15 Best Nora Roberts Books In Order To Read

When it comes to Romance novels, Nora Roberts has surely earned the title of one of the best Romance novel author. In her career, Nora Roberts has written more than 220 novels differing in genres such as Romance, fantasy, and suspense, that have brought her fame and many awards as well. Her books have been on the New York Times Bestseller list for more than 800 weeks!
Her writing career started when she was a mother of two boys and was taking care of them, in an interview she said she didn’t have anything to do except writing. And she used to write about several ideas until finally, she decided to write a novel. She wrote as many as six manuscripts but was rejected by a leading publishing house.
Her first novel, Irish Thoroughbred was published in 1981 and after that, she never stopped and today she is known as one of the best authors of romance novels. Nora Roberts has also published several books under many pseudonyms such as J.D Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty. Nora Roberts has also won several prestigious awards such as the Golden Medallion Awards and RITA Awards.
Since she has written many books in her career, it’s hard to choose one and it’s also hard for beginners to choose a Nora Roberts book to start. Here we are listing out some of the best books by Nora Roberts that you must read or pick if you are just a beginner. Take a look at the following list and find the best Nora Roberts Book to read.

Nora Roberts books

1. Vision in White

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Vision in White is one of the best Nora Roberts books that you will find. This one is a part of Bride Quartet, which is a four-book series and it was published in 2009.
The story focuses on four friends who always wanted to start their own wedding planning business and now they are running a successful wedding planning company named the Vows! There are four characters Laurel, Parker, Mac, and Emma.
All of them are really great at their work and they are all about planning a fairytale wedding for their clients. Even though they are good planners when it comes to making D-Day special for others, they surely face problems pursuing a love angle in their own lives. This series focuses on the characters and how they end up finding their partners along with their work.
It might seem like an ordinary romantic concept but Nora Roberts has down a great job in making it extraordinary with the details and amazing storyline with the not so perfect characters! So this should be your first pick if you have never touched a Nora Roberts novel or any romantic novel for that matter.

2. Blue Dahlia

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If all the happy and cheesy romance novels with the perfect dresses and hair isn’t your thing and you want a little bit more drama or suspense in a story then Blue Dahlia might be the perfect pick for you. This book is the first novel in Garden Trilogy written by Nora Roberts and the book was published in 2004.
The story features the leading characters of Stella, a widow, who has just started to move on and found a new love interest in her life, Logan Kitridge. But someone is not so happy about these two! The Harper Bride ghost who has been wandering around the Harper House for centuries is unhappy about the growing love affair between the two, and all she wants to see is to fall them apart.
The story has a perfect blend of romance, fantasy, and suspense, which are the specialty of Nora Roberts. She has done a fabulous job with the writing and people have praised this book for its unique genre. So this can easily be your next Nora Roberts book!

3. Birthright

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Birthright is also counted as Nora Roberts’ best work and the story is super fun and super exciting. The character of Callie Dunbrook can be the reason behind the success of the book as Nora Roberts has done a phenomenal job in creating it.
Callie Dunbrook is a retired archaeologist and she is smart, savvy, and passionate about her work. And this might be the reason she decided to come back from retirement as soon as she finds out about the discovery of some ancient bones in a small town. The adventure starts when she finds out about the causes of the deaths of people and wants to dig more and more until she is satisfied with the discovery. But the presence of her ex as well as a mystery man who claims to know everything about her makes her journey even more adventurous and unpredictable!

4. Black Hills

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The next one on our list of the best Nora Roberts book in the Black Hills. This is a romantic/thriller/suspense novel that keeps its readers entertained and makes sure everyone enjoys it.
The story features the character of Cooper Sullivan, who always spends his summers with his grandparents in South Dakota and that’s where he meets a girl named Lil Chance. Both of them have now spent many summers together and when they are together they go on hiking and adventure exploring their surrounding.
After a long time, Cooper is visiting his sick grandparents again with a chance of meeting Lil. As they finally meet again, they decide to go on one last adventure to uncover some mysteries and find answers for some things that they have witnessed a long time ago.

5. Sea Swept

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Sea Swept is a part of another trilogy by Nora Roberts and it’s the first book in the three-book series called the Chesapeake Bay. The story features four brothers, all of them adopted and saved from horrifying childhood.
The story features a womanizer man who has now grown up as a nice man who looks after his family and takes care of everyone. The story can make you cry, laugh, and most importantly make you fall in love with the characters (even with their flaws!). So do read this one.

