15 Best Magic Tree House Books In Reading Order

Magic Tree House is one of the most popular children’s book series written by American author Mary Pope Osborne. There are a total of 28 books in the Magic Tree books series as after that Mary Pope started an independent series called Merlin Missions. The Magic Tree series started in the year 1992 with the first book called Dinosaur Before Dark. The first book got a huge amount of appreciation and praise from the readers as well as the critics and this is the reason why the books are still popular even after 3 decades.
In the Magic Tree House series, the main characters, Jake and Annie are always on an adventure where they find themselves in a very dangerous surrounding. They have to complete missions or solve the puzzles against all the odds.
Although each book has a different story and different adventure to offer some people to prefer the chronological order to read the books. And that’s why we have brought you the full list of Magic Tree House Books in order. Go ahead and take a look at the following Magic Tree House book list and find out the correct order of reading the books.

Magic Tree House Books

1. Dinosaurs Before Dark

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Dinosaurs Before Dark is the first book in the Magic Tree House series and it was published in 1992. This book introduces us to the characters of Jack and Annie. In this book, Jack and Annie are about to go on the first adventure of their life.
Jack and Annie are curious about the treehouse and want to find out where did it came from. But before they can get any answers to their questions the tree whisks them to the historic past and takes them to the very first adventure of their life. But the adventure is not just about fairytales because they must find out how to get back home or they might be stuck there for a long time.
Both of them are facing a deadline as they have to get back home before dark or they might end up being a dinner for the Dinosaurs!

2. The Knight at the Dawn

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The Knight at Dawn is the second book of the Magic Tree House series which was published in 1993.
This time the magic tree house takes Jane and Annie to the middle ages for their next wild adventure. They are exploring the time when noble people lived in a castle and there were armies and kingdoms. But people are a little suspicious of strangers which creates a problem for Jack and Annie.
Jack and Annie find out a feast is going on in the castle but they are not so welcome and they might end up in a very bad place if they didn’t figure out how to get out of here soon!

3. Mummies in the Morning

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Mummies in the Morning was published in 1993. And just as its title suggests, this book takes Jake and Annie to Ancient Egypt! The city is already infamous for the mummies and the deadly creatures during that time and Jake and Annie find a dead queen.
The dead queen wants their help to find a book so that she can go back to the afterlife. And to find the book they need to solve some puzzles. But the question is, is the dead queen saying the truth or Jake and Annie are just another prey for her?

4. Pirates Past Noon

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Pirates Past Noon was published in 1994 and it’s the 4 installments in the Magic Tree House series.
The adventure is growing with each book and so is the danger, and Jake and Annie are well aware of that and this is why they want to be really careful with the next Adventure.
This time the magic tree house took them to the deadly sea adventure where they find themselves helpless and at the mercy of the sea. They soon find out they are surrounded by the deadly pirates and that they are supposed to act like one if they want to survive.
And since it’s all about the pirates and the sea, there is also a treasure that needs to be found. The maps are a little help to them but are they enough to find the treasure? Or this is going to be the last adventure of their life?

5. Night of the Ninjas

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Night of the Ninjas was published in 1995. Now, who aren’t fascinated by Ninjas and we bet that we all wanted to become a ninja when we were young! We might not be able to become a ninja but we can surely experience what being a ninja is.
This time the Magic Tree House takes Jake and Annie to ancient Japan where they meet a ninja! But there are also evil samurai who can harm them. So they left with one choice to save themselves by learning the ninja secrets but will they be able to do that?

6. Afternoon on the Amazon

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The next book in the Magic Tree House series is Afternoon on the Amazon and it was published in the year 1995.
Have you ever heard about the Amazon River? Well if you haven’t then you should know it is one of the largest rivers on the earth and it is located in one of the largest jungles on this planet. Which means there are going to be so many deadly creatures as well as danger.
Since the jungle is so big and anyone can easily get lost in them, Jake and Annie too got lost in the Amazon and now they need to find their way back before they face deadly vampire bats or killer ants! They must find their way back to the magic tree house or they will end up lost in the rain-forest forever!

