Love is a passionate thing, but we shouldn’t play with it! Well now you can but on your smartphone. If you think you are the one who makes all the right decisions and smart chooses!! Try yourself out with these best love games that will test your choices about your love life.

Best Love Games

love games

1. Hometown romance – your story (love teen games) Android

best love games
Play the best love game, that will give you a great experience of choosing your love decisions. This love game has drama, emotion, passion and of course love! This game lets you choose your choice in your love life that will have its own consequences. Explore the world that involves every possibility of a teen’s life and every dramatic situation that’s a bit extraordinary.
It is available in many languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish. Its availability in that many languages is what makes it one of the popular love game across the world. It has impressive characters with stunning graphics and interactive gameplay.

2. Is-it love? Drogo – Vampire Android / Iphone

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What if you are given chance to romance a vampire? It’s not usual and surely not ordinary. Give yourself an out the world experience with this love game. Try out your luck, and make the choice and see what this story leads you to. Discover the mystery of Bartholy’s family and soon you will discover more secrets of every character that will be as unusual as it could be. You meet the most destructive character Drogo, will you able to tame him in a person? Or you will be his victim? Or maybe his lover? There are many possibilities that can happen, you will be stunned by every moment of this. The most special feature of this love game is, it comes with many chapters and some new ones are released very often to make sure that you will never lose your interest in it.

3. High school crush – first love Android / Iphone

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Do you wanna relive your high school life? And experience all those first-time moments? We have found a perfect love game for you that will allow you to relieve your first crush, your first love, you’re first date, and your high school prom of course!
The storyline follows a character (you) that is a high school who just found that a cute guy has a crush on her. You can flirt with him, and have fun. What if he asked you for prom? Will you say yes? But then you have to dress up for him. Well you can do all of it here. Play along with the best high school love game and you won’t be disappointed with its cool features.

4. Teen love story games for girls Android

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Relive all your teen movements and the best time while choosing your destiny in this best teen love game. The new session of high school had just started, with the new year there are a lot of new opportunity for your love life. Control what happens next in your life (if you can ;)) and enjoy every second of your high school and teen life. Your decision making skill will be challenged at every point in this love game. Explore your endless opportunity and unpredictable scenarios. You will just love this game from the moment you will start playing.

5. Love story game: Amnesia Android

Top Best Love Games
If you love an unpredictable life where anything, literally anything can happen to you then this love game would be your first choice. Treat yourself with an unexpected plot twist that leaves you wondering what just happened and how that happened but with some choices to make it right. Live your imaginary world where you control your life and love stories by yourself and feel every ounce of this great opportunity. Whether it is drama or romance or some tragic scenarios you will find everything you have ever imagined of. Don’t just wait here and wonder how your life should instead play this ultimate love game that will wake your butterflies in your stomach with its fantastic storyline.

6. Love story games: teenage drama Android

love story game for android
This love game promises you an extraordinary role-playing game that has it all from love, affairs, drama, emotion and whatever you can think of. Live a life of a character who is in an acting school and who has her life ahead. But be careful cause every step comes with its consequences. Your every move decides what will be your future and career and whom you are gonna end up with.

7. Is it love? Matt – dating sim Android / Iphone

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If you want a life like a drama series then this is a perfect love game for you. Not only you will be the lead but also the writer of your own story. New stories (chapters/episodes) are being released that will make it more and more interesting to choose a love life with the most handsome man around.

8. Is it love? Adam – story with choices Android / Iphone

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With many interesting plots, this love game has been everyone’s favorite. With all the emotions like drama, love, thrill and an unmeasurable amount of excitement this game comes with many possible scenarios that will challenge your love life at every moment of your life. Lead your love life with unpredictable choices and let yourself live your fantasies.

9. Love tester – find real love Android

love test games
It is not like other love games where you do role play and make choices about your love life. But instead it allows you to calculate your love with your partner. It’s just a fun app that gives you advice and let you know if you have found the one with your current partner.

10. Highschool dangerous lies: teen story love game Android

high school love games
This love game is all about you and your love partner. Makeout, be famous, and let everyone know what you are. Do a fling or make it serious, it’s all in your hand. It has many cool characters, some are your favorite while some hate you. Tackle the unpredictable situations with your smart choices.


So these were the top 10 love games that are worth playing and you will love every minute when you are playing these games.