15 Amazing Goal Tracking Planning Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

The new year has started, so is the new decade, I am sure most of you have made new resolutions and set new goals for yourself right? But have you made plans how are you gonna achieve them? I m sure not, little did people know goals can be only completed when we broke them into steps and make a plan to achieve them.
To help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself, we have bought some of the best goal planning and tracking apps. These apps will help you achieve your goals step by step and make you achieve your goals! We have listed out top 15 goal tracking apps for Android and iPhone, take a look at them!

Goal Tracking Planning Apps

best goal tracking apps

1. Goal Tracker & Habit List & work out calendar Android

best goal tracking app
The first goal tracking app in our list is Goal Tracker and habit list. It was developed in such a way that it makes you achieve your goals by changing your habits day by day. It’s one of the effective goal tracking apps that you can find.
It’s easy to use and it is also free and the best thing about it is it doesn’t display any ads or in-app purchases. You can set your goals on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. And the app will notify you when you will need to make an action on it. Easily export your goal list to Dropbox or any local storage, this app will automatically backup your goal.
You can easily navigate the app by seeing your all goals in one place and view your goals on a monthly view. Overall it’s a pretty great goal tracking app for android to have on your smartphone!

2. Life goals – My goal planner & Affirmations Android

goal tracking app for android
Life Goals is another great goal planning app. You will get many unique features through this app and this is gonna be a very useful app if you want to keep track of your goals. Plan your goals, keep track of your goals, and process your goals via this app. It works as a task management system which will make you set your goals and help you achieve them step by step.
You can add your goals with some details and add a specific date to them too. Follow your goals by adding them to your to-do list and mark off your task which you have done. The app has many layers and you will like every one of them as with each step you will see how close you are to your goal and that’s what gonna make you achieve your life goals.

3. Goalmap – SMART goal setting to stay motivated Android / Iphone

goal tracking app for iphone
The next best goal planning app in our list is GoalMap which has received huge appreciation from its thousands of users. No matter what your goal is, whether you wanna stay fit or wanna complete your syllabus on time, just take the help of this goal tracking app for Android and iPhone and you will be good to go.
Goal map uses a science-based approach to get you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits which will ultimately help you achieve your daily goal. You will stay motivated when you will know your goal progress via this app. It’s is one of the most positive goal tracking app and you should definitely use it!

4. Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, habit changer, To-do list Android

goal tracking app ios
It’s always great to have some goals in your life and Goal Meter can definitely help you achieve them. This goal tracking app for iPhone and Android will help you to build habits that will make your goals closer to you.
You can improve your lifestyle with the help of this goal tracking app. It’s totally free and its user-friendly interface makes it an easy to use app for anyone. It will significantly enhance your time management skills so that you can manage your time for good things by making yourself a schedule and plan for every day/week/month! The app help will help you understand how much you have to achieve your goals by showing you some legitimate statics. To sum up we can only say that this is indeed one of the best goal tracking app.

5. Goal tracker Android

best goal tracker apps
As its name says Goal Tracker is also a leading goal tracking app. This app will help you achieve your goals by making you aware of your time limit that is, you can add your goal with its target value and time limit. After that, you can easily check in the app and see how much you have achieved.
It will analyze your work done and it will also help you achieve your goals by constantly reminding you. No matter what your goal is, you can rely on this goal planning app for every goal of your life. The app features individual alarm for different goals so that you can manage different goals at a time. It will automatically calculate the target value by calculating your progress. You will find many more interesting features in this app which will make your journey of achieving goal easy!

6. Goals – daily planner to-do list, time & goal tracker Android

best goal planning apps
Goals are slowly becoming everyone’s favorite goal tracking app as it has many features that could help you better track your goals. It has self adjustive to-do list with a number of features like reminders, scheduler, daily planner, time organizer and so many more.
The alarms with a very sophisticated tone will help you remove your tasks and its widgets will be the first thing you will see on your screen. You can add up to 3 notes for each task so that you will have a clear idea about how much you will have to do more about a particular task.

7. Success life coach – Goal planner & habit tracker Android / Iphone

best goal planner apps
Success life coach comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use by its users. The design is very professional and it gives you a serious tone. There are literally hundreds of things that you can do on this app, from keeping a track for your goal to control your emotions this will help you achieve some life-changing habits.
It’s a smart goal setting system will help you focus on the most important goals of your life. This goal tracking app for Android starts doing its job from the start of the day with its morning routine which will make your whole day productive. You will find helpful features like notepads which will help you to collect your thoughts in one place.

8. Repeat habit – habit tracker for goals Android

best goal tracker app
Repeat is also a leading goal tracking app for android and with this you will never forgot your daily task which will lead you to achieve your life goal. You can add a task for the day and this app will make sure your only focus of the day is hour assigned task.
It’s easy to understand and use and comes with plenty of impressive features. Voice assistance is no less than a treat and above all it’s absolutely free with a no-ad policy. In short, you will like this goal planning app.

9. Goal plus: goal setting, vision, board & planner Android

goal planner app for android
If you didn’t like any other goal planning apps because of the boring looks and the goal plus is here for you. The best thing about this app is its vision board where you get to build yourself a picture of your goal so that you never get distracted. Other impressive features include weekly calendar, record affirmations, performance meter, and a progress tracker. You can easily customize the app according to your needs and that is why it’s worth a try!

10. Goal Setting Daily planner: Life goals GTD tracker Android / Iphone

goal tracker app for android
The sole purpose of Goal Sitting daily planner app is that it will help you to climb the ladder of success. Trust your guts and make a plan with this app and you will be good to go. This goal planning app is definitely impressed you.

11. My Journey Android

free goal tracker apps
This goal tracking app comes with some unique backgrounds that give you a positive feel. My journey you can save your destination goals, like you wanna get somewhere and work hard for that.

12. Vervo Android / Iphone

goal tracker app for iphone
Vervo is another great goal tracking app for iPhone and Android. You can easily put the goals for your life journey and it won’t let you down. It offers the best service and you will love it for its stunning design.

13. Goal Planner Android

top goal planner app
You can never go wrong with goal planner, as this goal tracking app will keep an eye in your every step and it won’t fail to remind you of your tasks and goal for the day so that you will be motivated. Download this goal planning now and see how it makes your life easy!

14. NoLimit Android / Iphone

goal tracker planner apps
NoLimit features some of the unique features like self-assessment, goal test presentation, dashboard and so much more that makes it one of the best goal tracking app. You can easily view your daily or weekly goals and plan your strategy to achieve them.

15. To-Do List Android

goal tracker planner apps
Last but not the least, the to-do list is our last goal planning app. And you will love it for its simple designs and intuitive interface. Write down your goal and add daily tasks to achieve it.


So these were the best 15 goal tracking apps for iPhone and Android we hope you would love them!