7. Sunset of the Sabertooth

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Sunset of the Sabertooth is the next Magic Tree House book in order and it was published in 1996.
Jake and Annie couldn’t stop themselves from going on another adventure and this time the magic tree house has taken them to the ice ages! And test it’s exactly what it’s sounds like, everything is covered in ice and the temperature is negative! And the worse part is Jake and Annie are in their bathing suits! How will they survive this?
The ice and the cold weather isn’t their only problem as they have got to deal with huge animals like tigers, mammoth and a sorcerer!
Will they survive this or they will end up hurting themselves this time? The story is pretty fascinating and any kid would enjoy this.

8. Midnight on the Moon

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Midnight in the Moon is the next adventure that Jake and Annie would be going on! And this one is the biggest adventure they would face. Because they are on the moon, where there is no gravity, the climate is too cold and more importantly Jake and Annie are just kids who might not know about the space stuff!
Jake and Annie are on a mission to find out the last “M” thing which would help Morgan from the spell. But they have to race against time because the oxygen in their tank isn’t gonna last and they will have to do it as soon as they can without wasting any more time.

9. Dolphins at the Daybreak

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Dolphins at the Daybreak is the next book in the Magic Tree House series which was published in 1997.
Dolphins seems like a cute and amazing creature with which we can play and have fun. But will they be the same in the middle of the sea? You are about to find out as the magic tree house whisks Jake and Annie to the middle of the ocean. But this time Jake and Annie have some luck on their side as they have found a submarine but to balance out things they are also facing the huge octopus which can kill them! And there is also a hungry shark which is pretty scary.
Oceans are anyway a dangerous place and there are so many obstacles in their way. Now the question is how will they survive this?

10. Ghost Town at Sundown

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Till now, we have seen so many things and been so many places in the Magic Tree House journey but can you actually believe there is a ghost town somewhere?
In the tenth Magic Tree House book, Jake and Annie are taken to the Wild West. It seems like a normal small town until they start thinking there might be more than our eyes can see!
Jake and Annie just want to solve the riddle and during their journey, they meet all kinds of people and creatures, including horse thieves, a lost colt, rattlesnakes, a cowboy, and so on. But the interesting part of the story is, the answer to their riddle might be related to a ghost! Will they be able to tackle the situation and find the answer?

11. Lions at the Lunchtime

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Do you know where you can find Lions and other big animals that you might not be able to see in your local zoo? Africa!
Since Jake and Annie are now in the vast plains of Africa, they are facing so many huge animals that can easily hurt them as they are far from friendly.
To get out of there they not only have to solve the puzzle but they will also have to get past the lions, wildebeests, and the most unpredictable of all, a hungry Masai Warrior.

12. Polar Bears Past Bedtime

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Jake and Annie have faced the ice age before but no experience can prepare them for the Arctic which is freezing and full of polar bears.
This is the stage where they are facing the final riddle and after that, they might become the master librarian. Although it’s not going to be easy as the polar bears are not the only thing that they should be afraid of, there are seal hunters and the cracking ice. And if they didn’t hurry, they might turn into ice as well.

13. Vacation Under the Volcano

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Who wants to go near a volcano? I bet no one and especially when it’s about to burst lava. But since Jake and Annie’s adventure is all about the most dangerous places, so it shouldn’t be surprising for its readers.
The Magic Tree House has now whisk them off to ancient Rome on the very day it was destroyed. They have to find out the ancient library in the city before they are turned into ashes!

14. Day of the Dragon King

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The 14th book in the Magic Tree House series takes you along with Jake and Annie to ancient China which is also known as Dragon City. Here the king is nothing but evil and he does whatever he desires or makes people do whatever he thinks fits without thinking rationally. He has ordered Jake and Annie to burn down all the books! But will they be able to do that and if they didn’t how will they save themselves from the King’s soldiers?

15. Viking Ships at Sunrise

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Viking Ships At Sunrise is the fifteenth book in the Magic Tree House series and this one is all about the deadly and dangerous adventure of Jake and Annie.
Jake and Annie are now in ancient Ireland and they have been warned to beware of the Vikings. They are in a lot of danger than they realize and it would be interesting to see how they complete their mission and find their way back home!


So these are the Magic Tree Books in the order that you were looking for and we hope that you found the aforementioned list of Magic Tree Books in order helpful. Thank you for being here and don’t forget to check out the other articles on our page for similar book series.

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