6. New York to Dallas

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New York to Dallas is a part of the ‘In Death’ series by Nora Roberts. The series features the character of Lieutenant Eve Dallas. She has grown so much throughout the series and by this point, she has become stronger, smarter and a person who knows how to handle difficult situations.
But with a dangerous criminal, Issac McQueen is at loose, she is now worried more than ever. The criminal on loose might harm the young girls as he seems fit and it’s now important than ever for Eve to out an end to Issac once for all and bring justice to his victims.
The strong story with great content and good characters, the book became one of the best novels by Nora Robertson and surely the one you shouldn’t miss out on!

7. Born in Fire

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Born in Fire is another best book by Nora Roberts that you need to read. Here the storyline of the book is set in Ireland which is like one of the favorite places of Nora Roberts.
She has beautifully described Ireland where people are soaked up in the beauty of the land as well as the art. The character of Margret Mary is well written as she is fierce, a great human, and a great artist. She falls in love with the gallery owner and their love story is so pure and passionate, which makes you fall in love with the characters as well as with Nora Roberts’s writing.

8. The Witness

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The Witness has involved Russian Mafia, a compelling heroine, and a swoon-worthy hero! The characters want to seek revenge by making plans against them but is it going to be enough? Or they will end up hurting each other?
The novel has every element that makes it one of the best works of Nora Roberts and since it’s the 200th book of the author, she made sure it was memorable! If you are looking for a perfect romantic thriller book then The Witness should be first on your list.

9. The Villa

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The Villa is a story between two people who are professional rivals but they feel a strong connection with one another.
The story features Sophia, who is the pride of the Giambelli and handled her family’s winery business. Her family has announced a surprise merger with the MacMillan family where she meets Tyler MacMillan. She is ready for anything from a disastrous deal to handle the finances for the merger but what she isn’t ready for the chemistry between her and Tyler.
The writing of the story is simple yet beautiful with perfect character choices. It’s always interesting to see the characters balancing out their professional and personal relationships simultaneously. This is a standalone novel so you can pick it up and read with no strings attached!

10. Angels Fall

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Angels Fall is a perfect combination of love, mystery, thrill, suspense, murder, and madness and just like the other books, Nora Roberts has done an amazing job at featuring the best storyline for her readers.
Reece Gilmore is survival and she is on a run from her past life. She has settled down in a new place, Angel’s Mist. Although she is still having panic attacks and nightmares, she is trying so hard to move on. But her past seems to face her again when she saw a man hurting a woman but couldn’t prove it to anyone. She knows that there is a killer but how will she prove that before it’s too late?

11. The Search

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The Search is another famous Nora Roberts book that you should read. The lead character of the story is Fiona Bristow, who is the sole survivor of a serial killer who has killed several women. She has now rebuilt her life and settled down at a new place leaving her past way behind her.
Her life seems to change again when new people enter her life and she must decide whether or not she wants to keep them in her life. Simultaneously, another serial killer has been emerged out in her life and she is terrified of the thought of it!
It would interesting to see where her life takes her and what role the new people play in her life. Does she need to be careful with the people around her?

12. Northern Lights

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Northern Lights seems like a perfect Nora Roberts novel with all the signature elements of the author.
Nate Burke is a policeman who has watched his partner die on the streets and he is filled with guilt. To move from this horrific incident he has decided to take the job as Chief of police in a small Alaskan town. There he meets pilot Meg Galloway, who seems to have an impact on him for good.
Just when he thinks everything is going well, a killer shows up in town killing several people and Nate must do everything in his power to stop him!

13. The Next Always

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The Next Always is a part of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. The book features a story about the Inn that has faced many wars as well as peace over the years.
The extraordinary adventure of the book features a love story that will make you cry! The characters drift apart and find their way back to each other once again.

14. Montanna Sky

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Montanna Sky features three sisters who are about to buy a farm. Although they are not close but now that it has come to money, they have to unite together. The book features three different stories about three different women. And it would be interesting to read about their individual stories.

15. Dance Upon the Air

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Dance Upon the Air is a story about a woman who has decided to leave her abusive husband and start a new life as she settles down in a new city and found a new job. The heroine breaks all her fear and fall in love with herself to live her life on her terms!


So these are the best Nora Roberts books that you must read. All of them are high praised by the critics and readers and that’s why we are pretty sure that you would love them as well. So go ahead and pick any of the aforementioned books of Nora Roberts and we are pretty sure you would have a great reading experience.
Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles about other authors and book series.

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