to lose, are they bluffing? With this comprehensive book, you will learn everything about your opponent and how you can be in the game and win too. This is a 420 pages book that covers a wide range of topics and makes sure that the readers are learning and getting everything they want to learn about the game.
You may not get the best strategies and rules to play the game but you will learn a lot about your opponent which are the key subject of the game, so this is a highly recommended poker book for you, don’t miss it!

3. Poker Math & Pre Flop Workbook by James “Splitsuit” Sweeney

Top Best Poker Books
This poker book was released last year and within a short time, it became one of the best-selling poker books on Amazon. As its name suggests, the book would help you learn poker math. You should know that math is one of the key elements of poker and it never fails to impress us either, if you want to be good at poker then you have to learn about poker math.
Don’t get all overwhelmed with maths, because you don’t need an ultra-high IQ to get better at poker, you just need to get through a few key formulas that can help you play poker more effectively. Just practice the poker math and learn how to put them to use and apply them when you are playing poker in real life.
The book starts with simpler topics and slowly goes to the more complex topics like EV, 3 betting, and preflop all-ins. Each one of the chapters gives you a good formula and all the information that you would probably need to play poker. You can find both the paperwork and the ebook version on Amazon, so go ahead and check it out.

4. Exploitative Play in Live Poker by Alexander Fitzgerald

Best Poker Book
Exploitative Play in Live Poker is another one of the best-selling poker books that you need to know about. This book too is very popular and got higher ratings from the readers as well. One can call this book an eye-opener as it teaches you to approach the game from a different angle and provides you with margins and but actually enjoy your live sessions much more.
Although this book would make you step out of your comfort zone and approach the game with new and riskier strategies like 3 bettings, donk bets, over bet, and many other things that are considered unorthodox. This book would make sure that your opponent is left in the confusion and you give them a good game and win at the end as well.
Overall, this poker book may not be ideal for a beginner, but if you have some experience with the game and are looking forward to getting some more, then this should be your best option.

5. How to Study Poker Volume 2 by Sky Matsuhashi

Poker Best Books
We have yet another popular and exciting poker book that you should know about, and it is none other than Sky Matsuhashi’s How to Study Poker Volume 2.
This book should be ideal for beginners as well as some experienced poker players as this book teaches you everything about poker. It would help you study poker from a different perspective and how you can get more wins and avoid losing as well.
This book not only offers poker study but also makes sure that you get to practice and learn to apply your knowledge in real-time poker. It comes with a 28-day template that would help you practice poker daily so you can finally go and win at real-time poker.
This book makes you want to take poker study seriously and you will learn everything that the author has learned about poker and how to play it. Overall, this is one of the top-rated poker books on Amazon, so do check this one out.

6. Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo

Poker Books Best
We have yet another highly recommended poker book that you would want to buy right away because it is written by Michael Acevedo who makes sure that his readers get everything they are looking for and they need to learn about. You should know that this book is based on a theory derived from poker solved on the computer. This is a different approach to make you understand the game and you will learn a lot of stuff as well.
This 500 pages book will give you insights on various concepts like the minimum defense frequency, and some GTO concepts that you can apply in real-life poker. One of the key things that this book teaches us is how to balance the value with ideal bluff, so you don’t overdo anything and protect yourself from taking a bigger risk.
Overall, this is one of the ideal books that teach you how to play poker from all the theoretical knowledge.

7. Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em by Jonathan Little

Poker Book
This is also one of the top poker books that you can find and it was written by the top 17 poker pros of all time which makes it the best book in over 10 years. This book requires you to be a component player before you read it as you must have significant experience as well.
You will be learning fundamentals, satellite play, lower buy-in events, analyzing poker tells, and moving up in stakes. Overall, this is one of the best poker books with comprehensive theories written in intuitive manners.

8. Doyle Brunson’s Super System

Poker Books
This is the book that is known as the Bible in poker study and you would certainly like this book as well. For some people, it is outdated but it still holds good value in modern-day poker.
This book contains many concepts and strategies that were new at the time the book was released. Overall, this book is a valuable read, even today and this is the reason you need to invest in this top-rated poker book on Amazon.

9. Playing the Player by Ed Miller

Best Poker Books
It is a common saying that when you play poker, you are not playing the cards but the person, and it is the best way to define this game. Ed Miller tells you how you can read the opponent and then make the devastating adjustments to significantly improve your profits.
This book is a perfect book for almost every player at each skill level. So whether you are a beginner or you are crazy about poker, this book would surely interest you.

10. Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Best Poker Books
Guys Hansen has also done a good job with this book and makes it perfect for all kinds of players. The strategies might feel outdated at first but if you look closely, you will get a number of things to learn as well. This is a book that might feel very entertaining as if you are reading about a gamble.
You will learn how you will learn the best poker players think and how you can think like one as well. Overall, you will learn how to play poker most entertainingly. It’s fun and you will learn a lot, so grab it right away.

11. The Course by Ed Miller

Best Poker Book
This is the book that turns a different take on how to play poker. With this book, you will learn how to not think about the opponent and try to focus on your game. This will help you to learn how to control the controllable.
Even though it is a different approach for poker, you will still learn a lot and this book is filled with many strategies and overall easy concepts that would help you master poker and win at this game.


So these are some of the best poker books that you can buy. We have chosen these books because they have been highly rated and recommended by some of the experts. So you will be good to go with these poker books.
That would be all for now and we hope that you get everything that you have been looking for. Thank you.

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