15 Amazing Photo To Cartoon Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

Who doesn’t love animations? We all do and that’s why some people love to portray themselves as a cute animation character. Thank God for technology that now we can do that own our own and don’t need experts.
Surely there is charm in animated pictures and we all love them. We have picked up a few apps for turning your regular pictures into a cartoon and animated one. You won’t have to do much and they are very easy to use so check out the list of best cartoon picture apps for Android and iPhone.

Photo To Cartoon Apps

best photo cartoon apps

1. Cartoon photo editor – pictures cartoon drawing Android / Iphone

best cartoon picture apps
Cartoon photo filters is one of the best cartoon picture app for turning your regular pictures into animated actions and you will just love the way it works. This app for cartoon pictures is best known for its speed where you can easily turn your picture into a cartoon withing seconds.
Just select any picture from the gallery and turn it into a cartoon picture with just one single tap. And if you want you can use this app’s inbuilt camera and click your picture directly in a cartoon picture.
There are few filters available that will make your cartoon picture more effective and beautiful and it’s simple design enough to make you use it again and again.

2. Cartoon pictures – cartoon photo editor Android / Iphone

top cartoon picture apps

Cartoon face animation creator is surely our first pick for a cartoon picture app for iPhone. It is made for iPhone users and their preferences. You will love the way it converts you into a beautiful cartoon model in real time.
A really large number of filters are available for you to assist you and make your picture into an animated one just the way you want. You will find many cool features like you can crop them and make them in a size you want them. This apps for cartoon pictures runs smoothly on both iPhone and iPad.

3. Cartoon yourself Android / Iphone

top photo cartoon apps
Cartoon yourself is a greatly great cartoon picture app for android and iPhone where you can easily turn your pictures into a cartoon sketch. You can do this in few easy steps. You can go to the app and tap on the add photo icon and choose your image file. And after that just hit the apply effect button and it will be ready.
You can add images in many formats for example .jpg, .png, or .gif format. Additionally, it also provides bonus tools that include crop, rotation, and mirror effect, which proves to be very crucial to get the desired result for your cartoon picture.

4. Clic2comic Iphone

photo to cartoon app for android
Clic2comic is kind of app that you don’t wanna miss you are a comic book fan and loves the comic character. You can easily turn yourself or your friend’s picture into a comic character through this one of the best cartoon picture apps for iPhone.
Android users are obviously missing on this super awesome apps but for iPhone users, it’s no less than a treat. You can easily download this cartoon picture app through the iOS store for free.

5. Cartoon yourself video effects iPhone

picture to cartoon app for android
Another cartoon picture app for iPhone and you will just love this one. It provides you an amazing list of features that will make your cartoon pictures more fun and stunning than ever.
It has different filters for videos and pictures which makes it unique from other cartoon apps. You will find a number of artistic effects to make your pictures look like a piece of art. You can easily run this app on iPad too along with iPhone for free.

6. Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon Android / Iphone

convert photo to cartoon apps
Sketch me is one of the best way to convert your pictures into cartoon and sketch images with some easy steps. With this free cartoon picture app, you can easily make cartoons pictures and share them with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
You will find a number of features including different effects (black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketches, cartoon and many more). You will be able to adjust brightness and contrasts along with saturation adjusting.
If you love cartoon-style pictures than you must know the importance of edge strength and opacity judgment and this cartoon picture app fulfill all these requirements adequately. So do download this app for cartoon pictures and enjoy your cartoon versions.

7. Sketch Master – Cartoon Art Android

photo cartoon apps

Cartoon art is best defined by its name as a cartoon picture app. Almost 1 million people have loved this app for turning their pictures into a cartoon version effectively and easily. Just like any other cartoon picture app it too comes with its own set of distinguishing features that you will simply love.
You will find a cartoon camera, great cartoon editor, image editor, and over 39 cartoon filters. Along with these features, you will also find many other features that will help you to get what you need. Show off your creative skills and share your creativity with your friends and family!

8. Cartoon Photo Editor Android

photo to cartoon apps android

Welcome yourself in the best cartoon picture app for android and we are not the only ones who are saying that but apparently this cartoon picture app is become the first choice for over 10 million downloads and the reason is simple, because it is one of the best!
Its simplicity and impressive features are the main reason why this app has gained this much popularity. Apart from cartoon pictures this app also allows you to change your pictures into pencil sketches, oil painting and many more.
You can easily apply the cartoon effects on any pictures from your photo gallery or you can click pictures directly in cartoon effect with your friends. It supports both the camera (front and back) along with auto-focus. Explore more of its features now by downloading this free cartoon picture app for android.

9. ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects Android

cartoon photo editor apps

You will get a chance to explore your artistic side and make yourself a cartoon through this amazing cartoon picture app for android. Over 5 million people have loved this app and they are really impressed with its creative features and stunning effects and controls.
You will literally get a canvas where you can do all kinds of stuff to make your picture appear cartoon-like or sketch-like. Its art filters are strongly inspired by real artists from all around the world. You will get unique and artsy cartoon effects.
You can do many stuff with simple touch and its easy than ever to make your photos a piece of art. If you think you are an artist then you should definitely download this cartoon picture app.

10. Cartoon photo filter effect Android

cartoon picture apps
It’s another great platform to convert your pictures into cartoon-like. It provides more than 50 photo effects that will help you to get a stunning cartoon picture. You can also customize the photo effects too which makes it a unique cartoon photo app.
Different amazing tools are present for you to assist you in making cartoon pictures and of course, there are over 50 effects that will give it a unique and distinctive touch.

11. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers Android / IPhone

best cartoon photo app

Moments cam is specially made for all the cartoon lovers and you will love it at first sight. Moments cam is the best cartoon picture app for android and iPhone with over 50 million downloads and they all have appreciated it by giving their positive response.
The kind of filters and effects you will find here are one of kind and unique and you wong find them anywhere else. To make your cartoon picture more interesting they provide different background and with the feature of customizing your character. You have to choose an option from comic or emoticon and your journey to make your picture into a cartoon will just start.
They take care of every single detail and that’s what makes it the best cartoon picture app. Its background keeps updating and the new background according to regions and culture.
We can’t stop describing how great this free cartoon picture app is so downloaded it now and explore yourself.

12. cartoon photo Android

best photo to cartoon apps

As its name suggests this cartoon picture app lets you click cartoon pictures directly from the camera and in real time. It has some amazing features like double exposure effects and blur effects along with many more.
You will love its art filters and cartoon effects so don’t wait to try out this cartoon picture app for android.

13. Cartoon camera

Cartoon camera is also a great cartoon picture app that serves you with many distinctive features and stunning effects with its easy controls.
You will definitely find this cartoon app cool and you can always show off your artistic side by converting yourself in a beautiful cartoon-like character.

14. Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter Android

cartoon picture apps

For the people who love art and cartoon world, this app is simply a blessing. You can easily edit your pictures through its amazing art filters and its fascinating AI.
It will provide you over 50 art effects ghat you can use in making your picture cartoon-like and one of kind. Its fast image processing is all that an artist can ever need. One other impressive feature is its HD resolutions (1080px).

15. Painnt – Pro Art Filters Android

photo cartoon apps

So we have saved the best cartoon picture app for the last. If you love oil painting and cartoon paintings than this app is just made for you. You can download this cartoon app now and explore its stunning feature.


We hope you would find these cartoon picture apps for android and ios helpful and worth your time!

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