11 Amazing Tatkal Ticket Booking Apps (Android/Iphone) 2023

Gone are the days when we used to wait in long ques just to book tickets, thank God for the train tickets apps where we can book our tatkal tickets without stepping out of our house. In this article we gonna tell you about which are the best train tatkal tickets apps.
We have picked eleven best train ticket booking help which we think would be a big help for you!

Tatkal Ticket Booking Apps

tatkal ticket booking apps

1. IRCTC train PNR status, NTES rail running status Android / Iphone

ticket tatkal booking apps
We are starting our list of tatkal train ticket booking apps with the official IRCTC partner app. This one is number one train ticket booking app with over 50 million users across the country. The apps has many amazing features that can be very helpful when travel via train.
For starters you can easily book train tickets whenever you want. Train ticketing booking apps we’re never this easy and it will definitely make your traveling easier. Apart from the train booking you can also see the availability of the seats and tickets. You can also do an inquiry about the train time table or other stuff.
With this tatkal train ticket booking app, you can easily know the location of your train even without any internet connection. You can easily do a PNR status check to know whether your ticket is booked or not.
You will get real-time answers for frequently asked queries. Another best feature of this train ticket booking app is you can easily get your refund with no service charge! It’s a must-have a train ticket booking app if you frequently travel by trains.

2. IRCTC Train booking, Indian rail train PNR status Android

best tatkal ticket booking apps
Another best tatkal ticket booking app is IRCTC train booking. You can perform a lot of functions with this app that will save you the trouble of going back and forth for booking tickets. It’s officially partnered with IRCTC rail which will help the users to book the tickets directly.
You can easily book the tickets with its accurate wishlist prediction before booking the ticket. Another best feature of this train ticket booking pp is you can easily get the alternatives of trains with just one click. It also supports general quota, ladies quota, tatkal, lower berth or senior quota.
You will be able to instantly book your tickets followed by a confirmation message or notification. And you can easily check the rest availability. Boarding point change facility and current reservation train tickets are other great features of this app.
All payments modes supported like BHIM/UPI, credit cards, debit cards and net banking. Live tracking is also available so you will be able to get the information about the current location of your train and train coach position.

3. IRCTC train connect Android / Iphone

best tatkal ticket booking app
This is another best tatkal ticket booking app, IRCTC train connect is an official mobile app by IRCTC. This one is a really simple and easy to use app where you can easily see the options like shuffle, swipe, select and book.
Its unique features include self-assigned PIN to log in without going through the trouble of entering password and username each time. It’s transaction and account management is also really great. It supports all the quota and you will be able to ticket from any quota through this app. You will also find an IRCTC e-wallet where you can do faster transaction.

4. Railway Ticket booking, PNR check, live status Android

top tatkal ticket booking app
Railway ticket booking is another leasing app where you can book your train tickets in a faster and hassle-free manner. You will get all the general features like live train tracking, PNR status, railway information and so one at just one place. Being a lightweight app won’t take much space on your phone.
Unique features of this app are, you can easily order food on grain via this app and you will also be able to book hotels near station (hourly stays). This one is a good choice for tatkal ticket booking app with many travel bookings.

5. UTS Android / Iphone

tatkal ticket booking app for android
UTS is a great train ticket booking app where you can easily book unreserved train tickets. Whereas you can easily book the train tickets you will also be able to book platform tickets along with quick tickets ( journey to return tickets). Season tickets and QR booking are also available.
You can cancel the tickets which haven’t been printed yet but cancellation of printed tickets are not available. Booking history and R wallet are other great features of this app.

6. Mobile IRCTC ticket booking Live train status NTES Android

tatkal ticket booking app for iphone
Mobile IRCTC is one of the best tatkal ticket booking app where you will find lots of features which will help you plan your trip without putting the trouble of going to stations for ticket booking. This app has all the general features like live tracking, PNR status, seat availability, train time table and schedule and so on, you will be able to get some extra features too.
You can book all kinds of tickets like train tickets, flight tickets and bus tickets. You can also order food and get it without leaving your seat on the train. You can also play some in-app games without downloading them.

7. Train ticket booking Android

tatkal train booking apps
Train ticket booking is a pretty great tatkal ticket booking app and you can easily book your tickets without going anywhere. It will provide you an easy access to all the train ticket booking websites.
The app has a simple UI which makes it easy to use and it’s also a lightweight app so you won’t have any issues with it. You can easily search and book train tickets along with their cancellation.

8. Auto Tatkal – IRCTC train ticket booking Android

train tatkal ticket booking apps
With a train ticket booking app like Auto Tatkal, your trip planning will become really simple. It’s a really fast app which will help you instantly book your train tickets, it’s intuitive user-friendly interface will help you to easily use the app.
All the data will automatically filled except the captcha which will save your time and your trip details will be saved for future use.

9. Indian railway: IRCTC PNR status, where is my train Android / Iphone

best apps for tatkal ticket booking
Indian railway is one the most highly rated train ticket booking app which has millions of users across the country. It’s easy, it’s fast and it surely is one the best tatkal train ticket booking app what more you can ask for? With all the common features like live tracking of train, inquiry of train and easy booking feature, it surely is a reliable app.

10. PNR status, train running status and ticket booking Android

tatkal train ticket booking apps
This tatkal ticket booking app is available in seven languages so many people can use the app in their vernacular language. It automatically reads the PNR number from the IRCTC SMS save it to your trip list. This app also comes with zero payment charges on card payments.

11. IRCTC Rail Connect – for rail SAARTHI Android / Iphone

confirm tatkal ticket book apps
It is another best tatkal ticket booking app which will help you book the train tickets in an easy manner. This app also has many features that will simplify your train ticket booking experience!


So these were the 11 best tatkal ticket booking apps which you can find on the play store.

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